Thursday, November 06, 2008


Thanks to your smashingly good-looking support and well-dressed generosity—along with my shameful disregard for my quality of life—I did it! With 45 movies watched and over $2,600 raised over 31 days, I finished first in the 2008 Brattle Theater Movie Watch-A-Thon! Thank you!

As soon as I can shake this rapid hearbeat and shallow breathing, I plan to cheer, honest.


The count happened Monday night at the Watch-A-Thon "finish line" part at the theater, where 'thon runners and friends and supporters were treated to a free screening of DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-A-LONG BLOG!!!

See why I love this place? =)

And what's the winning jackpot, you ask? What else for a Watch-A-Thon runner? A free rental of the Brattle Theater for a screening of my choice. The film can be on reels from their permanent collection, reels that I procure, or any standard digital source. I'm thinking... maybe a western, disguised as a Hong Kong gangster film... that, or FLASH GORDON. =) A free time slot to program won't be available until Jan 2009 at the earliest, but when it gets figured out, YOU ARE INVITED =)

Thanks again for your contributions! And hey, if you're one of my victims who hasn't yet actually been to the theater for a screening, we'll have to go sometime, my treat! Let me know!

Keep on Brattling on~

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