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Holidaze 2012: video spiel & thanks!

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Santa's sick of everyone's poop! He gives and gives, and what does he get? Not a lot is the frickin answer. Oh, no—That's not why he's in his biz, of course. Not for reward! (But the cookies do hit the spot.) He got into it out of generosity and faith (in humanity). But, as the years roll by, the one list gets longer and longer and the other one, shorter and shorter. You know which list is which...

So! Santa's looking to be a little more proactive, looking to get lessons out there. Not carrot or stick, but examples, y'know? Stories. Sure, holiday songs and specials are fine. They get the word out, but by their nature, the *are* only once a year. He's going for a new platform, something, well, timeless...Syndication. A new show, starring himself and about himself. No—NOT reality TV crap. Boo. Not real stories. But, while they may not be real, they will be true... if you get my meaning.

Good crack.

Whatev. You stopped reading three paragraphs ago, didn't you? Bah humbug!

Also—Happy frickin holidaze.


Of course, Louis C.K.'s LOUIE is the inspiration for this hot mess. The show stars C.K. and is about a kind of alternate reality C.K. The guy who does and goes to and says all the difficult things that everyone wants to do/go/say or wishes they knew to do/go/say. It really is Remarkable and Wonderful.

If your'e not watching the show, you may be a real dum dum.

The music—and the opening credits sequence all together (or is that altogether? : P)—is brilliant all on its own, too. LOUIE's music is a version of "Brother Louie" recorded by Ian Lloyd exclusively for the show. He originally recorded it with his band The Stories in 1973 and they covered the original by Hot Chocolate, released six months earlier. The television show them is an excellent mix of Hot Chocolate's original with Ian Lloyd's vocals.

I think it's serendipitous that C.K. ended up casting the African-American actress he did to play his ex-wife on LOUIE. If you listen to the original song, Brother Louie is "whiter than white," a guy who's fallen in love with a black woman. He and his girl each try to introduce his/her true love to their respective families and meet with less-than-joyous excitement. In the show, their skin color doesn't (or at least, hasn't so far) come into any kind of controversial play, but I still feel like the show and the song have aligned in a sympathetic way.

I make stuff up like that sometimes.

Anyway... The incredibly professionally recorded and produced version of the song that accompanies SANTA is a composition Frankenthemed from pieces of the LOUIE theme, sections of a karaoke version of the Hot Chocolate recording, and, obviously, a number of howling stray cats.

Also, some jingle bells. =)

Note that nothing here is used with permission, but also that its use is certainly not for any profit. Except maybe to push the Goodness of the Brattle, LOUIE, and "Brother Louie," so... Not for any of my profit. : P

Keep on keepin on~

* Not sure what this post is about? Click here and maybe you'll figure it out... eventually. =)


If you're having trouble making out the "dialogue" in the movie theater bit...

Dialogue/audio from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is audible, accompanying the film playing on screen. Over the course of this segment the film moves from the early scene in which Clarence is talking to his heavenly superiors to the introduction of young George Bailey in holy flashback.

Jack A. (always whispering, too loudly): Is that a talking star?

Jack: Is this a cartoon?

Jack: What's with the talking stars?

Santa (to himself): Really?

Jack: Oh... Those are AN-gels!

Santa (to himself): Allright. That's it. You made the list.

Jack: I thought you said Jon Stewart was in this.

Santa (to himself): Seriously...?

Santa SIGHS.

Jack: Hey... Is the whole thing in *black-and-white*?


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