Monday, May 10, 2010

LOST: collecting more dots...

Some more dots collected, but not yet connected...


No real theory here, but does anyone remember this little exchange from season 1? In the episode where Locke meets his mother and then father, John's working in a toy store and telling a kid about MouseTrap...
KID: What's that?
LOCKE: A game. It's my favorite game, actually. I used to play it with my brother. It's called MouseTrap.
KID: How do you play?
LOCKE: Well, you start with all these parts off the board. And then, one by one, you build the trap - shoe, bucket, tub - piece by piece it all comes together. And then you wait 'til your opponent lands here on the old cheese wheel. And then if you set it up just right, you spring the trap. Go ahead, kiddo.
Assuming he's not just shilling to make a sale, I'm guessing he's talking about a foster brother. Interesting, tho, looking back at this description of how the game works and playing it with his brother, given the updated context of Esau now wearing his form and engaged in an ages-old game with Jacob.


We need more! At the top of the list: Adam and Eve. Next any of the bodies that we've seen Esau wear: Christian, Yemi, Alex, John Locke. Do these bodies KNOW that their forms AND experiences are being copied? Can any of the dead DI leadership clue us into anything significant about the DI's truce with the Hostiles? The bodies of deceased time travellers: Daniel and Charlotte (not so useful, but maybe her deathbed time tripping was also reality tripping).


Hey, dead dudes, a little help? Sayid. Charlie. Eko. Anna Lucia. Jacob. Dogen. Adam and Eve. Rose and Bernard. Daniel. C'mon, Libby, you'll let the Island use you to spook Michael, but you can't say "boo" to Hurley?


Before she gets Arzted, Ilana tells Sun that there are only six Candidates left. If we start with the Numbers, that gets us six: Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shephard, and Kwon. At that time, they already know that Locke is actually Locke-ness and that Sayid has gone bad, so we subtract those two. Also, Ilana admits that she's not sure whether Sun or Jin is the Kwon Candidate, so we add one. That brings us to FIVE. Who is the sixth? I think only Ilana and Jacob knew.

The Kate discrepancy between the cave wall list and the lighthouse names—51 is crossed out on the wall, but not on the dial—points to Kate as still being in the running.

QUESTION: Were the list on the dial and the list on the wall tracking the same thing? Candidacy, aka Protector eligibility? Mike suggested that the lighthouse might have been tracking deaths while the cave tracked Candidacy. I originally thought that Esau's visit to the cave w Sawyer was something of a home invasion, but now I'm thinking that the cave is Esau's hideaway and the lighthouse is Jacob's winter home. Locke-ness chucks the white stone out of the cave when he visits with Sawyer. "Inside joke," he says. Is it the same stone that Jacob has Ricardo give him back in 1867?

QUESTION/THEORY: Where did Widmore get his list of names? He's so sure that Kate is expendable, it must be a list based on the names on the cave wall. What if Locke-ness intentionally crossed out names that Jacob would not have, for Sawyer to see, and perhaps to trickle down to other players, like Widmore, transforming a viable and thusly, untouchable, Candidate into perceived leverage.


Dogen wants Sayid dead, but he goes out of his way to have someone else be the instrument of his death. He gives Jack the poison to give to Sayid. Later, he sends Sayid to face Locke-ness, hoping that he will be killed by him. Why can't Dogen be direct about eliminating Sayid? Is it because he's a Candidate, even Infected, and Others are not allowed or able to kill Candidates?

Or, does INTENT matter? In order to die, does an Infected individual have to CHOOSE a course of action that results in his death? Dogen wants Jack to get Sayid to take the pill, not FORCE Sayid to take it. Sayid wants to go out and confront the Bad Man to prove that his internal scale still weighs him as Good. Sayid decides to save everyone else on the sub by taking the bomb as far from them as possible.

If Esau is Infected, does that mean that he can be killed if he *chooses* to be?

Keep on keepin on~

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