Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOST: the Temple spring

Had a thought. The spring is for "baptizing" Others. It's got healing powers (Dogen fully hoped that his cut would close when he tested the waters), but not resurrection capability. Richard and Ben both attest to the unheard-of-ness of Locke's apparent revival (and we know that that was bogus now). When Richard explains to Kate and Sawyer about how little Ben will be changed, different, once he's saved, I originally thought he was referring to Ben's going Bad somehow. That the process by which he would be saved would, like, blacken his soul, y'know? Back then, I imagined the Monster basically implanting a piece of itself in the boy. But he could have simply meant that once saved, little Ben will be one of them, and different from non-Others, and his earlier self.

Maybe there's an Other-catechism class phase for newbies, and when they're graduated and properly Other-indoctrinated, they take first Other-communion and are Othertized in the spring. Please forgive me if I've got my Catholic metaphors wrong, but you get my meaning, right? Which means that Ben and Sayid's dips in the spring are special cases.

Y'know, I still don't understand the behavior of those two Other thugs who killed Paul and were menacing Annie back in 1974 when Sawyer and company arrive. Were Paul and Annie in violation of the truce by picnicking where they did? And how do the "good guys" have license to terrorize anyone without some due process?

Also, does anyone else imagine Quake soldiers and baddies running around that Temple set?

Keep on keepin on~

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