Wednesday, November 11, 2015

STAR WARS : Rey & Finn : All in the Family?

I know I’m gonna short circuit some power converters with my crazy talk here, but I’ve just gotta get it out of my head and into words in front of me…

First, let me say that I’ve done my best to limit my exposure to anything related to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS online, official, rumor-milled, or fan-tastic. So, it may be that some of my nutty notions are already contradicted by some official something or other or in sync with other fan conjecture. I honestly do not know.

The trailers do seem to be everywhere online, but I’ve always preferred to see my trailers on a big screen before a feature. I admit I *did* click to watch the teaser trailer online last year. The second one I saw on the big screen before a feature earlier this year. So far I have yet to see the third one, but hope to see it as a big screen preview soon. No interest in watching it during halftime of sportsball. I was at the movie theater waiting for tickets to go on sale when it premiered anyway = )

Crazy talk begins after the art…

Okay, there are two apparently Force-strong youngsters featured in the next film: trooper Finn and speeder Rey. Of course, behind that mask, Kylo Ren might very well be a third (twins run in families, right?), but I'm just gonna focus on these two for this post. Now, we know that the Force has been strong with a certain bloodline for six movies.
The Force is strong in my family…
Sure, Luke may have met someone special in the 30-ish years since ROTJ, but we know that Leia and Han were already in “I know” back then, and it’s not difficult to imagine their romantic trajectory leading to space matrimony and family, right? And thusly, young Rey joins the Solos.

But, given their personalities, and 30-ish years, it’s also not impossible to imagine there being some bumps in the relationship, right? Maybe even a space divorce or separation? Who might be around to comfort and charm a freshly un-Solo-ed hot-to-trot Princess?
You truly belong with us here among the clouds…
Welcome, Finn Calrissian! Crazy talk? Maybe. But I *like* it. Think of the possibilities. Note that I’m just playing w the last name here.

Is FORCE AWAKENS set actually 30 years after ROTJ? I have it in my head that it is, but can’t think of where/how I picked that up.

Maybe Finn is the older half-sibling. How much time passed between EMPIRE and RETURN? I mean, how long was frozen Han hanging in Jabba’s palace? Could Leia and Lando have hooked up sometime then? And Leia disappeared to a spa world for a few months or so? Leaving her son with a decent family (maybe an aged clone?) to be raised in safety, as seems to be the accepted practice in this far far away galaxy.

Or, he could be the younger. Perhaps Rey was conceived on Han and Leia’s space honeymoon. Some years later, while on a routine mission or beer run, a bounty hunter catches up w Han and Chewie in a bad way and in the wake of the ensuing chase/confrontation/battle, the pair were presumed killed. Maybe they even faked their deaths.
We’re home…
And Lando was the good friend of the family until he became something more and along came Finn!~

Of course, a long time ago “defense of marriage” might not have been such a big deal, and Leia being involved with Han and Lando could be part of a completely non-scandalous triangular relationship and/or union. No big whup. Still, I like the potential for drama.

Perhaps Leia and Luke (and Han) keep the their sibling connection a secret from everyone else. Might not be the best PR to advertise that Luke and Leia are the children of the Emperor’s Sith Lord enforcer, right? A secret even from Han and Leia’s (and Lando’s) children, who begin to discover their abilities and destinies when thrown into whatever dangerous adventure Episode 7 holds for them.

Yeah, Yoda would say they’re too old to start any training, but I think Luke’s school of Jedi training disagrees. Having more life and living done before training should be seen as a plus. I think that Luke will be responsible for a Jedi Reformation. While there’s a dark side and a light side to the Force, it’s not natural for any sentient social being to only live in one.

Remember, in eps 1 thru 3 (if you acknowledge them), there was a prophecy about One who would restore balance to the Force. Whether that One is Anakin or Luke is debatable I think, but consider the assumption that prophecy is built on: the Force was out of balance. The polarization of its character was impressed upon it. The teachings and training were effective, true. The Force “worked,” it flowed, it obeyed its wielders’ wills on both sides, but is a near-monastic culture really the best kind for individuals who are so connected to a life-force? And if drawing exclusive from the so-called dark side does whatever it did to Sidious/the Emperor, becoming more of a gaping maw than powerful being, well, what’s really the point?

Sorry, I could probably ramble on and on, and not at all eloquently, bleah. But if any of that sounds interesting, feel free to ask me about Anakin’s supposed divine conception. =)

Keep on keepin’ on~
May the Force be with you~

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spider-Man - The Original Web Surfer

This is my entry in the WeLoveFine Spider-Verse Design Contest: The Original Web Surfer

Conceived in the spirit of punny Peter Parker's gifted gab, the idea is that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man first swung into action in 1962, which would indubitably make him the first true web surfer, right?

He's *also* the first person to create the web digitally! Cuz—hey!—he used his digits to trigger his shooters, right?

This is the part where you groan in appreciation.

Well, if you don't hate the idea of seeing this design on a tee shirt, please rate it here—thanks!

And if you're a fan of any of the Spidey family and the heroes of the recent Spider-Verse crossover event, you should check out all of the fan-made designs.

Oh, Webhead is meant to be flashing his very own Twhip-Shaka while hanging ten on his webs, not throwing a double goat. =)

* Note that you need to be signed in via WeLoveFine, Steam, or the Facebooks to rate designs. The rating period is open from September 22 thru October 20, 2015.

Keep on thwippin' on~

Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Wright On!" and the Cornetto Trilogy this weekend at the Brattle! =)

Yeah, I know it's been a way long while since I've dropped any blogging here, it's true. I'm happy to tell you that you can blame the Brattle Theatre for my return (for at least one post)—the Brattle and their "Wright On! Edgar Wright and His Influences" series, screening this weekend. If you're not already familiar with writer-director Edgar Wright, I kind of envy you. If I could watch his stuff for the very first time all over again—Man! It's like… It's like…

It's like when Dorothy wakes up after her house lands in Oz and the movie goes from black and white to color…

Leave it to me to describe a real-life experience with a movie reference, right?

And then leave it to me to describe seeing a movie as a real-life experience. =)

So, it's some seriously good s#it is what I'm saying.

Maybe you've enjoyed a couple of his films without knowing that they're his? There's…

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (co-writer + director)


SHAUN OF THE DEAD (writer w Simon Pegg + director)

HOT FUZZ (writer w Simon Pegg + director)

THE WORLD'S END (writer w Simon Pegg + director)

These are all playing this weekend on the big screen at the Brattle, along with films that resonate with and/or inspired them, and you should see ALL of them if you can. The "and His Influences" films…

RUN LOLA RUN. A modern classic. One of those films that while I was watching, I felt had carved my experiences into before this movie and after (HARD BOILED is another). For lovely kinetic choose/chase-your-own-adventure show-don't-tell storytelling, can't be beat. Hrm… Now that I think of it, could be an exciting double feature with FURY ROAD.

DEAD AND BURIED. This is one I haven't seen yet, but—hey!—a small town sheriff vs. walking dead? What more do you need to know?

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978). The title pretty much says it all. A different kind of zombie threat, social sci-fi at its best. Also, how can you *not* want to see this sexy-nerdiness?

HARD BOILED! O. M. G. When I first saw this in 1993, it totally flipped the poles of my movie-going world. Mind-blowing. This is John Woo at the height of his brotherhood bonding, cops and killers with codes-creating, bullet-ballet choreographing powers. And w Chow Yun-Fat, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, and Philip Kwok as his dancers! Of course, it's over 20 years later, so if you've had your eyes open at all in that time, you may end up with some deja vu to more recent action fare that's attempted to re-create bits and pieces of Woo's HARD BOILED firefights and motifs, but very few filmmakers and films can make it all work. Y'know, it's such a rare opportunity to get to experience HARD BOILED in the theater—I kind of hate to say it, but if you can only see ONE of these movies this weekend, it should be this one.

I really love it when Tequila sends his girlfriend flowers. Brilliant. =)

If you get the chance to see some of both the influences and Wright's films, you'll see that the films pair off as "alternate universe" versions of each other: RUN for PILGRIM, DEAD for DEAD, HARD for HOT, and INVASION for WORLD'S END. Such cinematic candy! =)

The three films playing on Sunday—SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, and THE WORLD'S END—have come to be known as the Cornetto Trilogy (I'll explain AFTER you've seen them all =), a trio of hilariously brilliant genre-loving/busting/crossing/redefining films Wright conjured with front men and co-creators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If you can, I *highly* recommend you grab some friends and commit to the triple feature. It is a joyful ride. Sitting down to watch these films is like when a friend would bike over to your place, ring your doorbell, and ask your mom or dad, "Can [your name here] come out and play?" And you can! It is a damn good time.

So! Your mission—and you SHOULD choose to accept it: see any and all of these movies this weekend if you can. They are Good.

That number again: Wright On! Edgar Wright and His Influences at the Brattle Theatre!

Keep on keepin' on~

P.S. If you'd be so good as to look beyond the weekend, you'll see that three badass cinema classics will be screening on Monday and Tuesday: CASABLANCA (bring your best gal or fella, and some tissues, cuz, umm, high pollen count, yeah), GASLIGHT (perhaps you want to send a message to your gal or fella? =), and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (in honor of Harper Lee's new novel, GO SET A WATCHMAN, which will be on sale after the screening at midnight).

And on Wednesday, Edgar Wright returns (for a couple of minutes) for the full GRINDHOUSE (aka PLANET TERROR + DEATH PROOF + trailers)!

Friday, May 01, 2015

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON rambling w *spoilers*

Unbuffered brain dump, post-AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, mostly comics nerdy bits, not so much on filmmaking and character dev…


What was that pool that Thor and Skaarsgard/Selvig visit? Looked like Selvig was carrying something resembling the Casket of Ancient Winters with him, no? The pool allows Thor to re-enter his dream/vision, the one that reveals the collection of the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet. The gauntlet is not something new in the MCU, tho. You'd think he'd recognize it, call it by name, what with it sitting in his father's vault, right?

Thanos end-credits scene. Is Thanos in the vault in the end-credits scene? Or has he fashioned his own?

I don't love that the Mind Gem turns out to be in Loki's scepter. It all fits together nicely except that it was in the presence of two Asgardians on Earth (Loki and Thor), and must have been described to if not seen by other Asgardians as well, without anyone guessing at its nature. Maybe a little more exposition would've helped sell it to me—something about the encasing gem/energy being designed to camouflage its true nature. There was *some* talk by Thor of how the Mind Gem's true power has not yet been released, but it was vague, warning of how dangerous it would be to have in the open.

It was a nice final piece of a Vision puzzle. I'm not sure how logical it is, but it's nice. I feel like there was a positive conflation of the Adam Warlock + Soul Gem into the origin of MCU's Vision. Does this mean there won't be an Adam Warlock? No soul gem? Was the Knowhere cocoon a pulsating red herring? Or perhaps rewritten as the chrysalis for some other cosmic super?

What’s the MCU calling the Infinity items? Stones? Gems? I feel like we might’ve heard each used in different movies. The comics use Gems.

Why do the Avengers use "enhanced" and the Agents use "powered." I prefer "enhanced." Unless you just use "power" as the noun, like in Bendis/Oeming's POWERS.

Joss. You had to kill Quicksilver. Dammit. That was nice. And you disarmed me so that I wasn't *looking* for it, just like w Coulson. I mean, I recognized the moment when it came, when Pietro sees Hawkeye in Ultron's sights, but I wasn't looking for it.

Nice. Heroic. Cool, even, if you will.

The updated roster: Cap, Widow, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision. Interrresting. I wonder how everyone will split come Civil War time.

I like that Vision saves the Witch when the city is in free fall. I also like that extra little look/cut to the Witch when the Vision first reveals himself. A little somethin’ somethin’…

A smart and strategic rewrite of Scarlet Witch's powers. She's more Jean Grey than Wanda Maximoff. No "chaos magic" (altho I always liked the idea of the probability-altering hex, despite being annoyed with the imaginary details of it =). TK and a kind of Danielle Moonstar-flavored telepathy, that works nicely.

I would've liked some exposition of Pietro's training or enhancement beyond speed. He seemed to be fine actually smashing his fists into Ultrons, not, like, taking them apart with a can opener, or shaking them to bits, y'know? His fists vs. flesh, or even body armor, hundreds of times a second, okay. Vs. titanium? Not so much okay.

I *love* that Thor and Cap did the "Liberty Bell" Mjolnir-on-Shield combo in the field! =)

Love love love that sword-from-the-stone Mjolnir contest, and the payoff with Vision (altho I'm still not sure what it means). The Vision is pure of heart? Something to do with Thor’s Asgardian energies helping with his creation? When he picks up the hammer, he isn’t imbued with Thor-ness the way you’d expect, a la Beta Ray Bill, Thor the Frog of Thunder, and the most recent incarnation of Thor from the comics.

I'm afraid I might have missed some line or two between Banner and Stark about the AI they discover and want to use as a basis for Ultron. What is its origin? Was it created by Strucker and Hydra? Was it being studied by them? O well, guess I'll have to see it again!

I felt like Ultron was built on an already existing consciousness. Something extraterrestrial. Got me thinking of a mad Spaceknight, or maybe even the Phalanx.

AGENTS OF SHIELD. Nice to see Segovia, Strucker, and List, dovetailing with the latest AGENTS OF SHIELD. Maybe a little clunkily. Was hoping to see Coulson on the bridge of the carrier, foo. In this week’s ep, Coulson says something like "Time to call in the Avengers" and that’s when in our heads, we should cut to AVENGERS 2, right? It happens. I guess thru Maria Hill, who along w Fury, must be keeping Coulson's new life a secret from the Avengers. Altho I do like to think that Thor knows and is keeping mum as well. I mean, Heimdal can see him. Sif's worked with the Agents (I can't remember what Sif agree to tell and not disclose).

My hope of seeing a possibly CG-d Spidey and Daredevil, protecting Hell's Kitcheners from Ultrons in Manhattan in the film—alas, not meant to be.

Nice to see Linda Cardelini in the MCU. The safe house was a good break geographically and cinematically for regrouping, for the characters and audience.

Interesting to hear Ultron talk about Scarlet Witch doing damage "from within." Hearing that played into my limited fanboy knowledge of Ultron's early plans involving Vision. Planting him among the Avengers, y'know? Got me thinking that the idea was to have Wanda and Pietro join the Avengers now (this movie?) to betray them later (a later movie?), in a long game/con sort of way. Alas, for pretty awesome or excellent, turns out he was using "from within" or "from inside" to refer to each Avenger's own minds and fears.

Spader was a great choice smarmy choice for Ultron's voice.

I appreciated the slight hints at Ultron's imprinting on his creator, Tony Stark. I might've liked it if that was pushed more, along w the father-son relationship (regularly used between Hank Pym and Ultron in the comics), but I also might've not have liked it. As it is, the way it was handled, it's definitely there for us to walk away with and play with as we like.

Thanos end-credits scene. As cliche as it would've been, I guess I've kinda been trained to expect that that mass of sculpted metal was gonna be a piece of Ultron (a la Terminator) and not the empty-gemmed Gauntlet. Having a piece of "live" Ultron collected by a baddie is something we can see later.

I *do* kind of like to think that the final encounter between Vision and Ultron might've been that scene. Vision, on the side of life, finds it abhorrent to exterminate Ultron. I think he might have absorbed his code or consciousness into some part of himself for imprisonment and safe-keeping. Not sure when he'd be useful again, but hey, if the Avengers face off against an enemy fleet, wouldn't it be nice to spike their network with some Ultron (who's maybe been converted to the church of Vision, maybe? =).

More crazy talk later, no doubt.

Keep on keepin' on~

Friday, April 10, 2015

12 MONKEYS: paradoxical rambling…

Gonna beb-bop and scat-a-ma-tat on the timey-wimey goodness of paradoxes as encountered in 12 MONKEYS so far…

Oh, hey. What was the title of that last episode again…?

Oh, right—”Pair o’ Docs!”

Ha! Nice one, Terry, Travis, and company. Gen-gen-gene-genio-genius. Loved the road movie buddy-doc feel of this team-up. =)


When an item or being from one moment in time is placed in close proximity to that same item from another moment in time, a reaction occurs. Having these two instances of the same item in the same time and place is an affront to the natural order. A paradox. The universe wants to resolve this paradox—interaction of a future instance with a past instance will change the experience of the future instance, creating a wack-a-mole causality loop (apologies, I'm pretty sure I'm misappropriating a phrase that otherwise does solid and respectable work in reality). Just sharing the same time causes some instability, but when two such instances come in contact with one another, Science happens! And *voila* the two items are destroyed / disintegrated and then reassembled to create one new original version of the item that will reconcile itself with the known/experienced past and future history of the item and a remainder of discarded bits (down to subatomic particles and history) are destroyed releasing a massive amount of energy.

Or something.

The watches. Cassandra's present-day 2015 watch and her future 2043 watch (taken by Cole from Cass's body) are placed in close proximity. The paradox reaction releases energy in light and some kind of explosion. We see everyone and everything except Cole slow down while he pulls a caffeinated Fry and rushes Cass to the relative safety of the hallway. Afterward, one watch remains.

The pendants. Tall Man's present-day 1995 pendant and his future 2043 pendant (given to Ramse by Jennifer) are placed in close proximity in the center of a garden. The paradox reaction releases energy in light and again in an explosive way (we see the trees bend to the pressure wave). No one seems to slow down (or speed up), altho it all seems to pass in "real time speed" relative to Olivia, Ramse, and Tall Man, so maybe all three of them are sped up or slowed down at the same rate. We know that Ramse has the serum in his blood. Olivia and Tall Man may have it in some form, injected or perhaps passed on down a bloodline. Afterward, one pendant remains.

Cole. James the Younger's present-day 2015 blood is injected into James the Elder's 2043-aged body. The paradox reaction releases energy in light and an explosive force (knocks down Tall Man and the Monkeys and blows out the windows of Cass's bookstore). We don't observe any wonkiness in the experience of time (slowdowns or speedups), but who knows what Cole was experiencing as he was being retconned? Afterward, one adult James Cole remains. I'm not certain of the why of it, but I suspect that in sorting thru the bits of younger and older Cole, the Universe discarded the serum and extrapolated from his DNA (cuz, why not?) what a healthy adult James should be like. And that's what was left deposited on the floor of Cass's bookshop. A newly minted James Cole, and naked as a Terminator, ladies!~

So, without the serum in his blood, he can't get yanked back to 2043. At least, not until he gets a hold of some of young Katarina's prototype.

Sadly, we know he's not around in 2017, when Cass leaves her message (when will they clean up that thing and play it back in its entirety?) and dies. Or, he's hiding somewhere nearby, ready for this visit from memory, having prepped Cass with a certain amount of knowledge/warning, too. And when his past self Splinters back to the future, he will inject Cass with an antitoxin for the toxin she'd been administering to herself to simulate the virus's symptoms, and she and Cole will get bonus lives from 2017 to 2043, working and living under aliases and changed appearances until AFTER 2043, when they can step out from behind the curtains of Jennifer's Daughters' nomadic culture and get back in the game in the open.

Or something completely different…

A kee-razy thing I'm hoping for is that the older Cole, now living forward from 2015, will surprise his past Splintering self on that visit. *THAT* would be a timeline-busting paradox! A universe-in-which-the-game-is-being-played-changer! Maybe it will be a reset that will save the actually plagued Cass? Maybe it will cleanse the world (or the immediate area) of the virus? Maybe it'll just blow Cole into an alternate, parallel universe, and the paradoxical remains will be a virus-infected husk, slingshot back in time to a cave in the Himalayas…

Or something…

Question: What are the limits/rules regarding what a Splinterer can have in his inventory while skipping across time? Size? Mass? Organic vs. inorganic? A force field extending so many millimeters from the surface of his/her body?

Question: Did the Cosmos force Jones to forget her encounter with Cass and James in 2015? Or did that meeting not happen the first time? But then, what happened instead of that encounter that led to her keeping Hannah?

Question: Did the Cosmos force James to forget his encounter with Cass, James the Elder, and the death of his father? Allowing him only flashes we saw in his visions? Or did he get these flashes because of his unique status as a chrononaut? Did he live through a childhood in which he never met his older self, Cassie, or Katarina? Never saw the Tall Man execute his father? I like that idea. Cole says that Katarina will always have will have had to come, but maybe not, right? I love that we can't be sure from inside the story. I do love a good time travel yarn. =)

The universe doesn't only deal with matter in the moment. It's dealing with matter across its "lifetime." In a… meaningful way. The universe / cosmos / time seems to have a will or judgment. If it was just physics as we know it, it would be about the same subatomic particles meeting themselves from different times. But it "knows" that young James's blood in the syringe is connected to adult James's life. With the watch and the pendant, those are fixed, static objects, but Cole is a living breathing creature, composed of cells that live and die and decompose into molecules that are then reconstituted in the soil, other plants, other creatures, and maybe even flung into outer space. Odds are, no atom of young James's blood is actually in old James's body.

Randomish tangent to one of those questions that's like a lesson, y'know? You have a car, every part of it breaks down and gets replaced over time, and it looks the same, runs the same, feels the same. In the end, is it still the same car?

Oh, oh oh oh oh! I’ve got another 12 MONKEYS jokette for you… Ready?

When Cole lands in 2015 for the second time, he finds a note in his jacket pocket. Placed there by someone before he Splintered out of 2043. What did it say?

No time for love.
             —Dr. Jones.

Keep on keepin on~

Friday, April 03, 2015

12 MONKEYS : Why join the Army?

Why become part of a group that seeks to wipe most of humanity from the Earth?

Have we heard any Army of the 12 Monkeys propaganda yet? I feel like I'm imprinting from other sources (the film and other superfun eschatological storylines) a manifesto that involves restoring a balance to the planet's ecology, one that human beings have been upsetting with unchecked population grown and the exploitation of resources required to support it. Reduced for fun semantics, the Earth is the host and humankind the virus. The plague, then, is a cure.

I'll buy that as the pitch given to recruit true-believer footsoldiers (I'm not sure we've seen any, mercs will work for $$), but I've got to believe there's more to it than that for an Inner Circle / upper Monkeys management. I suppose Tall Man does seem to be a legit horticultural enthusiast, though, right?

I'm definitely not convinced that Olivia would be into it. She's committed to a mission, as far as plague-starting goes, but what's really in it for her? She describes a plan that her father had for her, along with a thing in a box that came with instructions…

The only thing in a box we're familiar with so far is the Annapurna Remains, but that's only been in a box since the 80s. Unless—whoa!—was it excavated and found in that cryotank? That would be pretty awesome, but also a ridiculous thing for the Yakuza (or anyone) to overlook in a sales pitch, right? Oh, something that kinda bugged me: if the Yakuza didn't know about the virus, how would they know that a frozen rotting corpse would be valued at half a million dollars? Perhaps a little bird named Olivia told them, following the gospel of Ramse?

Hrm… Could she be referring to herself? Was SHE the thing in a box? An slowly aging time traveler like Ramse, but transported without knowing? Sedated and/or on life support? Could Olivia be…

Hannah? Launched in a cryotank by Katarina into the past in the hopes that Splinter serum + Splinter process would supercharge her system enough to defeat the virus and live out her life in the past?

Who would be Olivia's father? Someone who communicates with Jones by leaving messages/signs in the present/past that she uncovers in the future? I've been hoping to have a connection like that revealed at some point.

Wait—What was I talking about? Oh! Right. The plague. Why would anyone want to release such a thing Where's the advantage? Some possibilities…
  1. 1. Protected bloodlines. The Army has engineered the virus to ignore those w certain genetic markers, those belonging to members, agents, and benefactors of the Army, to spare them and their posterity. We've seen that the immune produce immune offspring (Sam Ramse).

    This idea falls apart when you factor in the mutating nature of the virus. Maybe the Army didn't plan on it? Could Peters have added it as a poison pill? But Cole and Cass have been telling anyone who'll listen that it mutates. Could it be that the Army wouldn't believe them?

    Seems unlikely. So, not part of the Army's plan. However, a promise of such engineering would be a good way to sell the plague's development to certain parties (like Goines and Markridge), so maybe the initial iteration *is* designed to protect certain bloodlines, but successive mutations roll the dice.

    So, this could be a false pretense advantage, another part of the means to some greater, so far unknown, end…
  2. The aftermath of the plague is an environment that produces something unique: successful time travel. In this scenario, the virus (and death of billions) is a means to the end of time travel, and at least one specific Splinter into the past that enables Something Important to happen. Something on the order of the extinction of the dinosaurs and an ice age.

    So, before the plague, Project Splinter was in development, but doomed to failure or incompletion. Perhaps they didn't have the right minds or resources and/or funding was cut. Whatever the circumstances, it was a dead end, decommissioned, mothballed. Then along comes the plague, which triggers the execution of Spearhead protocols, followed by Foster's coup and Jones's revival and completion of Project Splinter.
  3. Paradise / Utopia. Perhaps humanity rebuilds civilization sometime beyond 2043, in a benevolent and near-perfect fashion. And the only way that it could have come about was in the aftermath of the purge brought on by the virus. If NOT for the virus, humanity's unchecked growth would have led to the destruction of our ecosystem and the extinction of humanity, whether by war, plague, or hunger. The virus allows humanity to reboot and rebuild, correcting for the errors of pre-21st century society.

    So perhaps this is what drives the Army's Inner Circle. They may not live to participate in it, but if they don't manipulate events to release the virus, no man or woman ever will.

    Olivia's mentioned "the twelve," and when she has, I certainly don't think "monkeys." She's talking about people. Peters tried to clue us in a little…

    PETERS: They kept talking about the Messengers. Part of their plan… The Twelve.

    Twelve emissaries from the future?

Basically, I like to think that these trips, these loops, that Cole, and now Ramse, are creating, connecting 2043 and 1987 and back, are concentric. The innermost rings of a larger pattern of circles and trips, ultimately ending in some great payoff or return for our players and humanity. But will that payoff be worth it if it means that it is Fated, that no one living within these loops truly has any freedom or free will? Does it matter?

Maybe the story really begins when someone—Cassie? Cole? AARON? =) —says F-U to Fate and posterity and promise. Amerca!

I do love this show. Or maybe the one in my head. Whichever. =)

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. If you haven't watched it, see THE WORLD'S END. Why? Oh, no reason.

P.P.S. Also, maybe CABIN IN THE WOODS. And ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and/or L.A. =)