Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST: Jacob and Esau are both "Aaron"

This is a theory that's been around for a while in one form or another since early this season. Basically, Jacob and Esau are different versions of Claire's son, each from a different reality. My riff on this involves factoring in Infection and a massive second Incident, or anti-Incident, to power the time displacement required for this theory to become LOST-reality. It's a pretty "blue sky" theory that I like more for its fun factor and symmetry than its likelihood (of course I'd be happy if it turned out to be even a little correct, without requiring a lame and compromising deus ex). In fact, I pretty much rejected the theory for most of this season, wanting to commit to the notion that Esau and Jacob have their origins rooted firmly in the past, and not in the future by way of a wrinkle in spacetime. But, like I said, fun factor and symmetry. =)

1. Esau is an Infected, raised-by-another Aaron.

Esau is Claire's son in LOST1. As sad as the notion is, I do like the idea of Aaron being born Infected. This is a wrinkle on that theory, involving an epic application of time travel. I've been thinking that the scale of time displacement would be prohibitive, but I have to admit that it's possible, especially given my insistence on reality and time bending over backwards to deliver the follow-thru on Desmond's last FINAL DESTINATION flash for Charlie.

2. Jacob is a not-Infected, raised-by-Claire Aaron.

Jacob is Claire's son in LOST2. Sure, Claire thinks she'll name the child Aaron, but it's not a done deal, right? Lots of wiggle room as far as naming goes. If one Aaron can be blasted back to ancient times, why not two? Makes for some excellent symmetry and does a fine job of using all the parts of the doubled realities of the LOST buffalo, y'know?

3. A massive EM energetic event, similar in nature to the 1977 Incident will send the young "brothers" back in time and into the snowglobe to the Island.

This is pretty loose, pretty shakey math, but I like it. In LOST2, the Lostie counterparts will converge on the Los Angeles DI station, the Lamppost. Desmond2 (w Desmond1 riding shotgun) and Daniel will guide them thru a recreation of the Incident, exploiting the lesser energies of the Lamppost and/or its connection to other energy pockets worldwide.

Whilemean, in LOST1, Desmond1 executes Jack and/or Widmore's gambit against Locke-ness, involving the release or exposure to massive EM energies. Okay, this is where it gets crazy-crazy... These two events, in LOST1 and LOST2, synergize and cause the collapse of the two realities until 2004 and launch 3-yo Aaron from LOST1 and the unborn Jacob from LOST2 into ancient times on the Island and in the snowglobe. In fact, it might be the responsible for the creation of the snowglobe in the first place.

The possibility that an unborn or disembodied Jacob arrives on the Island plugs into Esau's vague origin storytelling to Ricardo rather nicely. Esau claims that his body was stolen by Jacob (see "RICHARD IS ESAU'S FIRST ATTEMPT AT A LOOPHOLE..."). I can imagine Jacob's consciousness forcing Esau's out of his Aaron body, Esau eventually discovering that he can inhabit the machine-creature known as the Smoke Monster, and then, once Jacob begins luring visitors to the Island, learning to create doppelgangers from their dead.

Crazy-crazy-crazy thin guesswork now... Is someone already on the Island, ready to train and raise the boy/s? Christian? Or is someone or two zapped back with them as their guardians, mentors, and parents. Esau seems to remember his crazy mother. Is it Infected Claire? Is it not-Infected Kate? Perhaps it's reality-bounced Eloise?

That rewind to 2004 is important to me because it allows for the realization of Desmond's last Charlie flash (see DOT 1). The ideal timing would place the Island rescue (by Penny's people) after Aaron's birth and before Locke's visit to Jacob's Cabin.

Keep on keepin on~

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