Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOST: a little on the insane side...? me? =)

0:39:36 CB: know anything about egyptian mythology?
0:40:08 JG: just a tiny bit
0:40:12 JG: from reading crap fiction
0:40:14 CB: frickin LOST
0:40:21 CB: i'm gonna hafta, like, look stuff up
0:40:31 JG: haha
0:40:34 JG: what part?
0:40:38 JG: there wasn't an episode, though
0:40:40 JG: last week, right?
0:40:49 CB: yeah
0:40:57 CB: a week off - i don't know what was on instead
0:41:12 CB: the egypt stuff
0:41:23 CB: i always wanted it, but now i think we're actually gonna get it
0:41:40 CB: y'know, over the next couple seasons, and only as backstory
0:42:02 JG: like that statue?
0:42:02 CB: but i feel like there might actually be some "useful" biblical and egyptian lore
0:42:08 JG: what makes you think that it's coming?
0:42:09 CB: the statue, definitely
0:42:13 JG: do you have some inside information?
0:42:25 CB: my friend jim suggested that horace set paul up
0:42:29 CB: paul, amy's husband
0:42:45 CB: so that amy would be single and horace could wed and bed her
0:43:01 CB: which led to the birth of the only baby conceived and born on the Island that we know of
0:43:06 CB: i think that's kind of important
0:43:19 CB: and if horace planned it, then that means that he's kind of a LOST big picture guy
0:43:24 JG: huh
0:43:31 CB: cuz to get away with it, he needed time traveling help
0:43:41 JG: horace?
0:43:43 CB: and okay, this might be a stretch
0:43:45 CB: yeah, horace
0:43:46 JG: hahaha
0:43:47 JG: oh boy
0:43:49 CB: but horace ~ horus
0:43:52 JG: HAHAHA
0:43:55 JG: hm
0:44:03 JG: why would he need time travel help
0:44:07 JG: to get amy's husband
0:44:07 CB: and this one jim mentioned to me Richard Alpert ~ R.A. ~ Ra
0:44:10 JG: killed?
0:44:14 JG: oh boy
0:44:17 JG: the inititals
0:44:19 JG: are REALLY a reach
0:44:28 CB: yeah, i kinda think so too
0:44:40 CB: where'd alexander the great come from? greece?
0:45:04 JG: yeah, i think so
0:45:07 JG: but not modern greece
0:45:10 JG: it was bigger then
0:45:18 CB: my ancient history's all screwed up, but i had a thought that maybe Alpert could be Alexander
0:45:22 JG: Macedonia, I think
0:45:31 JG: HA
0:45:35 CB: and maybe the Island once held the library
0:45:39 JG: what made you think THAT?
0:45:40 CB: in the temple
0:45:43 CB: no good reason
0:45:46 JG: hahahahah
0:45:51 CB: just some thin connections in my cobwebbed memory
0:46:10 CB: but okay, never mind that =)
0:46:11 CB: Horace
0:46:26 JG: i mean, I made up the fact that Alpert was Greek
0:46:28 CB: in order to get away with having 2 Others kill Paul, he'd have to be able to break the truce and get away with it
0:46:41 JG: well, we don't know what they were doing in the woods
0:46:42 JG: and plus
0:46:47 JG: how did he know that Amy would get saved?
0:46:51 JG: she was about to get killed herself
0:46:57 CB: see?
0:46:58 JG: you think HOrace planted Sawyer?
0:47:00 CB: no
0:47:18 CB: BUT, if he planned to kill paul and get amy for himself, he had to know that something/someone would intervene
0:47:36 JG: yeah, but doesn't that make it kind of a silly plan?
0:47:41 JG: to put amy in danger?
0:47:51 JG: wouldn't have have been better off getting rid of paul some other way?
0:47:51 CB: and how would he know something like that? he can see destinies, like Eloise and Abbadon, or he can communicate with Jacob/the Island
0:47:59 JG: just seems kind of... roundabout
0:48:14 CB: well, i assume he couldn't do the deed himself
0:48:31 CB: overtly or set-up accidentally
0:48:59 CB: and no one else from Dharma could do it
0:49:00 JG: yeah, but to put her in the hands of Alpert's crew
0:49:11 JG: when he' s only after the husband
0:49:13 JG: just seems
0:49:18 JG: like playing with fire
0:49:20 CB: maybe he was in cahootz w alpert... i dunno
0:49:24 JG: hm
0:49:41 JG: and alpert's coming to claim retribution was a fake?
0:49:46 CB: it seems strange that alpert would allow two of his guys to go biker thug during the truce
0:49:58 JG: definitely true
0:49:59 CB: hrmm... maybe he needed a body for some reason... hadn't thought of that
0:50:46 CB: would two of alpert's guys behave like that without some OK of some kind?
0:51:17 JG: i can't imagine why
0:51:20 JG: they would go rogue
0:51:21 CB: that whole scenario bugs me as conspicuous without any meddling or scheming behind it
0:51:34 CB: thusly my conspiracy theory
0:51:41 JG: ahhh
0:51:43 JG: it's true
0:51:44 JG: that scene
0:51:48 JG: is not justified yet
0:51:49 JG: at all
0:51:57 CB: it DOES get sawyer and company into Dharma safely
0:52:02 CB: and into Horace's good graces
0:52:10 CB: so really, on the surface, it's a Great Thing for them
0:52:17 JG: definitely
0:52:21 JG: so they can pass those three years
0:52:23 JG: in comfort
0:52:34 CB: but why would it have happened in the first place - i feel like Horace had a hand in it
0:52:45 JG: interesting
0:52:52 CB: what's Horace doing hanging out at the Blackrock anyway?
0:52:52 JG: i don't get the whole part about the baby
0:52:58 JG: that is definitely important
0:53:00 JG: for sure
0:53:31 JG: but Aaron was born on the island, just not conceived
0:53:40 JG: and Sun's kid was conceived but not born
0:53:46 CB: yup
0:53:48 JG: so I don't really get the whole baby thing anyway
0:53:51 CB: so the trick is both
0:54:12 CB: it was an interesting check on the growth of Other-ness
0:54:15 JG: is that kid going to be Locke or something?
0:54:20 JG: well, they just had them born
0:54:23 JG: off the island, right?
0:54:25 CB: nah, we saw Locke
0:54:29 CB: Dharma did
0:55:04 JG: right
0:55:25 CB: the Others during Ben's era kept trying to have them on the Island
0:56:06 CB: hence juliet's recruit-ment
0:56:13 JG: right, right
0:56:30 JG: mysterious!
0:57:34 CB: it seems like the idea of "Good" Others is a Ben era thing too
0:57:47 CB: back in the 50s and 70s, they seem more like a biker gang
0:58:03 JG: HA
0:58:04 JG: totally
0:58:07 CB: or maybe the 50s is when they started, when they encountered regular/military people messing w the Island
0:58:18 CB: widmore says he protected the Island for 30 years until Ben
0:58:44 JG: yeah, i don't really get the history
0:59:01 JG: widmore was dharma?
0:59:20 JG: is widmore gone already by the time that sawyer is there?
0:59:25 JG: in the 70s?
0:59:37 CB: i dunno, i usedta think he helped fund Dharma
0:59:55 CB: widmore was Other, and yeah, i'm guessing that he's already gone in 74
1:00:10 JG: how do you know he was an other?
1:00:19 JG: so, is Alpert his replacement?
1:00:31 CB: alpert is like Other leader pro tem
1:00:43 CB: i think he steps in when there's no one around who can talk to Jacob
1:01:01 CB: (in my head, i've got it that only those who can hear Jacob can be Other leaders)
1:01:06 JG: oh, hm
1:01:08 JG: interesting
1:01:14 CB: (altho, i don't know where Jacob "lived" before the 70s)
1:01:40 CB: (cuz Horace apparently builds the cabin where Ben, Locke, and Hurley go to interact w Jacob0
1:03:01 JG: i wonder what the deal is
1:03:03 JG: with Jacob
1:03:10 JG: seems like it could be biblical
1:03:23 CB: yeah, that's why i want more bible lore
1:03:24 JG: also, I don't get the smoke monster
1:03:32 JG: i feel like the smoke monster was some abandoned idea
1:03:36 JG: that is not going to tie in
1:03:40 JG: and it's going to be sad
1:03:43 CB: heh
1:04:04 CB: i think they'll give us an explanation, but it may not be as satisfying as i'd once hoped it would be
1:04:25 CB: i feel like the monster's sort of a rogue servant of the Island
1:04:39 JG: interesting
1:05:07 CB: an antibody, with its own OOProgramming
1:05:14 CB: not always under control of the Island
1:05:30 CB: when i squint, i also can see him as the serpent in the garden
1:05:33 JG: HA
1:05:38 JG: hm
1:05:41 CB: looking to mess w the great works of the Island
1:05:51 CB: but within certain rules
1:06:27 CB: it can judge people, kill them, turn them into puppets, test them
1:06:39 JG: judge people?
1:06:44 JG: and test them?
1:06:50 JG: that's a hefty allowance
1:06:51 CB: it's kind of b.s., but it seemed to do that to Eko
1:06:52 JG: for a smoke monster
1:06:57 CB: and Locke
1:07:01 JG: oh, Eko
1:07:04 JG: i wonder if his role
1:07:11 JG: will also be under-explained
1:07:24 CB: and Rousseau's people... altho i don't know why it would find them all guilty
1:07:35 JG: yeah, they were on the island for a hot minute
1:07:40 JG: before there were exterminated
1:07:50 CB: Eko... no, i think that's a show production issue that got resolved crappily in the story
1:07:59 JG: haha
1:08:02 CB: apparently the actor had to be dismissed
1:08:05 JG: oh, really?
1:08:07 JG: that sucks
1:08:08 CB: so they shat on his character
1:08:15 CB: yeah, Eko was wonderful
1:08:16 JG: wow, lame
1:08:35 JG: i guess the only other option would have been to swap actors
1:08:39 JG: which I hate when they do
1:08:44 JG: and you have to be like:
1:08:52 JG: I'm pretending that this is the same person
1:08:57 JG: when it clearly isn't
1:09:03 CB: ha! yeah, totally annoying
1:09:08 CB: no one's gonna step in for Eko : P
1:09:12 JG: seriously
1:09:33 CB: but yeah, we saw Rousseau's people get taken...
1:09:49 CB: one of them had his arm yanked off, but still spoke from the darkness to lure the others in
1:09:56 CB: the smoke monster took over their bodies
1:10:04 JG: yeah, that was creepy
1:10:23 CB: the Others are very particular about what happens to the bodies of their dead
1:10:32 CB: they had a ceremony for the girl that Sun shot on Desmond's boat
1:10:42 CB: viking-like, i think - they burned her body on a raft
1:10:43 JG: oh yeah
1:10:49 JG: i forgot that part
1:10:52 CB: so, neither the Island nor the smoke monster could reanimate her
1:11:06 CB: or so my take is
1:11:42 JG: you
1:11:46 JG: are a little on the insane side
1:11:50 JG: with the details
1:12:04 JG: but I mean that in a good way
1:12:20 CB: i know it
1:12:31 JG: i only hope
1:12:34 JG: that the writers
1:12:36 CB: and i avoid looking around at LOST crap online
1:12:39 JG: turn out to justify your love
1:13:00 JG: good for you
1:13:03 JG: it's more fun to do your own math
1:13:08 JG: than be influenced
1:13:13 JG: by people online
1:14:54 CB: thing is, i feel like i need a team
1:15:03 CB: like the one that widmore/abbadon put together
1:15:29 JG: HA
1:16:09 CB: an egyptologist, a bible expert, maybe a philosophy academic
1:16:38 CB: a physicist might be good, but i don't think it would be so necessary
1:16:46 JG: what's Rowan's area? ancient china?
1:16:52 CB: cuz this is, like fizzics, not physics
1:16:56 JG: HAHA
1:16:57 JG: totally
1:16:58 CB: yeah, china
1:17:30 CB: and the fizzics is mostly about narrative bending, not actual physical law bending
1:17:37 CB: so rowan's useless
1:17:38 CB: =)
1:17:44 JG: hahaha
1:17:49 JG: yeah
1:17:53 JG: china's not even on the radar
1:17:54 JG: in Lost
1:17:58 CB: korea is, tho
1:18:04 JG: true enough
1:18:18 JG: although I suspect not too much in the "causes of weirdness" department
1:18:19 CB: in the Dharma logo, in Paik industries, in Charlottes fluency, perhaps
1:18:44 CB: i suspect Paik industries was in bed w Widmore in Island hunting
1:18:49 CB: and may have helped fund Dharma
1:19:10 JG: oh, wow
1:19:11 JG: intense
1:19:22 CB: Dharma was founded by this Hanso guy, who's been described as having made his fortune in arms, I think
1:19:38 CB: Alvar Hanso... gotta be nordic
1:20:09 JG: yeah, or Dutch
1:20:11 JG: or something
1:20:15 CB: and Marvin Candle or Wickenham or whatever he calls himself... I have a feeling he himself is Korean
1:20:37 CB: yeah... Hanso... HanSolo
1:20:39 CB: =)
1:20:42 JG: hahahahaha
1:20:50 CB: "Han" is Korean for the number one
1:20:58 CB: that's a Lucas thing, "Han Solo"
1:21:01 CB: the loner
1:21:04 CB: lone star
1:21:09 JG: i did NOT know that
1:21:15 JG: does solo mean star?
1:21:20 JG: it doesn't mean "one" and alone?
1:21:23 JG: in english
1:21:24 CB: no, solo's just one agagin
1:21:24 CB: yeah
1:21:34 JG: ha, one alone
1:21:35 CB: "Solo" is just the english
1:21:37 JG: interesting
1:21:51 CB: Lucas played with character names in episode 4 in some good ways
1:21:57 CB: i mean, Luke Skywalker
1:22:00 CB: Luke S.
1:22:01 CB: Lucas
1:22:10 JG: do you speak Korean?
1:22:14 CB: not so much, no
1:22:19 CB: i know numbers, and some food
1:22:26 CB: i usedta speak a better, but lost it all
1:22:28 JG: do you understand getting yelled at in korean?
1:22:31 CB: heh
1:22:35 CB: go wash your face, yeah
1:22:37 JG: hahaha
1:22:43 CB: practice piano
1:22:45 JG: HA
1:22:46 CB: grow up to be a doctor
1:22:49 JG: lol
1:22:49 CB: =)
1:23:06 JG: speaking of piano - both of the super nice girls who are interested in my apartment
1:23:08 JG: are total non-musicians
1:23:12 JG: don't play any piano
1:23:14 CB: aww
1:23:17 JG: what's up with that?
1:23:24 JG: Do I need to turn them away?
1:23:26 CB: heh
1:23:29 CB: how old are they?
1:23:36 JG: one is 31
1:23:43 JG: and the other is starting nursing school,
1:23:44 JG: so
1:23:46 JG: younger, is my guess
1:23:55 JG: they're both working/schooling at Columbia Med, though
1:23:55 CB: well, maybe the younger one could start lessons
1:23:58 JG: hahaha
1:23:59 JG: totally
1:24:05 CB: write it into the lease
1:24:05 JG: i should put that in the lease
1:24:08 JG: exactly
1:24:09 CB: =)
1:26:01 JG: any other star wars name trivia you'd like to share?
1:26:25 CB: hrmm...
1:26:50 CB: well, i always thought that numbers were important, but that doesn't get carried thru every name
1:26:55 CB: the droids, easy
1:27:01 CB: OB1, obi-wan
1:27:06 CB: han solo
1:27:14 JG: ha, OB1
1:27:14 JG: nice
1:27:26 CB: and there was the naming of the darths
1:27:41 CB: no consistent, tho
1:27:43 CB: in-Vader
1:27:47 CB: in-Sidious
1:27:51 CB: in-Maul doesn't work : P
1:27:53 JG: hahaha
1:27:59 JG: darth sidious
1:28:01 JG: i have to say
1:28:04 JG: might be the dumbest name ever
1:28:11 JG: far, far too obvious
1:28:16 JG: although Maul is a close second
1:28:57 CB: haha =)
1:29:01 CB: i concur
1:29:25 CB: lucas just lost it when he went back for eps 1-3 : P
1:29:31 JG: i know
1:29:32 JG: so sad
1:29:37 JG: a real tragedy
1:29:58 JG: does Lost have an end date?
1:30:04 JG: like, are there a finite number of seasons?
1:30:07 CB: two more seasons after this one - 16 eps each
1:31:09 JG: aha
1:31:19 JG: because you definitely get the sense
1:31:24 JG: that they know where they are going now
1:31:32 CB: yeah, this is all about other shoes dropping
1:31:40 CB: or pennies dropping
1:31:41 JG: hahaha, nicely said
1:31:44 CB: or whatever
1:31:55 CB: what is the scenario that inspired that euphemism?
1:32:05 JG: the other shoe?
1:32:06 CB: shoe?
1:32:07 CB: yeah
1:32:26 JG: (am googling)
1:33:02 CB: it seems like it might be sex-y
1:33:07 CB: or maybe 50s tv sexy?
1:33:19 CB: but 50s tv sexy would be too modern...
1:33:39 JG: ha, apparently, from a joke:
1:33:40 JG: This phrase means "to await an event causally linked to one that
one has already observed". In the form "drop the other shoe",
meaning "say the next obvious thing" or "end the suspense", it dates
from the early 20th century. It derives from the following joke:

A guest who checked into an inn one night was warned to be quiet
because the guest in the room next to his was a light sleeper. As
he undressed for bed, he dropped one shoe, which, sure enough,
awakened the other guest. He managed to get the other shoe off in
silence, and got into bed. An hour later, he heard a pounding on
the wall and a shout: "When are you going to drop the other shoe?"
1:34:02 CB: ha
1:34:32 CB: got anything about the penny dropping?
1:34:39 CB: or did i make that up? : P
1:34:44 JG: ha, i don't know that one
1:36:41 CB: i kind miss the time-skipping, tho... hopefully we'll get another round, or at least another jump or two
1:37:25 CB: or, man, can you imagine the LOSTies remaining on the Island in 1977 thru 2008?
1:37:30 JG: HA
1:37:31 JG: i wonder!
1:37:33 JG: do you think so?
1:37:37 CB: that's interresting...
1:37:45 CB: they would know exactly where to be when to avoid running into themselves
1:37:51 CB: but to what end?
1:38:37 JG: oh, the paradoxes!
1:38:39 CB: OR... they could go out into the world in these earlier times and pave the ways for everything that's going to happen... altho, again, to what end?
1:38:40 JG: i hope it doesn't go there
1:38:50 CB: sawyer could leave the island and kill locke's dad before he ruins his parents
1:39:03 CB: but of course, he couldn't : P
1:39:14 CB: they can't actually change anything
1:39:16 JG: HAHA
1:39:23 JG: it's a mess, the paradoxes!
1:39:25 CB: but... hiding on the Island... i wonder if there's any value in that
1:39:52 CB: wow, what if their bodies are in the pit of Dharma bodies?
1:39:57 CB: geez
1:40:02 JG: HA
1:40:03 JG: gross!
1:40:04 CB: that would be awful, cool, chilling
1:40:12 CB: if done right
1:40:47 JG: chilling, for sure
1:40:48 CB: it would be like Krypton dying - they'd hafta get their kids off the Island, but not themselves, and die w the Dharma people
1:40:55 JG: hm, interesting idea
1:41:04 JG: yeah, i wonder if we are going to see the massacre
1:41:07 JG: or what
1:41:14 CB: the timing of that is weird
1:41:19 CB: i feel like it was the 80s
1:41:29 CB: cuz ben is born in the 70s, off the Island
1:41:39 JG: but things are already a mess
1:41:40 CB: then brought to the Island when he's maybe 9 or 10? with his dad
1:41:43 JG: from disuse
1:41:48 JG: by 2000 or whenever they show up
1:41:57 CB: well, all the stations are, yeah
1:42:09 CB: the village is still intact cuz ben moves the Others into it
1:42:28 CB: and there are still supply drops for the Swan - perplexing, that
1:42:56 JG: hm, yeah
1:42:58 JG: confusing
1:43:42 CB: so, if Widmore was leader of the Others in the 60s (he's pretty young in the 50s)... when does he leave the Island so that he can be in the real world long enough to build his fortune and father Penny (and is Eloise his mate?)
1:43:57 JG: was penny born on the island?
1:44:47 CB: hrmm.... i don't think so
1:45:15 CB: cuz charles was exiled or tricked or whatever off the Island by himself, right?
1:45:28 CB: well, if he turned the wheel he was
1:45:30 JG: i have no idea
1:45:33 JG: do we know for sure?
1:46:02 CB: widmore's story is that ben tricked him off the Island, and he seems to imply that it was turning the wheel that did it
1:46:30 CB: when locke arrives in tunisia, widmore tells him he was watching the exit cuz he was afraid that ben would do the same thing to locke
1:46:52 CB: altho, that story has a hole in it - he apparently wasn't watching when Ben turned the wheel
1:46:58 JG: ha, oh yeah
1:46:59 JG: hm
1:47:10 JG: but he never says
1:47:12 CB: so... i haven't decided whether to trust widmore's account
1:47:15 CB: yeah, he never says
1:47:15 JG: that he got dumped in Tunisia
1:47:23 JG: he just says it's the exit
1:47:26 JG: not know how knows
1:47:31 CB: yeah - he might have voluntarily left the Island
1:47:43 CB: or been tricked off the island some other way
1:48:13 CB: but turning the wheel DOES make sense... cuz it would kick him off the Island *AND* relocate it so he couldn't just go back by following a magic heading in the right location
1:48:23 JG: true
1:48:34 JG: but he could have taken the sub as well
1:48:36 CB: what else could have happened... he left the Island on a boat or sub or whatever, and then someone else turned the wheel
1:48:42 JG: because you don't get back to the island the normal way
1:48:48 JG: yeah, even when the freighter was out there
1:48:53 JG: Daniel knew some trick
1:48:57 JG: where it wasn't obvious
1:48:58 JG: how to get back
1:49:04 JG: maybe widmore doesn't know the trick
1:49:24 CB: daniel and ben and michael all know the same trick
1:49:27 CB: a magic heading
1:49:45 CB: i'm pretty sure widmore would have known - if people were coming and going from the Island at all
1:49:57 CB: the u.s. military found it, somehow
1:50:03 CB: the nigerian plane
1:50:13 CB: henry gale's balloon
1:50:40 JG: uh oh, i have to run
1:50:44 CB: okily
1:50:48 JG: i've got people coming to see my apartment
1:50:48 CB: happystpats
1:50:50 CB: don't get pinched
1:50:52 JG: haha
1:50:57 JG: thanks, you either!
1:51:09 JG: to be continued tomorrow.. when we will actually get our next installment!
1:51:15 CB: =)

Thanks to JG for letting me go LOST nuts like that via AIM~

Keep on keepin on~

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