Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! ... in May 2012 *sigh*

CHECK IT OUT! (at Apple trailers, or the following YouTube upload, for as long as it lasts =)

We've got Loki lording it up over the humans in voice over - "You were *made* to be ruled." Is seems to continue on with - "In the end it will be every man for himself?..." But that doesn't sound very Loki to me, unless he's seeking to coerce someone to join forces, persuading him that his friends/teammates will turn on him. I'll hafta give it another listen. Maybe it's Doc Skarsgard?

Man, they should've just used his actual name for his character. =)

We've got some decent metropolitan destruction: a major downtown avenue devastated by subterranean fireballs (gas mains?) and some death from above in the form of blue-violet energy bolts. The way it's cut, Loki's the one doing the zapping, but I'm not sure. Blasts could be some kind of science-ness, could be mystical.

We've got clashing Avengers personalities - happily looking forward to Whedon writing everyone's faces off. =)

We've got clashing Avengers - Thor takes his hammer to Cap's shield in some forest or perhaps the incinerated remnants of a town, fortress, or factory (?).

Gotta say, I'm not in love w Stark's apparent coining/explanation of the team name. It gives us good perspective and scale as far as the menace being Earth-shattering (true to the original creation of the Avengers), but the team was already named by SHIELD in the first Iron Man movie: The Avengers Initiative. Maybe Stark's just getting around to owning the name in an oath, tho. Still kinda weak, but I can live with that.

The movies so far have been planting some very specific seeds, I think, and did a great ret-con job of intertwining Cap's (his)story with Thor's via turning the Cosmic Cube into a repository of some kind of primordial Asgardian mojo, no? I'm not remembering the mojo being considered reality-altering/controlling, but maybe that's an untapped aspect? Anyhow, like I said before, I'm seeing a Loki + Red Skull team-up. Loki's walking around in Doc Skarsgard's bod, now with access to the Cube, courtesy of SHIELD itself. And hey, remember, the Skull was the last one to hold the thing, right? I still like the Cube as an unplanned (or maybe planned - it is the Red Skull, after all) escape pod for the Skull's psyche. It's a stretch, but maybe there are or will be two Big Bads riding shotgun in Skarsgard's noggin, eh (and Skarsgard didn't actually survive the events of Thor's film?)? Would be an interesting way for Loki to encounter and negotiate w the Skull - sorta-astrally.

Not sure if there's room for Zola to return, but a disembodied brainiac with access to the internet? It wouldn't be hard to work him in. Also, he could bring a near-instant potentially-cube-powered army. I wonder if he might rise as a rival to Stark Industries (or is it International? or something else in the filmes?) ?

And once his body is recovered/reconstituted from the limbo between Asgard and Midgard, Loki could jump back into his body, leaving Skarsgard to become the 21st century Skull!

And man, even tho it would be kinda hard (but then again, kinda not) to shoehorn it in given the events of Cap's film, I would love it if that Thor vs. Cap thing was something from the 40s where Thor was called down by Skull's nordic magick tinkering... Or maybe he brashly rainbows into Europe mistakenly believing he was protecting his nordic worshippers from an invader (Invaders! =). Of course, Cap would be ready to talk after trading/taking a few hits, letting his guard down and surprising Thor, at which point Skull or Zemo or some other Nazi stooge would take an unsporting shot at the Captain, riling Thor's sense of honorable combat and cluing him in as who the Good Guys truly are...

Thor's movie had something about how the Norse gods decided to leave the Earth to humankind way back when, tho, so he *shouldn't* have been messing around in WW2...

But then, he *is* Thor...

And hey! How F-in A is this little snapshot?

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