Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST: a story of Jacob and Esau

A LOST yarn that I spun together from bits and pieces. I rather like it...

Way back when, the Island was an oasis in Tunisia, Jacob and Esau were brothers and part of some "lost tribe" of Egypt who settled there. The tribe believed that they were chosen by their gods to watch over the oasis. Simply by living there, their life force kept an ancient evil at bay. This evil was gathered in the deep dark past of the world and removed from reality, sealed away in an adjacent dimension physically accessible only in the oasis. In an attempt to escape, the evil managed to manipulate the oasis's unique energies to draw a meteorite out of the sky to wipe out the tribe. The attempt fails, as members of the tribe somehow survive, but the energies of the meteorite interact unexpectedly with those of the oasis, bumping the oasis out of normal spacetime and into a pocket dimension, the snowglobe, transforming the oasis into the Island. While the Island's energies protect its tribe's health, something, the taint or nature of the extraterrestrial energy, and/or perhaps some influence of the captive evil, ends up rendering the Island population unable to carry pregnancies successfully to term. They raise a statue to Tawaret to worship in the hopes of preserving and saving their posterity, but their numbers only decrease. In the end only Jacob and Esau survive, charged with the duties of their tribe, governed by Rules established by the powers they worshipped. Over the millennia, these two learn how to harness certain abilities granted to them by the Island. They also learn of certain limitations on their freedom. Esau becomes resentful. His sacred duty has become a life sentence. This dark turn in his nature makes him vulnerable to the influence of the evil, which convinces him that their duties to the Island are foolish. Even tho they are bound to the Island by the Rules in different ways, there's no real reason to stay. Jacob is somehow content, but does find some satisfaction in a hobby, bringing outsiders to the Island as a kind of social experiment or test. This hobby becomes a deliberate search, tho. Jacob understands that the evil, thru Esau, seeks escape, and that he may not survive a well-orchestrated, Rules-abiding, assault launched by Esau. He needs a successor and/or a weapon or shield, and he will find it by searching for and/or fashioning one over generations in the off-Island world and preparing the way for him.

Cuz... why not?

Keep on keepin on~

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