Saturday, July 09, 2005

FOUR... not so fantastic...

Quick take on the FF - pretty much what I expected, a very cartoony live action superhero flick. Characters are caricatures, but entertaining in that way. Powers are done well enough, but not nearly enough quality use of them. Doom is cheapened a bit, and Julian McM (who would've been an excellent old-school Doom) can't decide whether he's got a Latverian accent or not. The final battle is very hohum. Kids'll probably really dig it. It really does feel like it's for them. Adult-types, FF fans/readers, and those who feel the need to see Jessica or that NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE Human Torch guy larger than life,I'd catch it second-run or at a matinee. Otherwise, put it below HULK and just above David Hasselhoff's NICK FURY movie in your Netflix queue.

Keep on keepin on~