Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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HUGE thumbs-up for unbridled awesomeness! =)

There's not a lot to say besides AWESOME! This is a modern re-creation of a blaxploitation film, knowing, clever, and conscious of all the strengths and weaknesses of the original genre in its own time. However, spoof or parody does not fairly describe what this movie is. How to describe what it is/does...? It's part homage and part new territory and amplification.

Hrmmm... Perhaps an SAT analogy...

SHAUN OF THE DEAD : Zombie movies :: BLACK DYNAMITE : Blaxploitation

Does that help? =)

The main arc of the first half of DYNAMITE follows DOLEMITE pretty closely, with the only significant upgrades being in the action territory (Michael Jai White, aka SPAWN, kicks some serious kung fu backside), and intentional humor (gaffs and poor production that would've been incidental in the original genre films are scripted and intentionally recreated here).

The cast, characters, dialogue, and soundtrack are wonderful and hilarious. The in-close action is legit kung fu, which I really appreciate. And there are two a-MA-zing riffs on the action that kinda blew my mind.

*SPOILER* Those two moments. The first is when B.D., in a standoff against a baddie, is apparently hit by a bullet and falls to the ground. His opponent drops his guard for a second, allowing Dynamite to get the drop on him, revealing that he'd faked the bullet wound! Sounds dumb and dry, I know, but seeing it is frickin hilarious! The other is when B.D. goes up against his Chinese evil scientist drug lord nemesis, Dr. Wu. Wu's trademark weapon is a boomerang-like blade, which when launched from his hands can literally disarm or decapitate a foe with precision. Dynamite chases Wu to his lab, confronting him in an apparent standoff. That standoff is broken when one of Wu's boomerang blades breaks thru a window and embeds itself in Wu's body. B.D. rushes over to relieve the doctor of his prize (an antidote and/or some secret files and photos, I forget), and explains to him, "I threw that $hit before I even stepped in the room!" Frickin brilliant! =)

The Coolidge is advertising that the movie will play every weekend @midnite thru November and beyond! I'm gonna hold them to that, cuz I want to see this movie a again and again!

Thanks to Erin and Glen for staying up with me. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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