Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Please click on over to the shirt.woot derby to check out my t-shirt design submission. This week's derby theme: Halloween! I only got the design posted today, way late in the derby running (posts close noon tomorrow, voting closes noon Thursday), but the idea was rattling around in my noggin and needed to get out. I conjured it up completely independent of the odd "cats + pumpkins" trend that has rippled thru this weeks' submissions.

Or maybe I only *think* I did...?

Whatev. Please check it out, love it, and vote it. For. That is to say—Vote for it!

Note that you need to be signed in at shirt.woot *and* have made a purchase at a woot online outlet to vote. Not just, like, right this minute (altho that's certainly cool), but anytime in the past as well. They've currently got some very fine smoke detectors for sa—ack. Sold out. Perhaps Poizin wine is more your poison? Available at wine.woot? Just sayin'

Thanks for your support! =)

Keep on creepin on~

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