Sunday, February 15, 2015

12 MONKEYS : 01x05 : The Night Room

I do like a time travel story, and *love* one that plays with the possibilities in clever *and* consistent ways, so of course I am loving 12 MONKEYS on SyFy. The show is taking the source material/jumping-off point of the film and LA JETEE and going to some very dark and fun places. Gotta say, tho, after this latest episode ("The Night Room"), I might actually be a little annoyed at all the great possibilities. =)

Spoilery spoiling spoilers follow!

Some thoughts that occurred to me In the course of "The Night Room"…
  1. The precursor is the body of a modern-day victim of a legit ancient virus (which is what Tall Man seems to claim). Something that was sequestered from the rest of the world in an antarctic ice or some undersea cavern or maybe a bubble of air preserved in hardened volcanic ash or lava, uncovered by a scientist or explorer?
  2. The precursor is the time-travel-shredded body of one of Katrina pre-Cole Splinter subjects, presumably immune to the virus, but perhaps still a carrier? Although it seems there's no concern for Cole being a carrier, right? Do they de-con Cole before he Splinters? Or maybe the virus is actually no longer around, having killed all of its potential hosts? Or maybe the virus don't survive a Splinter event? Maybe that wasn't true of earlier Splinter attempts, though. Okay, there are detaily problems w this, but I kind of like it for the horror paradox of it.
  3. The precursor is Cole's body, which would mean that the Night Room is his final resting place. Remember Jennifer's obsession with Cole's "otter eyes?" We also get to hear Jennifer comment on how she hates the way the precursor looks at her. I like the idea that she's talking about the same eyes, as horrible as the implications of that may be. When the precursor was wheeled out of the vault, Cole seemed to have a physical reaction to it. Again, it could have been a pre-Splinter snapback wave of discomfort, but hey—maybe not. Maybe it was the pain felt when someone encounters himself while time traveling, specifically, his deceased and chemically preserved self.
  4. The Witness is one of Katrina's pre-Cole Splinter subjects. Someone who survived the process but never returned. Perhaps someone who was driven insane by the experience. The Witness knows the history of the future and for whatever reason is determined to ensure it unfolds as he remembers.
  5. The Witness is a future Cole, driven somewhat mad (madder?) by repeated failures to change the future. It could be that the Witness might yet become the precursor (#3) as well. Another horror-ible possibility. In any case, I'm 90% certain the Witness is a Splintered individual, and maybe 5% certain that it's someone that Cole meets in the past—his personal future, a 1987 Splinter has yet to happen, remember?—to whom he gives, or is forced to give, intel about the apocalyptic future.
Some thoughts that occurred to me at/on the ending of "The Night Room"…
  1. Cole has Splinter-returned significantly later (weeks/months) than when he Splinter-departed. Pretty straightforward, if a bit aggravating. The core's power has dropped below Splinter initialization levels (but apparently, not return levels), which might have made the installation more vulnerable to another attack by West 7. Maybe this will be good for another more action-packed episode, but I really hope we and Cole haven't lost something like a year.

    Will Katrina tell him it was the booze?
  2. Cole, Cassie, and Jennifer's burning of the precursor in the past actually changed the future, but only relatively slightly. Cole felt *something* after stepping out of the vault, right? Sure, it could easily be the weirdness he feels that precedes a Splinter snapback, but maybe it was a kink in a rewriting of his personal history. This would be *extremely* important, because it's actual 12 MONKEYS universe proof that the future can be changed. The previous episode involved some wonderful time hopping strategy, but did not necessarily change any events, right? It's that experiences of pre-short-Splinter Cole and post-short-Splinter Cole dovetailed (and very nicely! =).
I thought that Katrina (and maybe all of the Splinter group's staff) went by false or altered names in order to prevent Cole from accidentally, or intentionally, messing with their younger selves or pre-histories in any way. Was a little surprised to hear Katrina give up her maiden name and some personal info during the end-of-the-timeline drinks do. But she's no dummy. It makes me think that Cole is meant to seek her young self out on one of his Splinters, perhaps to give or leave her a clue that helps her in some mundane way, or maybe to survive the fall of civilization, and end up where she needs to be for the Splinter project.

Another thought… Jennifer met a future Cole in her childhood, maybe infancy. He protects her from something, befriends/charms her while doing it, and she holds a memory of his "otter eyes" from their interaction, but is not old enough to retain his face or name.

I was a bit surprised at how "well" Cassie took the news of Henri's death by Cole's hand. I get that she's got more than a tough skin when it comes to matters of life and death thanks to her CDC field experience, but still, a surprising lack of outrage. She says she can never be what Cole is, but maybe she had to be at one point? Or almost did, and couldn't make the call? Perhaps that will be in a story we have yet to see.

I'm waiting for a Splinter that sends Cole to a time between Splinters we've already experienced, where a future Cole tips a past Cassie off to something that a past Cole experiences or does. This, of course, would come with instructions for Cassie to not reveal anything of that jump to past Coles until after a certain date. Who knows? Maybe future Cole tells Haiti Cassie to get Henri to wear a bullet-proof vest? Or exactly where to be in order to save Henri after he's been shot and Henri-shooting Cole leaves?

Yeah, crazy talk. I do love having fun with time travel. =)

Make history.

Keep on keepin on~

Monday, January 12, 2015

AGENT CARTER: Crazy talk =)

Here it mostly is — a brain dump of crazy talk notions inspired by a couple of random words here and there in the pilot of AGENT CARTER last week! *not* a summary or critique of the episode but yes, full of *** spoilers *** ! Enjoy the madness!

Leet Brannis?

What kind of name is that?! Pretty frickin conspicuous, no? Well, anagrammatically, I like SILENT BRANE, and SILBERTANNE certainly has its dark connection to the era, but a google will reveal that it's a deep callback to Marvel Comics of the 1940s. Fraindeer Games's character is named for the leader of a gang of jewel thieves who went up against the Whizzer in an issue of ALL-WINNERS. I wonder who on the CARTER staff had that awesome bit of Marvel minutiae in his/her pocket. So, okay, an impressive callback.

But who's to say that's all it is or does? I mean, look at that frickin name! My first thought was to try to parse it as leetspeak/hax0r, but after a few minutes of trying character substitutions, I couldn't come up w anything sensible. Maybe there's a date or coordinates in "BRANNIS" but it seems unlikely. Character substitutions got me more slashes than numbers. Seems like a dead end. Still, I'd love to be wrong, tho, and have this choice of name/codename be a sign of knowledge, contact, or an origin in the future (our present, in which leetspeak exists).
My next thought was that it's an anagram. But at the level that military intelligence, secret agents, and industrial spies play, it doesn't seem like a credible hidden clue or message (except maybe for us, the audience). So, it got me to SILENT BRANE and SILBERTANNE, but I dismissed it in favor of a funner possibility…

Attempting to imagine Leet Brannis is Le'et Bran'nis, of the Shi'Ar, or Lee-T Bran-Nis of the Kree, or perhaps (pretty pretty please) Leet Brannis of Atlantis! =)

Agents of Leviathan.

Okay, SBD (Silent But Deadly, aka the guy in the green suit, the assassin on Leet's trail) works for Leviathan. Leet *used to* work for Leviathan. Both exhibit the scarring of an apparent laryngotomy. In the course of a fight w Agent Carter, SBD survived a fall out a building window onto a city street or alley from several stories up. So, maybe he's more than your average voice-box-less Earthican? Still, he's not invincible, as we see later that his left arm is broken.

Leviathan sent Brannis to rob Howard Stark's vault, presumably to deliver its contents to them. However, Leet has double-crossed them. Or at least has opted to make a bit more on the side for himself, choosing to put at least one bad baby (Molecular Nitramene/implosion grenade tech) up for sale. Can't remember exactly when, but at one point Leet humbly describes himself as a simple businessman just trying to make his mark, also mentioning that he's not a killer, but does business with them. He's afraid of Leviathan, but not so afraid that he won't challenge them. Apparently, he believes that Agent Carter and the SSR are capable of protecting him from Leviathan, as he asks her for just that. Unfortunately, Carter and the SSR don't get the chance, as SBD catches up to them and forces events that lead to Leet's death. The last thing Brannis tells Carter is in the form of a drawing he scratches in the dirt—what appears to be a heart, intersected horizontally by a wavy line. I *swear* this is familiar to me, but I canNOT remember how/why. His artificial voice box smashed, Leet can't explain what it means before he dies, but we're meant to believe that this is connected to what he left unspoken earlier: the one thing that Leviathan is interested in.

More than a laryngotomy?

Okay, so our Leviathan agents have lost their voices. They have access to some unusual tech, including the Fringe typewriter adapter, and likely whatever machinery it took to reach Howard Stark's vault. Maybe they're a little more resilient than the average human, too.

What if that scar was the physical sign of a much more involved procedure? Something that together with the vocoder device GAVE Leet and SBD voices they never had before? What if they'd been altered more significantly, to help them draw oxygen from the air, when most of their lives they'd been drawing it from ocean water? Throw in a full body skin bleaching treatment and I'm talking about modifying Atlanteans to pass for and survive (and communicate) as surface world humans!

Think about it. Code name: Leviathan—a giant sea beasty! With the industrial age and war production of the surface world, the oceans would be significantly affected by artificial pollution for the first time in history. World War 2 sea battles could have been responsible for untold undersea collateral damage. And the two atomic bombs that ended the war in the Pacific? An undersea civilization with advanced (or even comparable/parallel) technology is not going to miss those.

Yeah, it may be crazy talk, but I love the possibilities in it. We don't have to bring Namor in. Maybe Attuma. Start Atlantis with a true warlord in charge. Maybe bring Namor in as a moderate, ready to talk or negotiate? Although… When does atomic bomb testing in the Pacific begin? Perhaps that is the cover for a crippling attack on an Atlantean civilization that had negotiated a peace, but the surface world found too threatening. Secret history!

Oh oh oh! Maybe it wasn't a legit surface world government or coalition, but Hydra! Working thru its many heads, or is it legs? No, heads. Whichever. you know what I mean.

Something Leet said… Fight the Future?

"You're not going to like the future, such as it is…" Interesting choice of words. Cryptic… Big Picture-y… One reading is that he believes that Leviathan's "coming" specifically will bring some kind of ominous doom, if not for everyone, then at least for Agent Carter and her side/kind (America? the SSR? the Good Guys?). Another reading is that Leet actually knows what the future is/will be like, and that Agent Carter won't like it.

Of course my comic book brain wants to read everything possible into THAT. =)

Perhaps Leet is from the future, and Leviathan is based there, sending agents back in time to ensure that certain events in the past lead to a Leviathan-favorable future. But Leet turns out to be a non-believer and opportunist, and once he finds himself in 1940s America, he realizes that he could set himself up very comfortably for the rest of his life in this past. His profiteering ends up derailing Leviathan's apparent plan to exclusively control Stark's bad babies and discredit the man, and perhaps destroy his legacy, in the process.

Such a plot, originating in the future, would point to present-day enemies of Tony Stark, no? And, by identity and association, Iron Man, the Avengers, and perhaps SHIELD. That is a pretty tantalizing idea, especially given that AGENT CARTER is currently airing in AGENTS OF SHIELD's time slot until they return to finish season 2. *I* think that it would be great if the wrap-up to CARTER in the 40s leaves/connects to a legacy that the present day agents of SHIELD are dealing with.

Some reminders to myself… To the best of my AOS recollection, at the time of AGENT CARTER…
  1. Whitehall is locked away.
  2. Hydra is playing dead (Zola is working for deep dark SSR).
  3. The Obelisk and blue boy are in storage w the Ark of the Covenant.
Some more reminders to myself… To the best of my AOS recollection, as of the mid-season finale of AGENTS, the following hot items are in play…
  1. A hidden subterranean city below Puerto Rico.
  2. Kree tech and genetics.
  3. Inhumanity (terrigenesis triggered by the Obelisk in the hidden city chamber).
And, a wonderful wild card that I'm kind of happy and amazed has been kept in play in AGENT CARTER…

Vita-radiation! As far as I can recall, we have no stories as to its origin/discovery. What if its origin is extraterrestrial? Perhaps that fact is unknown even to its discoverer (was it Erskine)? Maybe a patron who knew of its ET origin gifted a scientist or several scientists w the opportunity to work with it? In any case, I'm glad this wild card is in play. It gives me some comic booky hope that we'll see something superpowered in Carter's case files. If not fully realized in that era, then maybe later in the MCU.

Do we know how old the MCU's Nick Fury is? =)

Keep on keepin on~

Thursday, January 08, 2015

AGENT CARTER: Who is Leet Brannis?

The Internette tells me that Leet Brannis is a name pulled from ALL-WINNERS in the 40s, the leader of a gang of thieves who faced the Whizzer back in the day. Okay, that's all fine and good as a callback, but in the world of AGENT OF CARTER, what else/more could Fraindeer Games's* Leet Brannis be about?

Well, me being me, of course I've got a couple of poppy Marvel Comics-y crazy talk ideas about Leet Brannis, but I haven't got those turds properly polished just yet. However, along the way, I ended up internet-anagram-solving my way to this one frickin dark, but apparently contemporary connection that I'm gonna share right now…

Anagrammatically," Leet Brannis" equals "Silbertanne," which translates to "Silver Fir" in German. Operation Silbertanne was the codename for a series of executions during the German occupation of the Netherlands, Nazi reprisals for attacks made on Dutch collaborators. Triggermen posed as resistance members, clothed as civilians and using British weapons.

Could Leet have been part of the operation and wished to (somehow, perhaps impossibly) make amends? Or known of it but was powerless to stop it? Or perhaps he chose this name/codename as a morbid reminder of a vicious enterprise whose victims (his own family?) he felt he would be avenging?

Pretty frickin dark, right? Would certainly offer some heavy backstory very quickly.

My escapist fantasy mind has still got my fingers crossed for a connection that's more otherworldly and science fictional. We shall see…

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. Who thinks that Sousa pulled the one photo that caught Carter's face at Spider's club? Nice to see another Doll cross over into the MCU.

P.P.S. Some other anagrams of "Leet Brannis":

Lesbian Rent
Blaster Nine
Al Bernstein
Silent Brane

I really like Silent Brane, which to me unscientifically implies a soundless dimension or 'verse, but haven't let myself drop down that rabbit hole… yet. =)

Please let me know if you dig up any fun connections in those directions, tho—thx!

* My first lasting impression of James Frain was made on screening the wonderful ridiculous action caper REINDEER GAMES. =)

Thursday, October 09, 2014

THE FLASH: I'm in!

Some rambling on the pilot of the new FLASH tv show. Beware of show and comic book continuity (pre-new-52) spoilers!

First off, I discovered the Flash kind of late in my comic book reading career. Most of the Flash books I collected as they were published were of Wally West, the once Kid Flash. I think the only "live" Barry Allen books I picked up were right in time to see him do his thing in CRISIS, which, of course, was amazing. I love/hate that I can be suckered into caring about a character that way. =)

I learned about the Flash's exploits in mostly flashbacks and through the eyes and shared history of other characters. His Rogue's Gallery was such a brilliant concept to me. A bunch of villains and this speedster hero who have that Ralph Wolf-Sam Sheepdog relationship with each other. It's not a league or legion or society, it's a club, and sure, they're criminals, bad guys, but, I dunno, they've got a code, right? At least, y'know, until the recent modern Villains United or whatever era.

Anyhow, with the CRISIS events as my intro, I've always had a special place in my fanboy heart for Barry Allen. Even more than Superman, I think of him as a Good Guy. Maybe it's because he starts out as a regular old Earthican, human, and a decent one. He's a scientist. He has a true love. He works for the police. And the perfect little character creating creative capper—he's always late. Heh.

So, I've basically been in this show's corner since I saw young Barry introduced in ARROW last year, and thought it was done quite well. He gets to tell the Arrow to wear a mask. Pairing these two together in the evolving DC TV universe is a pretty great idea. It's a Batman-Superman dynamic but without the weight-slash-baggage of those franchises, y'know?

Allright, enough pre-amble… Heh. Amble. Flash. No? Just me, then. Okay gonna go thru some remarks and reactions that hit me while watching the show…

Henry Allen (Barry's dad) is played by the "original" Flash! That is, from the 80s(90s?) TV show that I actually loved (altho, to be honest, I can't remember a single storyline or villain from it). John Wesley Shipp. I was actually really pleased just to see him back on television as Dawson's dad on the CREEK, so you can imagine how much more excited I was to see him back in the Flash's world. Love a good (and watchable) callback! =)

I *loved* the visual design of the earlier FLASH series. I felt like it was an attempt to plant the Flash in a Central City that Tim Burton's Bruce Wayne could visit, y'know? Dark, visually comic book stylized, but a different kind of urban. What IS Central City supposed to be? ARROW's Star City is Boston. Central could be… Frack, I really don't know—Hartford? Bleah. I forget, do the cities share a bridge in the comics? I'd love for DC, and maybe DC TV and DC film, if they're different, to give us maps of their universes' cities on the globe.

That storm of lightning surrounding Barry's mom. Yellow and red figures moving at super-speed and crackling with energy. Seems like we're looking at Zoom/Reverse Flash, maybe actually in combat with the Flash, both transported back in time to that moment from sometime in the future. Cool cool coolio.

Interrresting… They're going kinda "SHERLOCK" with Barry's CS-eyes. I wonder how that'll work at high speed. Would be interesting to see it at work in both Flash-perspective (everything slowed down) and bystander-perspective (everything a blur), if possible.

Iris: "Your sad little nerdy dream." Nice to push the nerd thing, in case watchers have trouble buying this actor as the nerdy type. He's not the cliche 98-pound weakling, he's the person who's really into the things he's into, and those things happen to include particle accelerators.

So Iris works at a coffee shop called Jitters. Heh.

Harrison Wells? Hrm… I don't match the name to a character in my memory, but I'm wondering if he's one of the sciencey types who works with Wally when they really try to break down the science of his abilities. If I remember correctly-ish, some of that study/research results in the (temporary? short-lived?) creation of some new speedsters.

Played by "Ed." Always liked him. So, he'll probably turn out to be Zoom. Or one *a* Zoom?

How far *is* Central City from Star(ling) City?

Hrm… Who's the white-haired guy Barry runs into? Will have to give this another viewing sometime.

Oh, HERE's our Zoom! Eddie Thawne, transfer from Keystone. How did no one actually refer to him as "Keystone Cop?" Or did I miss that? Perhaps he's not Zoom, but a Zoom ancestor?

Am I mixing up Zoom and Reverse-Flash from the comics? Frack. I need more RAM.

Callback to Wally West's FLASH—LINDA PARK reporting!

Barry's father Henry is a doctor. Mother's name is Nora. I'm assuming this is consistent w Barry's comic book incarnation. For a fan of the Flash, I'm pretty crap at remembering the details, eh?

Red and green lights on the Mardon brothers' escape plane seem conspicuously bright, no? Just some Flash/Arrow color motif. Mardon… Mardon… Which of the Rogue's Gallery is he? Were there brothers? Knocked out of the sky by a funky energy shockwave, eh? One or both of these guys is definitely gonna walk or fly or reflect his way back from the apparently dead as a super baddie.

I wonder how this version of the Flash's origin (lightning hit in the lab) differs from the one we saw in ARROW. I *loved* seeing that last year =)

Nice—a spark from his foot thru the sole of his shoe while on the gurney…

9 months later…? Interrresting… An incubation period of sorts. Reborn.

"Poker Face?" Really? Well, Lady Gaga *is* a nerdy girl…

Flash's Scoobies! Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow of STAR labs. I forget, how much screen time did they have in ARROW last season?

"Lightning gave me abs?" Heh. Nice. Cellular regeneration as part of his super speed metabolism. Interrresting… Looking forward to seeing him order everything on the menu at a diner to fuel all that. =)

GRODD! Wow! Hrm…

Anomaly. Who or what is the anomaly? Zoom? The Flash himself? Some blast of energy traveling back in time from the wake of a future Crisis?

Is that what we'll be calling the particle accelerator incident/malfunction/blast? The Anomaly?

Detective Joe West and daughter Iris.

Can't quite make it out, but is the Jitter logo the Flash's logo? I'm seeing red and gold.

Mardon—the Weather Wizard!

I thought it was clever when they did it in SMALLVILLE, but I'm not sure how I feel about it here in THE FLASH. Tying the hero's origin event to the origin of almost all of his villains. Yes, it works, and it's a smart, strategic storytelling and world-creating move, but, well, I hope we see some non-accelerator-babies sooner rather than later.

Actually, if we mix a little particle accelerator with some Vertigo from ARROW, we might get a legit Count Vertigo! That would be a good reason for a team-up.

Ick. In the 9 months that Barry's been out, has Iris started dating Thawne? Guess the incubation period was good for moving several plot threads along.

Detective Chyre… Shot and killed by the Mardons. On the night of the Anomaly. Hrm… Is Chyre from the comics? Maybe he comes back. Whose rogues gallery does Solomon Grundy belong to?

Hrm… Looks like Barry's got the original Barry's version of speed. Haven't seen him binge to refuel the way Wally did. Maybe he's processing some other energy? I wonder if the writers think that TV audiences can handle the Speed Force as a concept? Probably not necessary. Maybe they'll introduce a side effect to his power via conservation of energy. Every time he speeds, he draws energy from somewhere or somewhen else. I think that was a New52 plot, right? Could work, but would be a shame to limit his abilities like that. Maybe they can science-fix it, but replace it with binging. =)

"You're not a hero. You're just a young man who was struck by lightning."

The Arrow speechifies, and I am totally buying it. =)
I don't think that bolt of lightning struck you. I think it chose you.
You can be better. Because you can inspire people in a way that I never could… Watching over your city like a guardian angel, making a difference, saving people, in a flash…
Take your own advice. Wear a mask.
Brave and the Bold?

Interrresting… Flash is already unmasked before Detective West. AND he gets the guilt trip/order regarding keeping the secret from Iris to protect her. I missed any courtship ceremony between Barry and Iris in the comics, so this should be (appropriately painfully) fun. Will be cool to see what move or moment ends up casting Barry in a different, romantic light for Iris.

"You *did* see something the night your mom died… And you're dad *is* innocent."

I'm not sure that I follow Detective West's logic. I'd love for him to have had a previously inexplicable encounter with the weird in his past that helps him make the leap. Maybe something he saw during the investigation into Nora Allen's death? Or something in the nine months since the anomaly that connects? In either/any case, something he dismissed as impossible or a figment of his imagination.

Whoa… Time-traveling Flash phantasm, a la Crisis?

Speaking of… The future headlines that Harrison Wells reviews at the end of the episode…
April 25, 2024.
FLASH MISSING, VANISHES IN CRISIS! (Complete with what looks to me like a photo homage to the Flash cover of FINAL CRISIS =)
Yeah, I'm totally in. =)

Keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GOTG: Who's your daddy? 'Hawk vs. 'Fox…

Some rambling on the paternity of Star-Lord. Specifically a rundown/comparison of two other Marvel Star-men: Starhawk vs. Starfox.


In the Marvel Universe, Starhawk is a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, based in the 31st century, and so, a teammate of the MU's Yondu. He was born in the 21st century and thanks to a unique genealogy (father: human Protector of the Universe, Quasar / mother: artificial life form and sister to Adam Warlock, Kismet) and the gifts of an Arcturian cosmic Hawk God is gifted with extremely long life, enhanced senses, strength, flight, and energy manipulation abilities. He also possesses a form of precognition which is said to be a result of his living his life over and over again, with variations. This ability is the reason for his alias, "The One Who Knows," which he gives himself and uses ad nauseam. Sound like anyone we know in GOTG? =)

Anyhow, Starhawk's appearance, associations, and abilities all match the paternity data we're given in GOTG.
  1. Mama Quill compares Peter to his father—an angel, composed of pure light (paraphrased). Which works poetically and/or literally.
  2. Yondu and Starhawk are known associates.
  3. It's easy to imagine space biker gang president Yondu thinking of a nerdy precog Starhawk as "a jackass."
  4. It's also easy to see how Mama Quill would choose "Star-Lord" as a pet name for Peter given Starhawk's appearance and pedigree.
Of course, the details of an MCU Starhawk won't match the MU's. MCU's Yondu is certainly a gritty departure. Yondu was hired to bring Peter to Starhawk, but on an impulse (apparently) decides to initiate him into his gang and raise him as a Ravager. Presumably, this is not all that uncommon a Ravager practice. Now, we know the Ravager code is what it is, but if Peter's father could contact and contract Yondu, he could certainly find him again to follow up, right? So, what kind of B.S. explanation does Yondu give? Bailed on the job cuz Terra's too far? Accidentally airlocked him on the way back? Threw him back cuz he was too small? I don't think it matters, cuz either Yondu is in cahootz w Starhawk and following his instructions, motivated by a "Boy Named Sue" kinda impulse ("Yondu, I want you to pick up my son and raise him among your Ravagers. Try not to get him killed."), or Starhawk knew that Yondu would shanghai Peter and his life as a Ravager is part of a long-game plan. If he hadn't been a Ravager, on the trail of the Orb, Bad Things would have happened, right?

The trickiest/most interesting thing will be how he ends up siring Peter in the first place. The MU's origin of Peter Quill has his Spartoi father actually falling in love with Meredith Quill while he's stranded on Earth, right? So, perhaps Starhawk does the same, having crash-landed, stopped to regenerate, or perhaps looking to hide out on a backwater planet from enemies or authorities. Or, perhaps he gets himself there because he has a precog flash that it's where he's supposed to be, and, he falls for the Earthwoman who becomes Peter's mom.

But why does he leave? It *seems* like he doesn't run out on Mama Quill, because she tells Peter that his grandpa will take care of him until his father returns for him, as if there's a plan. Or maybe Mama's decided to give Peter a Story about his father, something to hope for and look forward to until he realizes that he doesn't need him anyway, because he's a no-good absentee deadbeat dad of a space Casanova.

Which brings me to another fun possibility…


I dismissed him pretty quickly when I first considered him, basically on his, well, lame-ness. What does Starfox (as we know him in the MU) bring to the table? On his own, he's more adventurer than hero, a good time is more appealing to him than a good cause, y'know? That'll happen when you're Eros, an Eternal of Titan and brother of Thanos. I always thought that sibling-wise, he was a really poor counterbalance to Thanos in powerset, if not philosophy, but maybe that's the point. And if you want to think of Starfox as *part* of a check on Thanos, the gap between them is filled by so many other characters—Captain Marvel, Drax, Adam Warlock, Moondragon, and so on—it's actually more fun and interesting this way.

I haven't kept close tabs on Starfox in the MU, but I seem to recall a reference to his power of persuasion (aka pelvic sorcery) finally landed him in some hot water with authorities on some planet or another. He's got the suite of Eternal power boosts, strength, durability, flight, and spaceworthiness, but he also gets to mess with other sentients' pleasure centers, and he doesn't have any trouble taking advantage of that ability. So, last I sorta-knew, he was keeping a lot profile somewhere in space. With all his dalliances, I don't recall reading of anyone stepping up to claim him as their father. Maybe he's shooting space-blanks? I think part of the recent Infinity storyline was about Thanos tracking down all his bastard children and eliminating them, right? Geez, Thanos has got more kids than Eros? Wack.

Anyhow, Starfox, an Eternal of Titan gifted with this power of persuasion, could definitely be described as an angel and full of light by anyone who was under his spell. If it *is* Starfox, I would kind of like him to be an opportunistic jackass, and as awful as it is, I think having him be a whirlwind affair for Mama Quill would make sense. Under his spell, she would only think the best of him, and believe everything he says and promises. So, perhaps he parties with her for a week or a month, on and off Earth, and when he learns or detects that Earth is on its way to being marked as ready for a higher form of war—maybe he runs afoul of SHIELD in the 70s?—he skedaddles to avoid the notice of his brother, who perhaps has killed every other Titanic Eternal long ago. Cuz, y'know… Thanos. That could partly explain why he might be such a jerk of a Casanova.

* Having Peter's dad be an Eternal of (some) Titan and brother to Thanos is disappointing to me because it punches a big hole in my personal favorite MCU Thanos origin theory, but, to be fair, the theory *is* a bit Earthican-egotistic, and would probably end up putting Earth in a lot of cosmic crosshairs if it all came out.

More later if I can find the time and fanboy gray matter…

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Friday, August 08, 2014

GOTG: What does the 'Fox say?

The following is a ramble in which I sort of "walk-and-talk thru" the Starfox option. Maybe some detail-spoilers from the movie, but mostly just nerdy Marvel Universe (comics) talk. Not quite final or buttoned up, but hopefully I'll revisit before the second movie hits theaters. =)

Still, let me play Starfox out a bit more… If Eros is the brother of Thanos in the MCU I think his power set and levels would have to be pumped up. I always thought he was shortchanged in the MU as Thanos's brother. Sure, I get the Thanos/Eros dichotomy, but man, one becomes the champion and consort of Death, the other plays space-adventuring Casanova?

Eros should be pumped up as a champion of Life, someone/thing akin to Mar-Vell or Adam Warlock, y'know? Of course, Adam's cocoon in the Collector's Collection would indicate that the MCU doesn't need another Adam Warlock-type. but let's assume that cocoon doesn't hatch anytime soon. Or maybe that it houses The Magus, who is actually a non-Thanos opposite to Eros, not Adam.

Okay, so Eros's space philandering leads him to spend time on Earth in the 70s. He falls hard for Mama Quill and they make a home together until he learns that his brother has destroyed his homeworld (called Titan, but not Saturn's moon, somewhere farther aspace) and killed most if not all of their family. He knows Mama Quill is pregnant, but to protect her, their unborn child, and the Earth he has to leave and go into hiding. He promises to return when it's safe and do whatever he can to care for their child when he can.

So, thanks to his cosmic senses, champion of life Eros would know when Mama Quill is ill and passes on, and so contracts Yondu to pick the boy up.

I can imagine Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock type working with Yondu in many situations while keeping a low astro-profile, and could easily see space biker gang leader Yondu thinking of a stick-up-his-bum champion of life like Peter's dad as a "jackass." Yondu may have legitimately believed that he was saving young Peter from a boring life as a straight-laced do-gooder when he decided to keep him for the Ravagers instead of delivering him as contracted.

I wonder what Yondu's story was to Peter's dad about that. Maybe he just never showed up for a scheduled rendezvous/hand-off, leaving his client to believe that he'd failed to find Peter or just wasn't interested in the job. Of course, Eros, champion of life, knows that Yondu kept him, just as he'd planned. With Thanos still at large, Eros is still on the run or in hiding, so Peter would be safer with the Ravagers than by his side and with Yondu as his mentor and guardian would learn to become a capable cosmic scoundrel and survivor.

If Eros is Peter's father, does that explain the scan that describes his heritage as "something ancient, that we've never seen before?" Perhaps. If we place Titan in a remote part of MCU space, and their population as small, or intentionally hidden/isolationist. Sure, why not?

Or… We could place Thanos's Titanic genocide much deeper in the past, with Eros as an only or one of the few survivors, and already in hiding when he arrives on Earth and falls for Mama Quill.

In any case, Eros's bloodline could read as "something ancient" and unknown to Xandar.

Eros could certainly appear as an angel, composed of pure light. That could easily be literal for an extraterrestrial champion of life (imagine Mar-Vell or Adam as Eros), and metaphorical, for an Eternal of love, right?

So, sure, an adapted and upgraded Starfox/Eros in the MCU could definitely be Peter's dad. Does it mean anything significant to future plotlines and conflict? Well, they could try to play up the relationship to Thanos, but why bother? I don't see a lot of fun coming out of snippy dialogue between the two around family. They don't have enough common experience. The one strategic play I do see is that Peter's rare Eternal blood (and blood-relation to Thanos) could allow him to endure or use a device or plot concocted by Thanos to destroy his enemies because it would be keyed to his physiology. Peter's a demi-Titan, so he'd probably die, but hey, a hero is up for that, right?

They really can't call him "Starfox" tho, can they? "Eros" sort of works next to Thanos, but even that is kind of a tough sell. Maybe I should find/replace "Starfox" and "Eros" with "Captain Marvel" or "Starhawk" everywhere in this write-up instead?

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