Wednesday, November 11, 2015

STAR WARS : Rey & Finn : All in the Family?

I know I’m gonna short circuit some power converters with my crazy talk here, but I’ve just gotta get it out of my head and into words in front of me…

First, let me say that I’ve done my best to limit my exposure to anything related to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS online, official, rumor-milled, or fan-tastic. So, it may be that some of my nutty notions are already contradicted by some official something or other or in sync with other fan conjecture. I honestly do not know.

The trailers do seem to be everywhere online, but I’ve always preferred to see my trailers on a big screen before a feature. I admit I *did* click to watch the teaser trailer online last year. The second one I saw on the big screen before a feature earlier this year. So far I have yet to see the third one, but hope to see it as a big screen preview soon. No interest in watching it during halftime of sportsball. I was at the movie theater waiting for tickets to go on sale when it premiered anyway = )

Crazy talk begins after the art…

Okay, there are two apparently Force-strong youngsters featured in the next film: trooper Finn and speeder Rey. Of course, behind that mask, Kylo Ren might very well be a third (twins run in families, right?), but I'm just gonna focus on these two for this post. Now, we know that the Force has been strong with a certain bloodline for six movies.
The Force is strong in my family…
Sure, Luke may have met someone special in the 30-ish years since ROTJ, but we know that Leia and Han were already in “I know” back then, and it’s not difficult to imagine their romantic trajectory leading to space matrimony and family, right? And thusly, young Rey joins the Solos.

But, given their personalities, and 30-ish years, it’s also not impossible to imagine there being some bumps in the relationship, right? Maybe even a space divorce or separation? Who might be around to comfort and charm a freshly un-Solo-ed hot-to-trot Princess?
You truly belong with us here among the clouds…
Welcome, Finn Calrissian! Crazy talk? Maybe. But I *like* it. Think of the possibilities. Note that I’m just playing w the last name here.

Is FORCE AWAKENS set actually 30 years after ROTJ? I have it in my head that it is, but can’t think of where/how I picked that up.

Maybe Finn is the older half-sibling. How much time passed between EMPIRE and RETURN? I mean, how long was frozen Han hanging in Jabba’s palace? Could Leia and Lando have hooked up sometime then? And Leia disappeared to a spa world for a few months or so? Leaving her son with a decent family (maybe an aged clone?) to be raised in safety, as seems to be the accepted practice in this far far away galaxy.

Or, he could be the younger. Perhaps Rey was conceived on Han and Leia’s space honeymoon. Some years later, while on a routine mission or beer run, a bounty hunter catches up w Han and Chewie in a bad way and in the wake of the ensuing chase/confrontation/battle, the pair were presumed killed. Maybe they even faked their deaths.
We’re home…
And Lando was the good friend of the family until he became something more and along came Finn!~

Of course, a long time ago “defense of marriage” might not have been such a big deal, and Leia being involved with Han and Lando could be part of a completely non-scandalous triangular relationship and/or union. No big whup. Still, I like the potential for drama.

Perhaps Leia and Luke (and Han) keep the their sibling connection a secret from everyone else. Might not be the best PR to advertise that Luke and Leia are the children of the Emperor’s Sith Lord enforcer, right? A secret even from Han and Leia’s (and Lando’s) children, who begin to discover their abilities and destinies when thrown into whatever dangerous adventure Episode 7 holds for them.

Yeah, Yoda would say they’re too old to start any training, but I think Luke’s school of Jedi training disagrees. Having more life and living done before training should be seen as a plus. I think that Luke will be responsible for a Jedi Reformation. While there’s a dark side and a light side to the Force, it’s not natural for any sentient social being to only live in one.

Remember, in eps 1 thru 3 (if you acknowledge them), there was a prophecy about One who would restore balance to the Force. Whether that One is Anakin or Luke is debatable I think, but consider the assumption that prophecy is built on: the Force was out of balance. The polarization of its character was impressed upon it. The teachings and training were effective, true. The Force “worked,” it flowed, it obeyed its wielders’ wills on both sides, but is a near-monastic culture really the best kind for individuals who are so connected to a life-force? And if drawing exclusive from the so-called dark side does whatever it did to Sidious/the Emperor, becoming more of a gaping maw than powerful being, well, what’s really the point?

Sorry, I could probably ramble on and on, and not at all eloquently, bleah. But if any of that sounds interesting, feel free to ask me about Anakin’s supposed divine conception. =)

Keep on keepin’ on~
May the Force be with you~