Saturday, January 08, 2011

crowdspring: See your design hanging over Stephen Colbert's fireplace!

* January 11, 2011. The Client as chosen the winner/s! "YMColbertA" came in first, and I really can't argue w that. Only one of my entries was scored at all (3 out of 5 for "Stephen's Colored-in Friend" =), go figure. See the finalists and the entire gallery of entries here.

Not sure what, if anything, this means for the Art Stephen Up Challenge as a whole. Comedy Central accepts entries via email, and some people posted links in comments. Guess we'll stay tuned to find out...

Wuzzon, crowdspring client, whoever you are?

It kinda bugged me that neither crowdspring nor Comedy Central acknowledged the other organization's call for entries. O well. I ended up sending all of my goofs to Comedy Central, anyhow.

Keep on keepin on~

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