Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Frickin Holidaze =)

Merry merry! Why you buggin'?

Is it because you can't wait to open up your hand-crafted one-of-a-kind original holiday whatzits from yours truly? Well, bug no more, for here it be, fresh out of the oven, even!

It's been a rough year for Santa. His trusted lieutenant, Frosty, went bad and used an elfin labor dispute to launch a coup in management. The Board voted Santa out and installed Frosty in his place. The Snowman then turned around and sold his new majority shares in the Workshop to the Syndicate for a song, and... Well, let's just say it's bad.

And weird.

I mean, the guy's a frickin SNOWman!

No belly button!


On the Syndicate's orders, Frosty has retooled the workshop into a sweatshop, designed to produce the cheapest holiday gift product possible, and chucking the naughty/nice quality control protocol. They're looking to make a huge one-time windfall at Xmas, liquidate the operation, and move on. Santa's Workshop quality, brand, and rep be damned.

Santa has been putting together a crew to get his Workshop back! He's just managed to get Frosty out of the way (a story for another time) but still has to do something about the Snowman's soldiers, the Frosteroids. These are mindless servants of Frosty's, snowman body parts that once served as Frosty's own, now animated by remnants of his magic and echoes of his will. They're almost as formidable as Frosty himself and also imbued with the power to freeze their enemies with a touch. Ideal enforcers, they keep the elves working day and night.

It's these icy blue balls that Santa and Rudolph must crush, and they need your help to do it!

So, CLICK TO PLAY and blast the Frosteroids!

Some notes on interaction and game play...

1. There are musicks and sound effects, so be ready to adjust your speakers/headphones as needed.

2. Click the screen to advance from the intro to the help screen and then into the game.

3. When Santa and Rudolph spawn and respawn, they are "ghosts" for a few seconds. This will give you time to quickly fix/dodge deadly predicaments.

4. When a Frosteroid hits Santa and Rudolph, they are turned to ice and can no longer respond to your directions. All you can do is wait for them to be crushed out of their misery. Don't despair, tho. Thanks to Boss Claus's abilities, they will respawn in a few seconds.

Good luck and enjoy! =)

Keep on keepin on~