Thursday, January 24, 2013

EMPIRE UNCUT: a popularity contest!

EMPIRE UNCUT clip 1: Set a course for adventure with Incom GalacticPS, standard in every T-65B X-wing!

EMPIRE UNCUT clip 2: Who's playing games at Lando's Castle? Visit the smooothest arcade in Cloud City, baby!

Friends, Galactics, Droids...

Lend me your auditory receptors!

Actually, what I really need are your clicking appendages. =)

The EMPIRE UNCUT project runners have recently enabled a sort-by-popularity option for browsing the fan-created awesfulness, and I'd be pleased as Ponch (not John) to get your votes for Bespin High's Prom Court. *

Umm... Right. Well, here are those links! Please give them a play and a like and pass them on! =)

"Set a course for adventure..." :: Incom's Galactic Positioning System will get you to your rendezvous point without any Imperial entanglements! Ain't like dustin' crops, boy. (starring Nephew-D2 =)

"Bombing for Rebels" :: Game on at Lando's Castle! Tokens only!

To LIKE each video, you can click at top right to log in via (you'll be asked to join) or Facebook (you'll be asked to add the StarWarsUncut app) and then click "Like this scene." FYI, the SWUncut app is pretty painless and passive, mostly about sharing and commenting on uncut content. Do please share and/or comment if you like, and check out other fans-tastic clips, too (but don't like them =).

If you get lost at the StarWarsUncut site, a screenshot tutorial follows...
(Remember, there are TWO videos—links above—for you to fall in like with! =)

Thanks, minions! =)

Keep on keepin on~

* Of course I know there's no way I'm gonna be Prom King, but it would be nice to buck the status quo and make the court. I mean, we all know it's gonna be Faboo Hood for King. And sure, it seems like a terrible cliche, him being the captain of, like, every B.H.S. team we've got, but he really is misunderstood when taken as the stereotypical dumb jock. Cuz I know him—we ride the same cloud bus (after I take another cloud bus halfway across Bespin)—he truly is a decent, thoughtful guy under that B.H.S. Tibanna Miners blernsball cap. That healthy wild mane of hair... That winning smile... And those arms... So strong... Like boughs of sturdy Kashyyyk Wroshyr... Ohh, you'd feel so safe wrapped in arms like those...