Monday, July 28, 2008


Greetings, programs!

* July 31. Disney's been slapping the legal whammy on all versions of the video from Comic-Con (except the Rickrolls, of course) wherever it popped up online, but someone's posted it anew here (see below)... Who knows how long it'll last? Check it out!

The above is a tweaked and cropped version of the cellphone vid found here at a Gizmodo post. TR2N! (TRON 2, that is.) It looks frickin gorgeous, like a computer generated and animated AKIRA... and the frickin awe-dience reaction is excellent =)

And frickin frackin Jeff "Flynn/The Dude" Bridges is back for it!

Thanks to my sis for passing this along. =)

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. WhaaaaAAAA?


Cali Angel said...

aww I didn't get to catch it in time. So what was/is it about?

cabinboy said...

Yeah, the gooTube postings all got blasted by Disney legal, so that first video is now dead/broken. The second one, at ruTube, is still intact, tho.

The original video was shot by an audience member on a cellphone cam at this year's Comic-Con. It's of an extended tease/trailer of TR2N, the feature film sequel to the glorious TRON, and it looks fan-frickin-tastic! It's really pretty ridiculous and unfortunate that Disney is so single-minded about putting the kibosh on this pirate video, cuz at this point in the film roll-out, it will build buzz way better than anything they could spill thru the usual channels, y'know?