Monday, August 05, 2013

Not-so-crazy talk? The Next Doctor

Wow. I really like this

But "realistically," I'd roll back the romantic notion of just *seeing* Donna again. I'd failed to consider Donna herself to be a reason to visit that point in time, but now that I've been smacked in the face with it, I see a lot of potential… The biggest being to somehow immunize her against the side effects of the metacrisis (and its memory-stealing "cure" as we've seen already seen it).

So, Twelve would zip back to 79 A.D. take the place of Caecillius, for a few days, or maybe just moments, while the real one is engaged in the vomitorium or something, and zap her w a time-release packet of dormant Timelord energy, as well as a Jedi mind trick suggestion that she persuade Ten to save his family.

Perhaps there cannot be two of the same TARDIS sharing the same time? So, Twelve arrives in 79 before Ten, Vulcan nerve pinches Caecillius, stows him in his TARDIS—which he sends a couple of days into the future and to a location safely outside of the destruction of Pompeii—and takes his place until after Vesuvius erupts and Ten and Donna leave.

The mind trick suggestion kind of cheapens the Donna Nobility of her desire to save everyone, tho. So, scrap that.

Or… How about having Twelve *ready* to make the suggestion, but on somehow "reading" Donna, he realizes that he doesn't have to. She's got it in her head all on her own that—fixed points be damned!—we have to save everyone! She's just that plucky and ginormous-heartedly human.

And Ten and Donna's adventures continue and conclude as we've seen them. At the end, they go their separate ways and worlds sing of Donna's exploits while, sadly, Donna can no longer remember them. She can't recall, or to some degree, even be exposed to Doctor and Doctor-adjacent adventures and weirdness without going mad. And Ten becomes Eleven. And Eleven becomes Twelve. But, Twelve isn't obviously Ten, right? So he can show his face to Donna without her head blowing up, and one day Professor MacLeish does just that, asks her for directions to the pub or something, and while Donna launches into a story that barely has anything to do with going to the pub, he zaps her with the Timelord energy activator, which Timelord-sciencingly ejects the memory block / returns her memory / whatever they'll want to call it safely, allowing her to regain her memories and experiences, without her Timelordliness.

The Doctor does save everyone!

Well, not really, but it sounds good, right?

Keep on keepin on~

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