Monday, August 30, 2010

LOST: Emmy farewell (*spoilers!* =)

I was pretty much oblivious to Emmy-ness this year. The most thought I'd given to the awards were a couple of off-hand remarks to people about how Jason Stackhouse and Jesse Pinkman deserve some recognition. Now I've seen that Pinkman actually got it—Watch BREAKING BAD!!!! Very cool...

The only real-time recognition of the Emmys I can acknowledge were some AMC bumpers *during* last night's MAD MEN congratulating the show on the awards it had just won. =)

Anyhow, this little ditty from last night's awards show came floating at me via the interwebz today. Not awesome, but somehow, just the right tone, y'know? Smiley-nostalgia-inducing. If you haven't watched all six seasons but plan to, beware: it's got some one-liner spoilers.

Keep on keepin on~


zorknapp said...

There's something about Jimmy Fallon that just doesn't do much of anything for me. I don't dislike him as much as I feel that he's just a void.

cabinboy said...

Can't argue with that. Definitely voidy and typically misses my comic sweet spot.

I did appreciate this little ditty, tho. Granted, it could've been anyone actually performing it. =)