Friday, February 18, 2011


The Destroyer looks kickass in this! When I saw him in the earlier trailer, I was kind of amazed that one screenplay could pack everything AND the Destroyer in it, but it all looks like it fits pretty well in this trailer. I'm guessing Loki does his trickster thing and gets Thor to start a fight he shouldn't have, putting Asgard at risk. Odin believes Loki's frame-up and blames Thor, banishing him to Midgard, where he learns to appreciate mortals and their world. Meanwhile, back in Asgard, Odin creates the Destroyer to take Thor's place as defender of the realm, and Loki continues his machinations, which ultimately lead to a Destroyer out of control. Odin realizes his mistake and uses his last ergs of freedom to send Thor's hammer to Midgard. Of course, The Destroyer follows, maybe on Loki's orders, but perhaps as a slave to some combination of directives that nets out to "Destroy Thor," back on Earth. We already know that there will be a SHIELD presence. Would be nice to catch some news of the Hulk's rampage in the background. Would be very happy if Hollywood could pull off a decent riff on the original Avengers origin, y'know? A gathering of heroes in response to Hulk smashing, arranged by Loki. Would be easy enough to swap Loki out for another more hands-on villain. O well... Guess we'll wait and see... in 3-D.~

Did I read correct? Kenneth Branagh directing. Wack. I gotta say, I'm down on 3-D-ness. Hoping to catch it at somewhere like Somerville Davis when it opens, in boring 2-D. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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