Thursday, January 08, 2015

AGENT CARTER: Who is Leet Brannis?

The Internette tells me that Leet Brannis is a name pulled from ALL-WINNERS in the 40s, the leader of a gang of thieves who faced the Whizzer back in the day. Okay, that's all fine and good as a callback, but in the world of AGENT OF CARTER, what else/more could Fraindeer Games's* Leet Brannis be about?

Well, me being me, of course I've got a couple of poppy Marvel Comics-y crazy talk ideas about Leet Brannis, but I haven't got those turds properly polished just yet. However, along the way, I ended up internet-anagram-solving my way to this one frickin dark, but apparently contemporary connection that I'm gonna share right now…

Anagrammatically," Leet Brannis" equals "Silbertanne," which translates to "Silver Fir" in German. Operation Silbertanne was the codename for a series of executions during the German occupation of the Netherlands, Nazi reprisals for attacks made on Dutch collaborators. Triggermen posed as resistance members, clothed as civilians and using British weapons.

Could Leet have been part of the operation and wished to (somehow, perhaps impossibly) make amends? Or known of it but was powerless to stop it? Or perhaps he chose this name/codename as a morbid reminder of a vicious enterprise whose victims (his own family?) he felt he would be avenging?

Pretty frickin dark, right? Would certainly offer some heavy backstory very quickly.

My escapist fantasy mind has still got my fingers crossed for a connection that's more otherworldly and science fictional. We shall see…

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. Who thinks that Sousa pulled the one photo that caught Carter's face at Spider's club? Nice to see another Doll cross over into the MCU.

P.P.S. Some other anagrams of "Leet Brannis":

Lesbian Rent
Blaster Nine
Al Bernstein
Silent Brane

I really like Silent Brane, which to me unscientifically implies a soundless dimension or 'verse, but haven't let myself drop down that rabbit hole… yet. =)

Please let me know if you dig up any fun connections in those directions, tho—thx!

* My first lasting impression of James Frain was made on screening the wonderful ridiculous action caper REINDEER GAMES. =)

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