Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Frickin awesome. =)

6.12: "Everyone Loves Hugo"

"On my god." Out loud, I said it. "Oh my god." I'm watching alone at 1:30 in the morning with dinner after the late shift at vball, and I'm realizing what Desmond's going to do, just as he tells Ben that it was nice to meet him, and I'm saying it, three times, maybe four. Out loud. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God."

And Desmond guns it.

Frickin awesome. =)

Who's next? Who's important, and trackable by Desmond? If we go by the Numbers, we're looking at...

[X] 4 - Locke
[X] 8 - Reyes
[ ] 15 - Ford
[ ] 16 - Jarrah
[ ] 23 - Shephard
[ ] 42 - Kwon.

Will Locke dance at his wedding?

How will the remaining Candidate counterparts reach enlightenment?

I think it would be great if Kate kisses Sawyer as a ploy to get him to drop his guard while she's in custody, but she gets more than she bargained for. They both do. When they kiss, the reality floodgates open, and they DO feel love, but for other people. Sawyer for Juliet, and Kate for... well, since I can't say "herself," I guess I'll go with Jack.

So Sawyer will use his detective resources to happen upon Juliet, and Kate, once Sawyer helps her get free, will seek out Dr. Jack. I'd like to see Sawyer also receive flashes to his connection with Locke via Anthony Cooper. Once he meets Juliet, he'll have his +1 to Helen and John's wedding!

That leaves Jarrah and Kwon. LOST2's Jarrah already has his Nadia, so who or what would serve as a cross-reality catalyst for him? So far we've seen love and physical trauma bust thru realities. Under the love column, a run-in with Shannon could be the spark that lights him up, but I'm not feeling it. Under the near-death/trauma column, a bullet wound might do the trick, eh? A gut shot like the one he died from? Or, even "better..." Torture. Or... an "accident" that nets out to electrocution similar to what he suffered at the batteries and electrodes of Rousseau and Dogen. Or perhaps under the influence of a truth serum type drug, like in 1977 served up by Oldham. If hatred as fiery and potent as love could punch thru spacetime, I'd say an encounter with Ben might do the trick, too.

LOST2's Kwons are actually Paik and Kwon. In LOST1, did Jin ever get to see a print of a sonogram from the medical station? If he did, I'd say that THAT would be the trigger for Sun and Jin, something they'd see on a monitor at the emergency room at St. Sebastian's, right? Maybe it's enough for Sun alone, and then Sun says some phrase in English that resonates with Jin to trigger the LOST1 download for him. Or maybe she says her LOST1 wedding vows and THAT's the trigger, allowing Jin to recite his as well. And—bonus!—both of them get to learn English in an instant!

I think St. Sebastian's as a rendezvous/rally point makes a lot of sense. It doesn't quite allow for a full-on LOSTapalooza the way the wedding of Helen and John could, but it can easily collect all the major players, and in a short time.

Claire might still be there for observation, and Charlie was last seen running thru its halls. They'll find one another. Jin and Sun are no doubt on their way there from Keamy's restaurant. Perhaps Juliet will consult on Sun's case because of her pregnancy? Locke will be sent there, perhaps accompanied by Ben, and maybe Jack will perform miraculous emergency surgery on him. Maybe Sawyer will show up with his freckle-faced fugitive in tow to get both checked out for a concussion or whatnot after the collision and chase scene.

There are still the non-Numbered 815 Losties... Lapidus. Boone. Rose. Bernard. Maybe Anna Lucia, Michael, Eko...?

And those with DI and Other pedigrees... Juliet. Daniel and Charlotte. Miles (and Anna Lucia? Naomi?). Pierre Chang. Horace Goodspeed. And Ben.

Speaking of Pierre... Given the confession by Hurley and adult Miles back in 1977 on I-day, how much does he know and how much is he prepared for in the way of a cross-reality crisis? Has he been keeping an eye out for the time travellers he met back then? That would include man of the year, Hugo, of course. Working at a museum... That might get him access to certain global resources and even artifacts... Hrmmm...

This has been first blush top-o-my-head riffing on just this one aspect of the episode. Will hafta settle and regroup for a more thoughtful brain dump in a future post.

I am not looking forward to not looking forward to LOST.


Keep on keepin on~


zorknapp said...

Interesting stuff. I have to say, the big question to me, is *why* did Desmond run down Locke. What does he know, what did he see, that told him that Locke has to *go* in Lost2.0?

More thoughts later, possibly over e-mail.

cabinboy said...

Quickish reply.

I took Desmond's hit-n-run to be his way of getting Locke2 in touch with his LOST1 self, or set him up for that, by way of miracle surgery. Thing is, will Locke2 consider his fearful, angry, fate-full LOST1 life experience as something to be preserved from his contented LOST2 vantage point?

Or perhaps it's just to get Locke2 in place to trigger other crossover downloads, for Jack and Ben, who had significant conflicts and connections with his LOST1 counterpart.

I'm uncomfortable with the notion of full-on transmigration between realities, but keep thinking that pushing Locke2 back into Locke1's (hopefully not completely decomposed—c'mon, Island!) body would be a great move against Esau, who is "stuck" in Locke's form, but according to the Rules (as far as we can suss out) cannot take the form of anyone who's alive. Might be a crippling, if not mortal, blow to the Monster in or near the endgame.