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FRINGE: rambling and an ending...

This started out as a comment reply to TA's comment on TV: what I'm watching..., but ended up turning into a post of its own...

FRINGE. I'm not sure I'm getting the "loose end" addiction you're speaking of. Do you find this across all of his shows/stories? I can't credit/blame him for all the LOST issues. That's all Cuseloff or whatever. ALIAS, well, I really didn't care too much about continuity issues in that. FELICITY? Pretty basic.

The Deus Exes, well, I had a problem with that at the start of the first season, but I decided to allow for them because the show doesn't treat them as disposable one-offs. The story and characters actually take advantage of a solution or technique or technology that they encountered before, even if it was pulled out of someone's rear. That's what I mean when I say everything matters.

Yes, Olivia's abilities are a bit too whatever-they-need/want-them-to-be. She managed to shut off that detonator way back when using her MIND, somehow. I really loved that bit, actually. But we haven't seen her do anything more like that, or train to do anything more like that. We just saw that as a child she went pyrokinetic, didn't she? And when Peter finds her in the tulip field, she says something about how she's surprised that she cooled down as fast as she did, and then holds his hand, and then, causes it to start snowing...?

The only consistent thing we've seen is her combo ability to cross over and recognize items from the other world.

One thing I was annoyed by, but am hoping they'll retcon into a better situation, was the systematic killing of the cortexiphan kids, Olive's peer test subjects who may or may not have developed weird abilities as well. Of course, we recently found out that at least one of them dropped off the grid far enough that he couldn't be tracked down. I'm hoping that maybe there will be another two or three to keep things interesting. Cort-X-Men? Cortexiphanatics?

I get that the origin of this doomsday machine dealio is meant to be shrouded in mystery, but man, I'd really like for the show to provide more info about it, even a b.s. mythology or cave drawings or something. Bleah.

I love that the numbers transmissions are part of FRINGE's world, but was WAY blown away by the discovery that these broadcasts are REAL, and that neither I, nor any of my Lostie fan friends, knew or heard about this in connection to the Numbers broadcast that Hurley's Connect-4 buddy picked up while on duty at a military listening station. The same broadcast that lures Rousseau's science mission into the snowglobe as well. Wack.

I like the idea that Kevin Corrigan, aka Sam the bowling alley man, might be some sort of uber-watcher, or maybe a fallen watcher, one who meddled to a "criminal" degree and got demoted to human. I forget, does the show call the bald dude Observers or Watchers?

I have an outline for a possible endgame for the show...

Peter gets strapped into the machine. I'm thinking that it will be put to him, perhaps by both Walters, Olivias, and/or William, that the reality fissures have gotten so bad in both worlds that one of them has to go or neither will survive. The call as to WHICH world survives will be based on which Olivia he truly loves, not a conscious decision, and perhaps something that the machine itself can only measure and determine.

Question: can the doomsday machine in one reality destroy the other reality, or only the one that it's in?

Gotta say, Fauxlivia being pregnant is a really nice ante-upper.

Meanwhile, Walter reveals to Olivia that he's been able to re/reverse-engineer Peter Weller's time travel cyborg implants. He believes that she may be the only one who can safely use them, to do what must be done: go back in time to help younger Walter cure Peter, and also help Walternate cure his Peter in the other world. Walter's initial technological incursion into the parallel world created the first rip in the fabric of reality, but Olivia's "natural" crossover talent would not upset the multiverse that way.

Of course, this means that Olivia changes history. Everything that we've seen thus far would be unwritten. We see an adult Olivia meeting the young Peters of both worlds while feverish and ill and saving their lives. Perhaps we see her appear angelically thru a young Peter's delirious eyes, smiling, comforting, and then... disappearing. We see the adult Peter plugged into the machine as it powers up to detonation/nullification. He closes his eyes, "remembers" Olivia appearing to him those many years ago when he was a sick little boy, and... the world goes white.

BOSTON. PRESENT DAY. Cambridge, Harvard Square, Harvard Yard. As FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is about to enter the Harvard University labs of Dr. Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop pushes the door wide on his way out, forcing Olivia to jump back a bit and Peter to stop short and drop a few things. The usual apologies and whatnot and Olivia picks up Peter's copy of IF YOU MEET THE BUDDHA ON THE ROAD, KILL HIM, and considers it for a moment, revealing that she read the book a little while ago but never quite got it. Peter then starts in about his take on the book and then their eyes meet. There's a moment, when each catches him/herself. They shake it off and Peter explains that his father isn't here, he's back at Massive Dynamic, which is where he's heading. Olivia takes him up on his offer to guide her there. Pull back to Kevin Corrigan and Observers sitting on a bench feeding squirrels and watching the two of them leave. Pithy comments about fate and reality.


Keep on keepin on~

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