Saturday, October 17, 2009

VOTE FOR MY SONG! (or not =)

__________just the facts___________

LISTEN & VOTE! Listen to a 30-second sample and vote for my song, "Feature Creep Blues!"

You can (but don't need to =) hear the entire track at Imeem.

If you haven't lost consciousness due to blood loss from the ears, do feel free to pass this post on and share the contest link with friends. Strangers, too. =)

__________rambling backstory___________

I'm in a songfight. "WTF is a songfight?" you ask. A songfight is a song-creating contest. The contest holder suggests a theme or title as a inspiration for a song (in this case, it's "Feature Creep," something with which you're all familiar, even if you don't recognize the phrase... give it a google if it doesn't ring a bell), contestants record and submit their songs based on the contest parameters, then they're posted online for the internet-at-large to vote on. Just like the Founding Fathers intended! Hrmmm... "Fathers" you say? No mother in the picture, eh? How open-minded and progresive! (Gaaaaay...)

MC Frontalot explains in video here.

This is my first songfight. Why would I suddenly, one night, just up and choose to pick a songfight, you wonder? Surprise, surprise! It's cuz of a movie! A really cool, sexy movie, a movie who's sweet, and kind, and poops rainbows, and happens to be fine with accepting my help with her precalc homework, but wouldn't dare think of acknowledging my existence in front of her bitchy friends...

*dreamy sigh*

The movie, NERDCORE RISING, is a wonderful documentary on the nerdcore hiphop movement and one of its most talented icons and musicians, MC Frontalot. The filmmakers and MC are hosting this songfight in honor of the upcoming DVD release of the film. I got a chance to meet Frontalot, his band, and the filmmakers at the Independent Film Festival of Boston two years ago and I grock their rock! I *highly* recommend the film for some amazing and nerdtastic musical magic and some wonderfully entertaining personalities... Check out the trailer for a taste. =)

Okay, enough background. VOTE FOR MY SONG! It's called "Feature Creep Blues" by MC Johnny Cache. The contest entry page has a 30 second sample in an Imeem music player. The player has a "Play full song here" link to the entire track at Note that IT IS *NOT* NECESSARY TO LISTEN TO THE SONG IN ORDER TO VOTE FOR IT!


My songfight contest entry page:

At the page, there are two links/ways to vote: tweeting at Twitter, or via email. I believe that each Twitter or email account is good for one vote. Why do I mention that? Oh... y'know, I like counting things... counting is cool, yeah...

If you have trouble w the email link launching a client you don't use, you can vote via webmail (in a browser) using/copy/pasting the following info. Thanks!


vote for entry #833#

By sending this email, you are placing a vote in the contest. Do not change this email or your vote may not be counted!

Anyhow, enjoy the... "music!" Vote early and often! =)

Keep on creepin on~
p.s. I understand if you've got any philosophical issues with or conscientious objection to the "Feature Creep Blues." If that turns out to be the case, I urge you to throw your vote behind HamSTAR and his frickin ingenious "Feature Creep."

I just love the concept and am kinda floored by the execution. The Force is strong with that one.

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