Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IFFB 2010: And now, a word from our sponsors...

Some rambling on the pre-feature experience at the IFFB this year...

In the IFFB sponsor parade bumper, we get to see the three poster images from this year's marketing in a decent bit of AfterEffectsy action. There's umbrella girl, splashing into the river by the Esplanade, whose outlined image is used for a lot of IFFB swag. Then there's "donut punks," on the verge of PDA on top of Twin Donuts in Allston-Brightonia. Then there's downtown zombie, shambling over Beantown. I like how giant downtown zombie is wearing an iPod. Snarky commentary on iPod people?

I like watching the JetBlue ads, "More Welcome Aboard" and the other one, cuz they remind me of the LOST season 6 premiere. An unhappy passenger on an "Other Airline" flight finds herself somehow transported to a bright, shiny, and blue alternate reality flight on JetBlue. =)

In the "More Welcome Aboard" version (I forget the tagline in the other one), that woman passenger REALLY smacks that bald guy on the head! I mean, she leaves a mark! Sadistic bitch.

There are two different pairs of Ford ads playing. One of them features an ad with a guy who talks about how great the mileage is in his Focus. He ends up having to fill up so much less than usual that he forgets which side of the car the tank is on. Lucky for him, there's an arrow on the dash to remind him! The setting for this ad is a little weird. The guy mentions getting such great mpg for city driving but when we see him pull away, he's been parked in front of, like, Johann and Peewit's cottage or something. Actually, reminded me of Aaron's place in FLASHFORWARD, and he seems to live in some kind of Los Angeles Shire.

The other pair of ads features one with a driver who demonstrates how one guy in every horror movie bites it—he's in the driver's seat, ready to go, but he fumbles the keys, unable to get the car started. Then he shows us that his fabulous Focus has a push-button start. "I'm not gonna be the first guy to die in your movie!" Kind of a perfect ad for the festival, really. I like seeing *this* ad before a screening because you can tell how many people in the auditorium are seeing their first 2010 IFFB screening by their laughter.

Who doesn't love free Utz chips?

Keep on keepin on~

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