Wednesday, May 31, 2006

getting LOST w Kirsten...

A late night virtual chinwag on the LOST finale w Miss Kirsten...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

11:08:54 PM
cabinboy: is it too late to bounce IMs about LOST back n forth?
11:09:05 PM kirsten: oh gosh no!
11:09:48 PM cabinboy: there were a lot of teases in it, but overall i loved it for wrapping up a lot of things in a nice bow - even if some of it wasn't what i was really chomping at the bit to know
11:10:32 PM kirsten: well understanding the plane crash was pretty cool
11:10:41 PM kirsten: though what's with the electromagnetic stuff?
11:10:45 PM cabinboy: desmond's flashbacks, the purpose of the hatch, desmond causing the plane to crash - yeah, that was excellent
11:11:15 PM cabinboy: it's pretty amazing how Echo's the only one who really takes it to heart that there's some kind of electromagnetic something in that chamber in the hatch
11:12:01 PM cabinboy: early on, i think sahid explains to jack and locke that there's something electromag there, but when they figure out there's no access to the area, they just sort of drop it
11:12:11 PM kirsten: but did they explain why it's electromagnetic?
11:12:50 PM cabinboy: sahid does, notices something like echo did (w his crucifix pendant being pulled toward the chamber)
11:13:20 PM cabinboy: part of the island's weirdness, at least w the survivors' camp, seems to be this ability to overlook a lot of oddness, take it in stride
11:14:19 PM kirsten: oh that's right, i almost forgot about that. they haven't revisited it in AGES, which is bizarre
11:14:37 PM cabinboy: isn't it? i wonder if that cloud is somehow INSIDE of charlie now
11:14:52 PM cabinboy: he's gone a bit... crooked, in the last few hours of the show
11:15:46 PM cabinboy: finale coincidence - LIBBY gives DESMOND his boat
11:16:00 PM cabinboy: LIBBY's funeral, is, like a minute before DESMOND's boat is spotted!
11:16:19 PM kirsten: i know. she's popping up EVERYWHERE!
11:16:24 PM cabinboy: DESMOND dies before he finds out, or gets to tell anyone, that libby, who gave him the boat, was on the island!
11:16:29 PM kirsten: What was with her being in the asylum? Are they never going to go back to that?
11:16:30 PM cabinboy: her husband's name - david
11:16:45 PM cabinboy: only one "david" i can remember i LOST history (but i don't remember EVERYTHING)
11:16:54 PM cabinboy: hurley's "imaginary" dave
11:17:05 PM cabinboy: who appeared at the asylum
11:17:06 PM kirsten: Oh my gosh, that didn't even occur to me!
11:17:26 PM kirsten: wow, you're much more perceptive than I
11:17:27 PM cabinboy: hrmm... and appeared again after libby showed up
11:17:53 PM cabinboy: i dunno about perceptive - i don't get a lot of other sensory input during my day-to-day
11:18:40 PM cabinboy: and i let story stuff, especially kooky interesting story stuff, keep spinning in my brain for a While after watching... i've sorta been forcing Rowan to put up w it, but he's not a longtime watcher yet
11:19:06 PM cabinboy: i bounce ideas off of him... but he hasn't watched all of season 1 and missed about half of season 2
11:19:08 PM kirsten: i've been wanting to get on some of the blogs and such now that the season is over
11:19:27 PM cabinboy: ooo... i'm afraid to jump into those
11:19:57 PM cabinboy: (did you catch any of the hanso corp fake commercials during the last few episodes?)
11:20:10 PM kirsten: no, i TiVo through everything unfortunately
11:20:14 PM cabinboy: i usually skip commercials
11:20:14 PM kirsten: what were they?
11:20:25 PM cabinboy: ha, yeah - one was for, another for
11:20:46 PM cabinboy: i only caught one during the finale by accident
11:21:01 PM cabinboy: Rowan was working the remote and was FFing instead of skipping
11:21:10 PM cabinboy: and at the end, he almost skipped past the very ending
11:21:16 PM cabinboy: i wonder how many people did that
11:22:09 PM cabinboy: i don't know that i want to go on a LOST internet scavenger hunt - i might hafta drop in on blogs to see what madder fans have discovered
11:22:55 PM kirsten: there must be some GREAT discussion boards out there. but i don't understand the ending. people in the arctic are monitoring the electromagnetic field around the island?
11:23:00 PM kirsten: for desmond's ex-whatever?
11:23:10 PM kirsten: or what are they monitoring exactly?
11:23:11 PM cabinboy: ayep - she's got a lot of $$
11:23:19 PM kirsten: but how would she know about it?
11:23:25 PM cabinboy: they're looking for ANY spike in EM around the globe
11:23:26 PM kirsten: and why would she be monitoring it?
11:23:34 PM kirsten: but why would that help them?
11:23:36 PM cabinboy: she knows the route of the race that he was in
11:23:47 PM kirsten: or why would they know to look for a spike?
11:23:55 PM kirsten: why would that indicate desmond?
11:23:55 PM cabinboy: she knows he was lost at sea while some crazy storm hit the race
11:24:15 PM cabinboy: and must've found some weather/science data that recorded the EM nature of the storm
11:24:35 PM cabinboy: (which might've been when Inman's partner killed himself and Inman had to go bury him)
11:25:13 PM cabinboy: so, des's girl has paid these scientists to alert her if a similar spike occurs
11:25:59 PM cabinboy: (i figure the arctic nerds aren't JUST working for her, but are doing other nerdly studies, maybe they've got LOTS of girlfriends/fiances looking for weather phenomena waiting for them to call)
11:26:56 PM kirsten: ha ha. i just can't get my head around why she'd think that another EM storm/event would signal Desmond. Just because he disappeared after that happened, she thinks another event will signal his presence?
11:27:07 PM kirsten: so that one storm is what crashed the boat
11:27:15 PM cabinboy: yeah, that's what i figure
11:27:21 PM kirsten: and the next 'incident' crashed the plane
11:27:24 PM cabinboy: ayep
11:27:33 PM kirsten: oops, i mean the first 'incident' caused the storm which crashed the boat?
11:27:51 PM kirsten: and that first 'incident' is what made them have to push the button, right?
11:27:54 PM cabinboy: desmond's boat? or the blackrock?
11:27:58 PM kirsten: desmond's boat
11:28:04 PM kirsten: oh hell, i forgot about the black rock
11:28:12 PM cabinboy: yeah, the first incident required the creation of the button system
11:29:15 PM cabinboy: which might've sucked in the blackrock... i think there must've been more "system failures" than the ones we know about...
11:29:29 PM cabinboy: one sucked desmond's boat in
11:29:40 PM cabinboy: one sucked echo's brother's plane in
11:29:46 PM kirsten: oh my gosh, that's right
11:29:52 PM kirsten: and the hot air balloon
11:29:56 PM cabinboy: desmond "caused" the one that sucked the oceanic flight
11:30:00 PM cabinboy: yeah, the balloon!
11:30:20 PM cabinboy: and a transmission drew rousseau's ship to the island
11:30:40 PM cabinboy: i'm not sure if that was an incident... the "rules" are still a little shaky
11:30:57 PM cabinboy: cuz dharma can still somehow drop supplies to the island
11:30:59 PM kirsten: where do you think the 'others' came from?
11:31:11 PM kirsten: they can?
11:31:18 PM cabinboy: i think the core group must've been dharma initiative people
11:31:37 PM kirsten: that's what i was guessing
11:31:46 PM kirsten: henry and the guy with the fake beard?
11:31:49 PM cabinboy: yeah - during the lockdown, when locke's leg was crushed, the new dharma supplies were parachuted in
11:31:56 PM cabinboy: yeah, henry and "tom"
11:32:17 PM cabinboy: i think they add to their numbers from people who end up being stranded on the island
11:32:21 PM kirsten: no kidding. i didn't think about the timing of the lockdown with locke's injury and the parachute with the supplies
11:32:30 PM kirsten: so the supplies weren't there the whole time? they were definitely parachuted in?
11:32:37 PM kirsten: why on earth wouldn't they talk about that?
11:32:38 PM cabinboy: yeah, they were dropped
11:32:40 PM cabinboy: ha, see
11:32:55 PM cabinboy: that's part of the, like, thought dampening power of the island or something
11:33:11 PM cabinboy: don't discuss the obviously weird
11:33:49 PM kirsten: what on earth do you think the black cloud is then?
11:33:51 PM cabinboy: but yeah, i figure the lockdown is supposed to happen when dharma drops stuff - it keeps all the dharma drones locked in their hatches until the drop, or whatever dharma mothership has to do, is done
11:34:29 PM cabinboy: i usedta think it was directly related to the hatch and the button... that it's part of what the hatch and button are supposed to keep contained...
11:34:56 PM cabinboy: but now... i dunno...
11:35:25 PM cabinboy: another experiment - nannites, with some kind of ethical scanners?
11:35:29 PM kirsten: we really need to check out some of these blogs. now i'm even more fascinated than ever
11:35:42 PM kirsten: oh, to find the 'good' ones?
11:35:45 PM cabinboy: yeah
11:35:49 PM cabinboy: the "Good"
11:35:53 PM cabinboy: the "Good Guys"
11:36:04 PM cabinboy: the lists the others put together of people to abduct/save
11:36:20 PM cabinboy: i wonder, in the finale, among the others, if you'd see some of the tailies
11:36:32 PM cabinboy: the 20-something who were abducted the second night they were on the island
11:36:49 PM kirsten: so they just brainwash 'em?
11:36:51 PM cabinboy: converted to their cause/brainwashed, maybe? drugged? converted with brainwishing
11:37:19 PM cabinboy: i had an f'd up idea that i really like, but doesn't QUITE fit with everything... but might...
11:37:35 PM cabinboy: when sahid and jin and sun saw the four-toed foot of the giant statue
11:37:59 PM cabinboy: the island was originally supposed to be a high-tech/high-concept/futuristic amusement park/experience
11:39:03 PM cabinboy: maybe dharma hid some of their real research among their entertainment... and it went bad
11:39:31 PM cabinboy: btw, the orientation video for the pearl had a copyright year of 1980
11:40:08 PM kirsten: 25 years before the show?
11:40:28 PM kirsten: hmmm... not sure about the amusement park theory though :-)
11:40:40 PM kirsten: but i can't think of any possible explanation for the foot with four toes
11:40:42 PM kirsten: totally bizarre
11:41:02 PM cabinboy: heh
11:41:30 PM cabinboy: yeah, farfetched, but this alvar hanso character... sounds like a howard hughes or walt disney
11:41:57 PM cabinboy: moneyed, eccentric, fingers in lots of pies
11:42:06 PM kirsten: wait, who's that again?
11:42:09 PM kirsten: the guy from the video?
11:42:27 PM cabinboy: he's the guy the guy in the video refers to as the founder of dharma initiative
11:42:50 PM cabinboy: you see some footage, or a still, of some guy w a big beard in front of what look like a platoon of monks or martial artists
11:42:54 PM cabinboy: just for a few seconds
11:43:05 PM kirsten: oh hey, what was the knowing look between kate and charlie at the end?
11:43:26 PM cabinboy: yes! good catch! i mentioned that to rowan and he didn't notice it
11:43:37 PM cabinboy: (i made him watch that again afterwards =)
11:44:24 PM cabinboy: i have a feeling - maybe a medium-to-long-shot - that michael told jack EVERYTHING, and the cool kids figured out a contingency plan
11:44:44 PM cabinboy: michael would tell jack that he was promised the boat
11:44:56 PM cabinboy: michael could take walt and rendezvous w sahid and sun and jin
11:45:16 PM kirsten: ah, true. good point!
11:45:19 PM cabinboy: and hurley, or hurley could go back to camp completely on his own...
11:45:35 PM kirsten: but why would they want the 3 'bad' seeds?
11:45:40 PM kirsten: if they aren't going to hurt them?
11:45:48 PM kirsten: to get them out of the way?
11:45:54 PM kirsten: lock 'em up to absorb everyone else?
11:46:03 PM cabinboy: well, they definitely weaken the rest
11:46:12 PM kirsten: and what the hell are the numbers from, and why was that guy in the asylum mumbling the numbers?
11:46:14 PM cabinboy: they could try to "break" them and use them
11:46:20 PM kirsten: ah yes, that makes sense
11:46:47 PM cabinboy: or maybe they need them to fix something or work something or a doctor in particular for some reason...?
11:46:58 PM cabinboy: the numbers - i dunno... the frickin numbers...
11:48:02 PM kirsten: i'm looking for blogs. this is awful
11:48:05 PM cabinboy: hahaha
11:48:06 PM cabinboy: sorry
11:48:13 PM cabinboy: =)
11:48:34 PM kirsten: but i'm addicted! i just started watching the show over christmas
11:48:38 PM cabinboy: the numbers - some f'd up cosmic ratio - a "name of God"
11:48:47 PM kirsten: i rented season 1 and watched it in 3 days. then tom got season 2 so i could catch up
11:48:51 PM cabinboy: hahaha =)
11:48:54 PM kirsten: so why are they evil?
11:48:55 PM cabinboy: is tom into it?
11:49:10 PM kirsten: nope, not at all. just me.
11:49:16 PM kirsten:
11:49:19 PM cabinboy: wow - how can anyone resist?
11:49:38 PM cabinboy: oh boy - do i want to click that? =)
11:49:49 PM kirsten: i don't know. i'm just checking it out n ow
11:50:44 PM cabinboy: well, they may not necessarily be EVIL - they kind of redistribute things... fortune, information, luck, matter, energy....?
11:51:01 PM kirsten: they have bios. alvar hanso is there
11:51:26 PM cabinboy: hooboy - so this is from the makers of LOST?
11:51:44 PM kirsten: it's gotta be
11:52:20 PM kirsten: oh my god
11:52:25 PM kirsten: they have a life extension project???
11:52:31 PM kirsten: you think the people on the island age? :-)
11:52:40 PM kirsten: it's been 25 years for the project
11:52:47 PM cabinboy: wack
11:53:14 PM cabinboy: hrmm.... that would make it possible for the original founders to be running around the island
11:53:21 PM cabinboy: or maybe the quality of theisland for healing?
11:53:22 PM kirsten: right
11:53:28 PM kirsten: ah, good idea!
11:54:20 PM cabinboy: do you know the numbers off the top of your head?
11:54:25 PM kirsten: maybe that's why they say they're the good guys
11:54:30 PM kirsten: all this talk of trying to achieve world peace
11:54:32 PM kirsten: um...
11:54:58 PM kirsten: 4,8,15,16,23,42
11:56:03 PM cabinboy: i'm at the site now and wanted to try the numbers in the text fields
11:56:35 PM kirsten: wow, a whole site devoted to Lost numbers:
11:59:41 PM kirsten: wow, midnight. actually gotta hit campus in the morning :-(
11:59:43 PM cabinboy: some of my rambling -
11:59:55 PM kirsten: but we need to continue this talk once I've had a chance to look at more blogs! that's my new project for this week :-)
11:59:59 PM cabinboy: haha
12:00:16 AM cabinboy: thanks for letting me bug you =)
12:00:24 AM cabinboy: i hope i haven't cut into your productivity ; )
12:00:35 AM kirsten: oh my god, not at all
12:00:51 AM kirsten: i'm just gonna go lie in bed and watch tv 'til i fall asleep. productive? no, not so much. ha ha
12:00:56 AM cabinboy: hahaah =)
12:01:00 AM cabinboy: worksferme~
12:01:07 AM kirsten: so, to be continued!
12:01:13 AM cabinboy: absolutely =)

Keep on keepin on~

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Folks have been down on the schizo weather we've been treated to over the past couple weeks. There was the good-for-nothing flooding rain, which I only caught a piece of on my way to missing my Amtrak train home to Jersey for Mother's Day weekend... Followed by cloudy grey days segueing into bright sunny days and then back again, and in between, these crazy contrasty El Greco skies...


Snapped that on the way to work. It's all so SHARP, y'know? CRISP. Like George Takei's voice. Heh. So ultra-real, it looks photoshopped, no? I like it. Later in the summer, it's days like this that I love for sucking a week of humidity out of the air.

Still digesting LOST finale, as well as leftover Chinese foods. Man, I over-ate. For some reason I wanted to keep having food to eat while I was watching, so when I was getting close to done, at the next commercial break, I'd reload on the rice. Looking into the rice cooker at the end, looks like I consumed about 2 cups. Urp.

LOST finale. Good crack. Some little bits of aggravation, but nothing downright unfair. =)

I must to bed.

Keep on keepin on~

LOST - before the finale...

Some loose overtired scattin and b-boppin on two seasons of LOST-ness up to tonight's finale...

I want to believe that Echo hasn't used the axe yet. (Altho I think, practically, it's done.)

On the flip side of that, I want to believe that Ecko took the axe so that someone back at the camp couldn't use it. (Senseless long shot.)

Echo. Ecko. Eco. Eco, as in ecology, as in, of the environment, of nature.

Is that an opposite to Locke? Lock, as a device that secures something valuable. Or Locke, as in Locke vs. Rousseau, western philosopher who pushed the notion of a social contract being man's graduation from the state of nature...?

Rousseau was all about the noble savage... The dirty crazy maybe a little sexy noble Mimbari savage...

Is the island having Ecko "spell" Locke at the button so that Locke can be free to roam away from the hatch indefinitely? Perhaps on a boat?

Whatzhishead, the heroin hobbit. He looked eSPECIALLy dismayed when Michael showed up. Could the hobbit have had dealings w the Others...? Maybe he was drugged to forget it...? But, having experience with drugs, it didn't completely take?

What's up w Alex? Her character almost doesn't make any sense. I mean, she seems profoundly naive. Maybe she's extra "pure" somehow...?

For a couple seconds, when Michael was brought to the Others' village. I thought the leader of the Others was gonna be crazy/not-so-crazy Rousseau.

How does the timing work out, between Claire's abduction and then visit to the medical bunker and Michael's stay w the Others? Would pirate Santa Claus not have needed his beard...? Assuming there's only the one beard?

They're testing Walt. Maybe they need to do a swap with another child with powers, who's fading, or insane. Or need Walt to make an attempt to fight or soothe some beastie.

Giant electromagnetic something or other. Generator. Bomb. Energy creature. Prison. MRI somethin or other for testing Walt or Walt-types?

He appeared to Shannon AND Sayid. First I thought that Shannon might've been a little special, a medium, for whatever Walt is or has, but ALSO Sahid? Or was it thru Vincent? Granted, Walt and Michael haven't had a lot of opps for pop-and-son bonding moments, but when they're given three minutes, Walt asks how Vincent is.

One day, when I'm in a shitty situation, and I need to get some people I don't know all that well, to listen to and give in to my irrational demands, I hope I've had a son that's been put in jeopardy, so that I can whenver anyone even THINKS of objecting or disagreeing, I can rub that in their face and they'll back down. On this particular island, missing son trumps everything, eh?

What if this is a man-made in-between place. A pocket dimension. And a whole research station fell into it, and of course, left a few holes and cracks behind in the regular world, for a ship or a plane or a balloon to slip thru after. Maybe there's a wake that actually pulls these things in. A mind can shape the firmament of it, but only so far. Maybe it's sentient, and the researchers have hurt it.

Why that list? Are they all Good people? On the fence? That's whose names were on earlier lists. The Good people.

Jim's theory, that everyone on the island has killed someone. That seems to feed the purgatory notion. I don't LIKE that. Ghosts, maybe. The dead, just willful, and in denial?

The island will heal. Will it, can it, reanimate? Not so far. We've seen bodies of pre-Oceanic dead, and survivors have been killed. What if there was a way? What if you just put all the pieces together correctly...? Could the island ressurrect?

Am I forgetting anything else?

Allright. It's a few minutes to midnight. I'm making some fresh rice to go with my leftover Chinese food. When the rice is ready, I'll start watching the finale. Maybe I'll refresh w the Cliff's Notes warm-up episode...

Keep on keepin on~

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"A long time ago... We used to be friends..."~

Frack! I'm only JUST starting to catch up on a half dozen or so episodes of VERONICA MARS that I've let sit on my replayTV since March or so, and in the first 10 minutes of this show, who should appear out of nowhere but - BOTH George Michael Bluth and Maeby Funke!

Y'know that sitcom and cartoon gag when someone tells a friend a joke and then a day or so passes and the friend is somewhere totally different and doing something else and the joke teller isn't even around and something finally clicks and - "Oh, NOW I get it!"

Yeah, that's me. But to be fair, I didn't get to hear all of the punchline until now. =)

See, in the series (*sniffle*) finale of ARRESTED, George Michael suggests to Maeby that they might sit down for some popcorn and a couple of episodes of [title of the show bleeped out, but the caption below read something like] "acclaimed teen drama on a competing network." Something like that, but better phrased. There was enough in the combined clipped audio of George Michael and the caption for me to identify that he was suggesting they watch VERONICA MARS.

(* I went back and watched the finale again. The caption reads: reference to off-network high school private eye drama censored by FOX.)

At the time, I thought maybe there was an IMAGINE entertainment connection... But I'm not sure about that. Then I thought that perhaps it was just an earnest plug on the part of the writers and producers of ARRESTED, giving a tip-o-the-hat on the way out to a damn good show.

WELL! This GMB/Maeby tag-team appearance, from an episode that aired in March, is the other clown shoe dropping. Damnit! I wish I'd watched this before the IFFB so that I could've mentioned my appreciation and awe at his getting to work on two such excellent shows. There's no telling now - I'm just halfway thru this episode - if he's a semi-regular supporting cast member in VERONICA...

VERONICA so rocks. =)

There's a whole lot, too much, really, to the Goodness of the excellent characters, relationships, and plots, to boil down into a fair pitch, but how bout I just tick off some crossover coolness factors...?

The show's created by Rob Thomas. It's got a song by the Dandy Warhols as its excellent opening theme. NAPOLEON's Tina Majorino is Veronica's computer specialist, Mac. Apples figure prominently in all of the computer hackin and hijinks. ANGEL's Charisma struts her stuff as a scheming minx. Harry CLASH OF THE TITANS Hamlin plays box office heavy hitter and father to BUFFY's Alyson Hannigan's Hollywood ingenue. And then, of course, there's Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat stompin around the local Neptune college campus.

VERONICA MARS. Check it out.

Keep on keepin on~

"Now, the girl... The shirt! Rip it... Rip it!"

I like this commercial. I just caught it on the tube and laughed out loud (again) at the "Now, the girl..." which is followed by the excellent shirt rippage... It being 2-whatever in the morning, I went ahead and looked for it online and a click here, a click there, hey-presto - blog'd!

Y'know, I might not have needed an opposable thumb at all for that entire process.

Keep on keepin on~


Hit the mall this morning to pick up a DVI to video adapter so that I can push video from my laptop to a TV. Gonna need that to play the 22nd hour of 24 from this season. Frickin frackin W's immigration address bumped it and my replayTV recording schedule missed it. Alas, I was on my way home from a Jersey/NYC visit and couldn't pull any kind of manual override.

Saw an extended trailer for Pixar's CARS at the Apple store. When I first saw the teaser trailer, I was schizo-skeptical, y'know? I had this sinking feeling that Pixar was suckered into demographic strategizing in the choice of subject. That this movie originated in marketing, and not story or character. NA$CAR appeal and all.

At the same time, I thought of how this was to be the last (or one of the last?) Pixar flick to be distributed w Disney, and maybe... maybe... Pixar gave in to Disney's demo strategery because it was the last picture, and perhaps they could phone it - execute in a halfassed way, as a last poison pill in their lopsided partnership.

But, Pixar is Pixar. And Pixar don't do $hitty work. There wasn't any audio playing, so I just watched the trailer, and I could tell from the visuals, the gorgeous virtual camerawork, the grand desert, town, and oasis environments, the expressions and personalities of the car-acters (groan, I know : P), that this is gonna be Good. I will want to see this on the big screen.


After the mall, Rowan and I did a grocery run...

I really think sales would increase ten-fold with the addition of an exclamation mark, and perhaps an elipsis...

Suddenly... SOUP!

Indentured pork products... Does bacon really need a "New Great Taste?"

A look into the future of Suddenly Soup and Ready-to-Serve bacon...?

What the F is "Mountain Maze?"

Nuts. No creamed eel.

The rest of my day and night was spent at the office. It was the first day this year that I wore shorts and sandals to work.

Keep on keepin on~

Saturday, May 20, 2006

flashback: November 2004...

Just found this craigslist gem in an old email and thought I'd re-share the bittersweetness...

Keep on keepin on~

Friday, May 19, 2006

inconvenient truth and truthiness...

Please give a listen to (and have a look-see at) what ex-Next President of the United States, Al Gore, has to say about global warming...

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH hits theaters on May 24. I've caught the trailer for it a couple times and I'm definitely checkin it out. I hope this is a doc that will appeal to anyone who gives a damn about the planet we live on, but I'm kinda concerned that the trailer may do the film a disservice. The pacing and treatment and even the music of the trailer play like an ad for THE CORE or DEEP IMPACT, which, based on the content, is probably an almost thoughtful bit of promotion, at least on the surface. It's just that Bay and Bruckheimer's eco-disaster flicks are already Out There, so the trailer for this documentary on the case for global warming and Al Gore's commitment to reversing mankind's negative impact on its home, take on the modern B-movie flavor of what came before, y'know?

Maybe that'll get the kids in the seats, tho?

In apparent response, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (now THERE's a meaningful name you know you can trust, no?) tells us that carbon dioxide is "essential to life..." because... "we breathe it out..."

Vote Carbon Dioxide - Glaciers in 2006! U! S! A!


Thanks to Joe for passing along the maddening news...

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. GOD! I can't feckin beLIEVE this garbage! Thank you, Ministry of Information...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

LOST scattin

* SPOILERS * This is some b-boppin on LOST after watching "Question Mark" which aired this week (5/10), and includes references to episodes up to this week. Not all fully-formed thoughts... (how many of those do I really have anyway?)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Disappointing that Michael's gone bad this way, presumably as part of a deal to get his son back. Perhaps brainscrubbed.

Harsh choices in deadly gunfire. Poor Ana Lucia. And Hurley's Libby.

I thought I saw a Look from Kate to Jack when Michael described the Others as all savages. Kate knows better, and told Jack about it in an earlier episode. I wonder if the Others don't know that the girls found the medical bunker and their abandoned costumes and props. Or perhaps they just don't care now, for whatever reason, whatever phase they're in.

Jack's dad is everywhere, eh? So far I think he's got the most crossovers of any recurring figure on the show. I wonder how he's owned by or participating in the island/Dharma. Maybe he's part of a Skulls type society side of Dharma? Would we fiend a signet ring or pin w the logo on his body, in the coffin? I was hoping to see him in the background of the orientation video at the question mark station. That would be too easy tho, wouldn't it?

I think that Hurley and Libby's asylum is under the Dharma umbrella. I don't have anything solid to go on, but there was something, I can't pick out what, about the manner, or perhaps the timing, of the doctor who welcomes Hurley back when he goes to see the crazy numbers mumbler...

Was Libby worried or concerned about Hurley remembering where he knows her from? Or was she totally out of it when she was in the asylum and it's chance/Dharma that they're on the island together as survivors. Is she a stalker who's followed Hurley since the asylum? Is she a Dharma agent, molded from crazy Libby in the asylum?

Crossover craziness... The fortune teller and his daughter crossing over w Ecko. Ecko is sent to assess a so-called miracle and meets Claire's fortune teller. However, the teller confesses to being a charlatan. If THAT's true, that he's a fake, then his apparently spontaneous shock at Claire's reading was scripted. And all of his follow-up harassment as well. Arranged. Perhaps Jack's dad orchestrated it.

Do we know that Jack's dad regularly disappeared for his benders? Would he have been visiting Australia regularly to maintain an affair, and then to contact or help or keep tabs on a daughter? Jack hits his pop with some sharp remarks along the lines of "YOU would know about infidelity..."

Remember the Aussie girl that Jack's dad, as "Tom," goes to visit in the rain? Indistinct in voice and appearance in that episode, I couldn't be sure even of her age. His ex-mistress? Or the daughter of? An illegitimate daughter and half-sister to Jack? I first thought that it might have been Claire but that didn't seem to fit. The woman in the rain seems older, and the tone of her exchanges with "Tom" point to an older woman and paramour... When I was watching this week, I had a fleeting thought that it could have been the fortune teller's daughter. But again w the age and attitude.

Jackie suggests that the woman in the rain is Claire's mother, which would make Aaron Jack's nephew! I like this theory. Now I want to see that "Tom" and "Sara" episode again for that scene in the rain...

A rule for island apparitions... Ecko's brother and Jack's dad... Their bodies are actually on the island. Anna Lucia's too, now. Hugo's Dave was always in Hugo's head. Kate's horse? Well, probably came from the same Dharma ranch as Sawyer's polar bear. Which other dead folks will we see again?

Maybe a little FANTASY ISLAND but mostly FORBIDDEN PLANET. Wishes and dreams. Dreams. Would you want to keep someone from making it to R.E.M. state by shocking him every 108 minutes? Healing factors. And also that F'd up black cloud that tears flesh and explodes stuff at will. How can anyone do anything on that island but think about that?

Keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Having a rough night...?

Check out cuteoverload for a little pick-you-up...

It helped me a little tonight. The actifed probably had a little something to do with it, too. Frickin frackin allergies, bleah.

Thanks to Amit for spreading the cute word many moons ago.

Keep on keepin on~

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Total non sequitur of a blog entry... even for a blog entry...

I understand that massively multiplayer online gaming is an excellent way to escape the stress and pressures of the day-to-day so-called "real" world...


I'm more of a twitch player, y'know? Doom, Quake, Jedi Knight, Medal of Honor... I'm into stripping down to the R-complex and running after other people in space stations or mines or secret labs and taking shots at them with a rocket launcher. I don't have the patience for building a character...


That last sentence might've been what people in the therapy biz would call a breakthru...


Anyhow... These days I don't have the patience for that, y'know? Amassing wealth and collecting items and having to choose from four dozen spells while backing up my guild brothers with my battle axe...

Sounds like fun, tho, don't it? =)

Keep on keepin on~

a voice on the T...

I'm a little fuzzy now if it was this morning (Friday) or Thursday morning that this happened...

On the red line from Central to Park Street, the train was leaving Kendall Square station. Over the P.A. the driver's (I assume) voice comes on: "GET A REAL JOB!"

I looked up from my bookybook - THE EYRE AFFAIR (A Tuesday Next Mystery) - and quickly around. It was a crowded car, passengers standing, seats pretty much all full. I only noticed two other people who reacted to the... umm... order? Both seated on the opposite side of the car from me. One was a flight attendant, 30-something, blond hair magically still knotted up after some making-up on the T, uniformed and travel bag at the ready. The other was an older fellow, bearded and balding... Kind of... professor-looking. The woman looked a bit shocked. The man did a kind of Spock eyebrow thing, raised angled eyebrow, y'know? I was sort of half-laughing and we saw each other and he smiled and shook it off.


I did just (finally) get my hair cut last week, so, what else could I do? I quit my job.

Heh. No, not really. Not that I wouldn't like to, cuz anyone who's met him will agree, my boss is a jerk, but honestly, he can't get anything done without me. I can't just up and disappear.

Umm... Of course I don't mean Joe... The other guy, HE's the jerk.


I wonder what that was about. Was it directed at a co-worker on the platform at Kendall? To a friend who'd just gotten on or off the train? The result of an unfortunate accidental pressing of a button during an exchange over a walkie, or during a spontaneous bit of self flagellation?

And, regardless of the reasons behind or origin of the amplified remark, will anyone in earshot of the command go out and change their life as a result? Will some Glen or Glenda who makes good in a big way a year down the line relate a story to Leno or Oprah or Jesus and Friends about how, when he was at the lowest point in his career, in his life even, and was considering throwing himself onto the rails of the Boston MTA, a voice spoke to him, and told him to...


...and it turned his life around...?

Keep on keepin on~

Oh. I texted and saved the car number for myself. Not that it will probably ever matter, but I do these things sometimes. Sorry, no LOST connection - 01865.

Friday, May 05, 2006

TV: DR. WHO is Good...

I just watched the DR. WHO episode from last week on SciFi, "Father's Day," and I hafta say, it is one of the best little time travel stories I've ever seen, heard, or read. It's a very smart, tight, and sweet little tale.

The episode begins with this Doctor's first Earthmonkey sidekick, Rose, telling the Doctor about her late father. She only knows him thru bedtime stories told by her mother. She described his kindness, responsibility, and brilliance, as well as the romance of their courtship and marriage. After explaining how she never really got to know her dad, Rose persuades the Doctor to arrange some low-key visits to moments in her father's life, including his wedding to her mother and the last day of his life, the day he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Her mother had told her that he was alone when he died - he was found dead some time after the driver sped off - and Rose wants to change that. Not to save him from death, but simply to be there when he does pass away, to hold him, to let him be with someone who loves him in his last moments. However, when the Doctor gives Rose this chance, she finds she cannot resist rushing to save him.

HelLO!~ McFLY-yy!

As Philip J. Fry could have told her, "Duh, your actions upset the flow of Time." But y'know, we've gotta suspend disbelief or we won't have a story. =)

In order to heal the wound created by Rose's interference, the cosmos dispatches a legion of Tommyknocker-esque spacetime antibodies, dead set on sterilizing the damaged area, specifically, humanity on Earth in the year 1987. When the Doctor returns to the TARDIS, presumably to jump to a point in time when he could return its flow to its correct path, he finds that the tesseract is gone! The police box interior is simply... an empty police box. The Doctor is NOT pleased to find himself trapped with the monkeys, but what's a Timelord to do? He and Rose regroup and rally to protect a small group of survivors in an old chapel, but without the TARDIS, they can do nothing to change and fix history...

While the Doctor brainstorms, Rose gets to know her parents better, and worse...

I really fell hard for the obligatory "no man is an island" explanation of the significance of the life of an average, "unimportant" fellow doing his own little thing day after day for as long as he does it. The Doctor also expresses his admiration and even envy of these simple lives compared to his long-lived and adventure-filled own.

The Timelord science that governs this damage to the timestream, its cosmic treatment, and possible undoing is pretty simple and clever, with any rough edges hidden behind the word "Paradox." =) I very much appreciated it.

As Rose and the Doctor do their best to protect her parents from the mindbending truth of the cause of the wound, never mind Rose's identity, her father starts to put it all together on his own...

Frack, I really can't go on anymore without totally giving up the really fun bits of the story, but I will say those fun bits are classic, timeless (*groan* I know!), even.

In general, I've seen most of the SciFi broadcast episodes of this incarnation of the Doctor and find it to be as much fun as Tom Baker's stint back in the 80s. Honestly, I lost track of the Doctor in the bewteen time, sampling the post-Baker Docs in random episodes and TV movies on PBS.

I'll keep this episode saved on my replay a while. If anyone of my friends who reads this is interested, and is local, maybe I can have you over for a viewing before my saved-up OCs and SMALLVILLEs force me to kill it. =)

Keep on keepin on~

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

zombie shuffle...

I was in Davis Square Saturday night to catch LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN (a TON of cool noir fun) at the Somerville Theater. While I was waiting outside the theater for my friend Glen to show, I noticed that there were an unusual number of the undead in the people traffic in the area...

Even for Somerville.

I let myself get caught up in the zombie watching and didn't think to disturb any of the shambling corpses with questions as to their purpose or destination. Really, tho, what would've been the use? They're dead, they're ALL messed up, right? On top of that, I'm an EEjit for not snapping a few digital shots! I must've just been out of it, or caught too off guard by the spectacle and appreciation of it all.

And of course there was the danger of exhibiting independent thinking and behavior that would have marked me as one of the living, and thusly, a potential snack of brains tartar...

I got in maybe 15 minutes of zombie watching before Glen arrived and we went into the theater to hit the movie. I told myself that I'd definitely blog and/or google about the resurrected sightings, but curse my poor memory, I didn't think of the dead-alive "Thriller" video re-enactment again until I click-stumbled across a reference to it in the blog of hepcat gamer Russ...

...a friend of designfemme, with whom I've had the distinct FPS pleasure of exchanging virtual RPGs and Force shoves at LANbangs thrown by Mr. designfemme, aka Jeff.

From Russ's blog, I found links to photos from the event, with links off to a zombie mobilization website at, featuring reports, photos, videos, and a zomblog (check out the craigslist "Missed Connections").

Would've LOVED to have lurched w the crowd, altho I would've needed some help reanimating myself properly. I wish I'd known about this beforehand. Don't know if the halfways knew, but I think it would've been the most perfect thing to fill a screening of Ed Helms's ZOMBIE AMERICAN short film at the IFFB with some corpseriffic brothers and sisters, don't you?

Thanks to Russ, Christina, designfemme, George Romero, and Simon Pegg for sharing and contributing to the goodness of the zombie nation... =)

Keep on creepin on~

Super Mario Brothers LIVE!

Check out this re-enactment of level 1 Super Mario action! =)

And, in other "live action" Super Mario news...

Can you believe that there IS actually other "live action" Super Mario news...?

Some teens in Ohio constructed and placed some power-up boxes in public spaces around their town for April 1. Unfortunately, their inspired work caused a bit of alarm.

The same kind raised by a recent MI-3 promotion... But I don't think anyone's being held or penalized for the newsstand shenanigans...?

Thanks mucho to Paris Jen and Gordie for pointing me to the video! It warms the heart to see today's kids honoring and appreciating traditional videogame values.

Keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006