Friday, March 11, 2016

THE EXPANSE: Amos Burton's "Rocinante" on a T-shirt

Now available via TeePublic!
A while back, I went looking for a tee featuring Amos's bombshell pin-up art of the Rocinante (he space-paints it on the ship in episode 6 of the series). The closest hits I could find were evidence of EXPANSE crew hoodies on instagram and the twitters. Apparently there were no official/licensed options available. I wanted to give such a shirt to a friend (and fan of THE EXPANSE) as a present, so, I did a somewhat clunky and chunky render of the artwork. It's now posted at TeePublic, available for acquisition by Earthers, Belters, and Martians (sorry, nothing available in Protomolecule…yet). It's *discounted* this weekend (for basic tee, $14, reduced from reg $20)—now thru Sunday night—so grab one now if you dig it!

Flip and burn!
Keep on keepin' on~

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