Monday, February 22, 2010

RED RIDING trilogy

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Thumbs up for a great cast delivering noir goodness with a British accent! I've only caught two-thirds of the trilogy so far, but urge you to see any and all of it that you can.

* 2/23/2010. Looks like the RR trilogy is gonna stick around a while at the Kendall. It's slated to be adapted by Ridley Scott in an American production (haven't heard if it will be multiple films), but I urge you to see this wonderfully dark UK rendition!

I made it to screenings of the first two films in the RED RIDING trilogy this weekend (1974 and 1980) and both were wonderfully modern noir-iffic. Like, ZODIAC sets up a meet between LA CONFIDENTIAL and CHINATOWN in Northern England... or something. Each of the two films stands well on its own but the interlocking/interweaving of characters and scenarios over the years definitely adds to the experience of the second film. And I had the sensation that each was very of its era, that you could feel the 1974-ness of the first chapter, and the 1980-ness of the second. It'll sound like a ridiculous criticism, I'm sure, but I hafta say that I thought the 1974 film is perhaps a little too sex-charged. I suppose that might be a sign of the times also, as well as a sign of its rating =). Be warned that the second film seems to have a loose end that (I'm hoping) will be tied up in the third.

In any case, I highly recommend checking out both films, in either order (the second one does give a tease of a spoiler about the first, but I think there's mystery enough remaining, and such great unfolding of it, in the first, that it's still a great film and story experience if you have to see 1980 before 1974), and hafta say I'm looking forward to seeing the third one on Wednesday night, probably the late, 9-something show. Let me know if you're up for teaming up for that one. If you think you'll hit any of these films, check the Kendall listings to strategize your screening order, and do be prepared to turn on your English-to-American translating part of your brain. =)

Keep on creepin on~

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