Monday, August 04, 2014

GOTG: the awesome and the not-so-much…

Just want to rattle off some more great bits and pieces from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY that have flashed back to me, as well as a couple of things that made me go hmmm…

Some awesome…
  • Peter FRICKIN Serafinowicz! =)
  • All of Peter Quill's late 80s Earthisms. Here's a movie-lover's highlight, tho (paraphrased)…
    "This Orb thing has a kind of black briefcase / Ark of the Covenant / Maltese Falcon vibe."
    LOVE that he uses those references to call out the McGuffin. =)
  • If I remember correctly, among Quill's space crimes and misdemeanors: Illegal manipulation of a Grammosian Duchess. What the heck do you suppose this looks like?
  • Peter Quill will pull a Luke Duke across anything resembling a shiny metal hood.
    *I* think of it as a Luke Duke. Anyone have any other names/references for it?
  • Nebula cuts off her own hand rather than accept Gamora's help, then lands on a Ravager ship, chucks its pilot from the cockpit, and flies away. Nice to know she's still Out There, a cosmic Marvel x-factor and HEAVY METAL pin-up, crazying it up.
  • Why does Groot present the white blossom to the colony urchin girl in Knowhere. A young Celestial Madonna, anyone? This One thinks so, yes. =)
  • The Dark Elf in the Collection. Could he have survived the purple Stone explosion? The Collector was in possession of the Aether, y'know… There could be a lot of interesting artifacts, creatures, and characters free in the wake of that blast. Kinda like a cosmic raiding of the Fridge in AGENTS OF SHIELD.
  • "I don't believe ANYone is truly one hundred percent a dick…"
Some not-so-awesome…
  • Drax calls Gamora a "whore." Drax, who doesn't understand metaphor, calls Gamora a prostitute. As far as I can remember, we've been given no cause to believe that she is or was. We neither see nor hear any charge against Gamora that legitimizes that (I certainly didn't catch it in the mug-scan readout).
  • Comic book fanboy wannabe that I am, I *knew* Groot would regenerate and return, but I kind of thought it was too easy how it worked out. Rocket just happened to hold onto the one piece that would grow back? Shouldn't we have seen him look for a specific organelle of some kind? Or running around mind-melding with everyone in an attempt to sends Groot's Katra?
  • I thought that the seed to Groot's return had been planted (sorry, unavoidable =) earlier in the film, in one of two scenes.
    1. When Groot presents the white blossom to the colony urchin girl in Knowhere.
    2. When Groot "barks up" before going into battle, he apparently accidentally generates a little blossom and plucks it.
  • I figured either one of those flowers could have grown into a replacement body for his consciousness, y'know? O well. In any case, I'm happy to have him back.
  • Gamora vs. Nebula could've been shot, written, and/or choreographed stronger. For the deadliest woman in the galaxy vs. the daughter of Thanos the confrontation was kind of forgettable. Thank goodness no time-mucking Matrix stuff (not cuz it's not cool, but just because it doesn't belong to this film's feel), but how about some sisterly trash talking? Some character and backstory development thru verbal jabs as well as physical ones?
  • Also—picking a nit, I know—there was an odd bit of time jumping involved. Nebula starts badmouthing Gamora. Drax does not take kindly to it and blasts her. The Guardians split up, with Nebula pushing forward. There's a cut to other action, maybe two or three different scenes, then back to Gamora who is just reaching Nebula's re-assembling body. Okay, it could take that long for Neb's enhancements to complete their work, but it seemed too long for Gamora to have covered the distance from their entrance to wherever Nebula's body is (which it SEEMED like they passed immediately after Drax's blast).
Perhaps you're interested in more rambling? Some scattin' on the identity of Star-Lord's dad?

Gotta cut footloose!

Keep on keepin on~

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