Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please RE-vote for my song! (& see NERDCORE RISING for free!)

Blerg. Got a groaner of a headzup to share about song fight votes submitted by email over the last few days...

I haven't received official word from the contest site, but it looks like the vote-by-email counter was offline/busted over the weekend and just today reactivated. Given the current vote count and the feedback I've had from friends who voted, it appears that votes submitted while the counter was down were NOT counted. Bleah. WTF, right? I mean, where are we? Iran? Florida?!

So, if it's not too much of a pain in the bum, if you voted via email between Saturday and today (or even if you didn't =) could you please re-vote?

For ME, I mean!

Much appreciated!

And if you feel it's your duty to vote from as many email accounts as you can, well, I won't stop you. Honest. You do what you have to do... What's right... As many times as you need to... Over and over...


Also, the vote-by-tweet link continues to be working fine. =)

And please pass this message and link on to any nerdcore-friendly peeps you might know. Thanks! Song fight voting closes on the 31st.

Info for voting by webmail below, after the signoff...

And HEY! If you're interested in the hilariously and musically entertaining hiphop-umentary that inspired this songfight, NERDCORE RISING (trailer), a Boston-local fan is sponsoring a *free* digital screening at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square on Tuesday, October 27! Space is limited, so if you're interested, RSVP to the organizer. You can also check for other screenings in your area, or your friends', or arrange to host one of your own!

Thanks mucho for your support, and also for not "report as spam"-ing me! (I hope! =)

Keep on creepin on~

__________voting by webmail?___________

My songfight contest entry page:

If you have trouble w the vote-by-email link launching an email client you don't use (i.e. Outlook or Apple's Mail app), you can vote via webmail (in a browser) using/copy-n-pasting the following info into the appropriate email fields. Thanks!


vote for entry #833#

By sending this email, you are placing a vote in the contest. Do not change this email or your vote may not be counted!

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