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LOST: time flashes > EM events > Island visitors

I've been walking around with a theory about the "record skip" time jumps. It's not, like, an explanation, but it allows for some fun causative-ish connections and a vague-ish prediction.

Every flash that the time-tossed Losties experienced was also an EM event that caused a malfunction in the snowglobe, allowing / pulling outsiders into the Island's pocket dimension.

To lay some groundwork, we know that there are a couple of distinct ways out of the snowglobe.

  1. Following a "golden" exit heading out of the snowglobe at the boundary of the snowglobe. This is how the DI/Other sub leaves the Island. This is how Michael and Walt leave the Island This is how Widmore's team and mercs return to their freighter.

  2. Turning the Wheel beneath the Orchid. This also moves the Island. The individual who turns the Wheel is teleported to a fixed location, aka the Exit, in the Tunisian desert. The individual is also bumped forward in time by an unknown duration.

There are also two distinct ways into the snowglobe.

  1. Following a "golden" entrance heading in a certain region in the outside world, where the snowglobe dimension apparently borders our own. This is how the DI/Other sub gets to the Island. This is how Widmore's team and mercs get to the Island. This may be how the DI is able to arrange supply pallet drops, but I have another thought about that, too.

  2. Being pulled in by an Island-based EM event that manifests itself in massive meteorological and electromagnetic disruption, typically anathema to electronic devices. This is the cause of the crashes of flights 815 and 316. This is likely the cause of Desmond and Rousseau's arrivals on the Island (massive storms). I should think that it would also be the cause of the malfunction and crash of the Nigerian beechcraft.

I believe that when the Island was sent skipping thru time by Ben's impure-of-heart turning of the Wheel, each flash is not only experienced by the affected Losties, but also by unwitting travellers in the proximity of the snowglobe's border with the outside world, causing them to fall or be pulled into and onto the Island.

I can't say for certain, and would find it hard to believe, that these flashes are the ONLY instances of unplanned access to the Island. It makes a kind of sense to me that "natural" portal-superstorms of some kind might occur spontaneously once in a long while where the snowglobe most closely borders our mundane reality. But I do believe that each of these flashes is an opportunity for access.

The snowglobe incursions that we know about...

  1. The Blackrock. I think this may have been a super-meteorological event, but hey, we did see the Losties flash to a time when the statue was whole and intact. Perhaps that was a day or two before Esau visits Jacob on the beach by the statue and reminds him how badly he wants to kill him.

  2. Rousseau's research ship. Definitely a flash event. We saw it.

  3. Eko's brother on the Nigerian beechcraft. Definitely a flash event. We saw it.

  4. Desmond on the Elizabeth. Maybe super-meteorological. I can't remember seeing a skip that could be identified as definitely in 2001.

  5. Henry Gale's balloon. Was Gale buried by the Others before or after Desmond's arrival? Could this synch with the flash visit in which Faraday makes contact with Desmond at the Swan?

  6. Oceanic 815. Caused by Desmond and the Swan.

  7. Pallet drop? When did that happen, anyhow? The DI had the Lamppost for predicting the location of the Island, and apparently, the timing of portals/access, i.e. Ajira 316.
    * 3/10/2010. Just remembered that pallet drops could be requested via the Flame station (by beating/using the chess game computer), so they do NOT require an EM event phenom.

  8. Ajira 316. Definitely a flash event, the last one experienced by the Losties, caused by Locke's turning of the Wheel.

  9. The FUTURE! Jacob's expected visitor/s?

At least one of the skips bumped the gang into the future. They find themselves at their old beach campsite, abandoned but also ransacked, and two Other outriggers on the shore. The find an Ajira water bottle in one of them. In their experience of the skip, they take one of the canoes out and while at sea find themselves under rifle fire by unidentified people in the second canoe. When did this happen? I *think* it has yet to occur in the storytelling of LOST1 this season, which means that we are due for at least one more flash event, another window of opportunity for outsiders to pierce the snowglobe.

Can anyone identify a point in time after the Ajira crash when two outriggers would have been at the Losties' camp? Sun and Lapidus take the first canoe, then Lockesau and Ben. I think both pairs end up landing at the old Dharmaville dock, right? Sun, Ben, and Lockesau stay while Captain Lapidus returns to the small island. Alanna and the other Shadows take the final canoe with Locke's crated body and Lapidus's mostly unconscious one and seem to land somewhere that's not the Losties' camp, where the Monster and his convoy are camped for a while at about that time.

So, we haven't seen two outriggers at the beach camp yet, right? One is at the dock. One is beached somewhere on the Island. The third one was last seen on the small Island and is currently unaccounted for.

We don't know who pursued Sawyer and company during that time skip. Maybe the returned-from 1977 Sawyer will figure out when it is that their past selves will steal the canoe and end up chasing after himself to stop him, or take his own place, or maybe just leave him a message or item in the canoe to find and exploit or save in the past.

I've also gotta wonder if someone might have been sucked into the snowglobe during the Swan implosion and has been keeping to himself for a few years in some old DI station or out in the jungle.

If anyone can fill in any blanks as far as outside visitors the Island, especially in synch with the time skips, please let me know. Also, any clue as to when we might have seen two outriggers at the beach camp.

I do love my LOST crazy talk. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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