Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spider-Man - The Original Web Surfer

This is my entry in the WeLoveFine Spider-Verse Design Contest: The Original Web Surfer

Conceived in the spirit of punny Peter Parker's gifted gab, the idea is that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man first swung into action in 1962, which would indubitably make him the first true web surfer, right?

He's *also* the first person to create the web digitally! Cuz—hey!—he used his digits to trigger his shooters, right?

This is the part where you groan in appreciation.

Well, if you don't hate the idea of seeing this design on a tee shirt, please rate it here—thanks!

And if you're a fan of any of the Spidey family and the heroes of the recent Spider-Verse crossover event, you should check out all of the fan-made designs.

Oh, Webhead is meant to be flashing his very own Twhip-Shaka while hanging ten on his webs, not throwing a double goat. =)

* Note that you need to be signed in via WeLoveFine, Steam, or the Facebooks to rate designs. The rating period is open from September 22 thru October 20, 2015.

Keep on thwippin' on~