Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Feature Creep Blues" by MC Johnny Cache

Click here to listen to the entire... umm... "song." The player above is only a 30-second sample.

VOTE FOR MY SONG, "Feature Creep Blues," via Twitter or email at my songfight page. Please vote BEFORE you listen to my contest song... Actually, please vote before listening to any contest songs. Come to think of it, you should consider listening to be completely optional. Voting, however, is mandatory! Early and often! =)

"Brian, what happened to you? You look terrible! Did you get in another fight?" (Cuz I'm always doing that, y'know.)

"Noooo... Well, not exactly. It was a... It was a... a songfight."

That's why I'm having trouble (more than usual) walking steadily and completing my thoughts today. I fell into a no-sleep zone for a couple nights trying to cobble together something resembling a song to enter into a songfight.

This particular songfight is a contest celebrating the DVD release of kickass musical movement documentary, NERDCORE RISING. The title requirement/inspiration for the song: "Feature Creep." If you're not familiar w the term, thank your stars and google it. =)

My thanks to Duncan, In, Rowan, Jessie, Ann, and Dan for their patience and feedback (the good kind, not the sibilant kind, which sucks).

Keep on creepin on~

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