Sunday, September 30, 2007

Make it a double! Donate to the Brattle *TODAY*

The Brattle Film Foundation's Fall Fundraising Challenge (say that three times fast) ENDS TODAY! So please, give a little now to this most excellent theater, and, thanks to a generous matching challenge grant, have it count double! Be twice as nice!

Really, any little somethin somethin, y'know? What Lane owes the paperboy—(I want my) $2— will get the Brattle $4. The typical price of a movie ticket today—$10 (wrong as it may be)—will get the theater $20. Throw in a popcorn and soda combo—make it $20—will get $40! You see the power of this? Donate today, and make it a double!

And my offer to take a donor for a free flick at the Brattle still stands!

Well, okay, there is a hidden cost... You have to go with me. Nyeah. : P

And speaking of doubling, check out the three days of kickass cult double features kicking off October at the Brattle!

Please give if you're feelin it, and many thanks for supporting my favorite dealer! =)

Keep on keepin on~

p.s. The Brattle Theatre/Brattle Film Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all of your donation, and part of your membership fee, is tax deductible!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

i went to the doctor...

closer i am to fine...

(and pretty grody, too, eh?)

closer, but not quite there, that's for sure, as the doc says no vball for another month at least. no lifting, pushing, moving anything heavy (use my judgement, ha! =). no twisting, a la sticky door handle or knob, unscrewing a tight jar lid, or using the likes of a wrench of screwdriver. nothing that requires torque from my arm. that's for a month, at least. no prescribed rehab, tho, provided i don't run into any severe difficulty in readjustment, regaining range of motion.

thanks to jeannie and doc D for my freedom! =)

maybe i'll go the beach before it gets truly fall-y.

keep on keepin on~

halo 3 (and harvard) hack...

does this version of the statue have three lies as well...?

i'm not a halo player. regardless, pretty freakin cool, heh.

question for any master chiefs out there. i saw a clip of something that looked like game intro video to the new game, or maybe something promotional?, and it's got female voiceover describing how the player was chosen for his role, whatever it's to be, because of his luck. is that—luck—an actual, like, feature or power? if in fact it is, well, if larry niven didnt get a little credit before, he should definitely get some now.

while i'm pretty sure that dyson came up with the sort of parent concept of a halo, i'm partial to larry niven cuz of his fictional application of the concept as the ringworld in his known space series of RINGWORLD books, in which he also put forth the most excellent idea of breeding for luck.

just sayin'

thanks to paris jen rn for directions to the fun. =)

keep on keepin on~

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

wanna be in pictures this saturday?

passing along a casting call from super somervillain anna...


The SomerVillains are casting a 2-3 minute comedic short on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 in North Cambridge.

ACTORS: email your headshot / resume / web page or whatever you have, and we'll send you a shooting script.

If interested, SEND AN EMAIL to: annacallahan(at)
Include in the email: which part you'd be interested and have ATTIRE for:

* 7 or 9 bohemian-looking filmmakers;
* 7 or 9 old-money looking film distributors/lawyers;
* a large group of independent filmmakers (who save the day).

The shoot is all volunteer, so this is not a paid gig.


keep on keepin on~

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Donate this Sept: your support of the Brattle is *doubled!*

more brattle boostering. the following is a micespace bulletin i posted for my approved friends. really, what other kinds of friends are worth having?
Donate to the Brattle!

In the past, I've harassed many of you to sponsor my Brattle Theater Movie Watch-A-Thon runs. Alas, the next sesson of 'thon madness isn't scheduled until fall of 2008, but in the meantime the Brattle is running other fundraising strategies, and I want to point you to one in particular—the Fall Fundraising Challenge—in the hopes of enticing you to contribute to the theater without my having to watch movies until my eyes bleed.

Not that I'm complaining, y'know... Good for the circulation, really.

Note that this isn't about supporting any personal competitive effort or stake of mine, as in the Watch-A-Thon scenario.  Rather, this is all about demonstrating your generosity, altruism, and cultural leadership by championing this little institute of film celebration, education, and preservation, confirming yet again the truth of all the hushed respectful whispers of your nobility and greatness...


Enough buttering? Okay, here's the low-down...

Thanks to a generous $10k challenge grant, every contribution made in the month of September to the Brattle Film Foundation—whether donation or membership—will be matched dollar for dollar.  Thusly will your donation firepower be doubled, like linking up with your stolen ship in Galaga (without the downside of becoming a bigger target of course)!

You can donate online by credit card at the Brattle site or via Firstgiving. You'll also find my longer spiel and some upcoming Brattle movie recommendations at my Firstgiving donation page.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to doubly support the Brattle! (Alas, donations remain only singly deductible on the ol' taxes, sorry.) There's just about a week remaining in the matching challenge, so please give now if you can. Thank you!

Keep on keepin on~

Saturday, September 22, 2007

2x Power Up! Donate to the Brattle this month!

throughout the month of september, the brattle film foundation benefits from a $10k challenge grant, matching donations and memberships dollar for dollar, effectively doubling anyone's contribution! it took me a while to motivate on getting the word out, between being stuck in my broken arm funk and a frantic schedule at work, but i've come up for air and managed a start at it, and hey, a week remains for people to act. more than enough time for a movie and a credit card transaction, no? you'll also find the following spiel at my firstgiving page as well.

For the past two years, this is the space I'd use to tell you about the extreme endurance test of blood, sweat, tears, and popcorn known as the Brattle Watch-A-Thon . Alas, this season, the 'thon is not to be run. Instead, the Brattle Film Foundation has other fundraising initiatives in place, and I'd like to highlight one in particular, and hope that you'll be inspired to participate.

For a limited time, your donations are matched!

Thanks to a generous $10,000 Challenge Grant, this month the Brattle Film Foundation is running its first-ever Fall Fundraising Challenge! This means that every contribution made to the foundation in the month of September is matched dollar for dollar. Only donations and *memberships!* made by September 30, 2007 will apply. You can donate via credit card thru my FirstGiving page, or at the Brattle website, and of course, at the theater itself. (Go go go! =)

Goodness at the Brattle...

If you'd like to "try before you buy," I urge you to check out the films in their current Recent Raves or What We Did On Your Summer Vacation 2 series, including SUNSHINE, GRINDHOUSE, and MY BEST FRIEND. Schedule willing, I'd be up for seeing almost all of the series (again, half of them =). Also, look ahead a week or so to Cult Double Vision, three days of no-brainer dream double features. In between, you can have your perspective altered and your consciousness raised by the GLOBAL VOICES United Nations Association Film Festival.

Hrmm... Boat not quite floating? how about an evening of live music with Throwing Muses and Belly rockers Kristin Hersh & Tanya Donelly? Uh huh. Take *that!*


Thank you for any little something you can give to help the Brattle...

...Keep on keepin on~ =)

p.s. Remember, funds matching applies only to contributions made in September, so please, donate now.

p.p.s. I'm told the Brattle Movie Watch-A-Thon will return in fall 2008. I shall come for you then, at the appointed time...

Friday, September 21, 2007

justice for the Jena 6

Martin Luther King: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Sign an online petition addressed to the louisiana governor and district attorney in support of the Jena 6.

thanks to erin for observing the day of action and sharing the story.

keep on keepin on~

Thursday, September 20, 2007

prank war!

jim: Have you seen this? Hilarious. Watch all of them.

thanks to jim for the spiteful laughs. =)

keep on keepin on~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Helen Hill

the latest edition of 02138 magazine online features a portrait of animatrix extraordinaire Helen Hill.

thanks to ellie for the headzup.

keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ambushed by fall...

it's chill enough now that i've gotta wear my long pantsy pjs. sunday was the first day all summer that i wore long pants, not counting weddings/formal occasions. *sigh* i suppose that technically, according to hallmark and the like, sunday wasn't any day of the summer at all, it being post labor day. boo. i'm refusing to give up the sandals, partly on stubborn principal/wishful thinking, partly cuz my castness makes shoeing myself were laces are involved less than expedient.

in past years, the weather's been kind enough to allow a nahant trip as late as columbus day weekend...

i'm just sayin~

still almost two weeks to go with the short arm cast. i'm on my second of the two cannisters i ordered and can feel it approaching empty. i ordered another couple cannisters of castblast this weekend.

my hair continues to grow wild, relatively speaking. i'm being a miser about paying for a shearing and for the past few days have sunk to a "product" solution, digging out the one bottle of gel i bought sometime in the 90s, maybe even back in college, and putting it to conservative use. never been a fan of the stuff.

this past saturday, i just couldn't take it anymore. those who know me know, i'm no neat freak, but i absolutely *had* to break out the vacuum and give my room and the hallway a decent suckin'. the process took a bit longer and was a lot noisier than usual. going lefty had me sweeping the vacuum by touch, donchaknow, bumping it into almost everything that it could bump into. and—bonus!—moving furniture and boxes or piles of stuff out of the way and then back was more of a chore as well.

can you tell i'm up late against my will? unable to get comfortable enough to fall asleep...? bleah.

you know what would make me really sad right now? the opening and/or closing credits to TAXI, the sitcom. next to the sad walking away hitchhiking theme from THE INCREDIBLE HULK, the saddest music on television...

keep on keepin on~

p.s. thanks to paris jen rn for some distractions, including some button-pushing archival televisional snacks, and a sad and serious visit to children in new orleans...

p.p.s. do you fancy a career in photography? in a discussion with superjess earlier today, career changing came up, which led me to dig up this gem...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

i liked her debut album...

i was told that i should check out britney's mtv vma performance. i definitely have a pop culture sweet tooth, and altho i don't go out of my way to see and experience all that's "hip" and "happenin" w the kids today, well... i like to keep my finger on the pulse... or at least on the bulb that you squeeze to check the blood pressure, y'know?

and i really did like her first album of cheetos, when she was singing about (being trapped in) really f'd up abusive relationships in her little schoolgirl persona. eleven tracks of cries for help... from the future, even it seems...

just listen to the lyrics, people!

so, i did as i was told and checked it out. what with the internet making it so easy and all, i really couldn't not, y'know? one viewing. pretty annoying and underwhelming. she does look way out of it. this was her "big comeback" event? the cutaways to the audience members and (non)reaction almost seemed mean-spirited. so not important, but maybe a little bit sad. apparently she's been raked over the coals for it? given the rules of the hyperreactive fishbowl of celebrity, and the performance she delivered, i suppose she's getting what she deserves. whatev (an interweb personality and britney superfan's vloggy reaction).

* the next day. ah, the power of the tubes of the internet... clicking about online, came across a certain petreus fan's defense of his performance, covered by keith olberman earlier this week.

me, i hafta live with knowing that i went and saw this before i saw things i sorta actually want to see. like the two SCOOBY DOO live action movies. sarah michelle and linda c., my apologies.

pork chop sandwiches!

keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

one-armed yack...

i interrupt your irregularly scheduled blog-o-ramble for a state of the forearm address...

so, i went in for another follow-up w the ortho doc on thursday. first thing they did was sit me in the cast room and break out the saw!  huzzah!  free at last!

once the fiberglass parasite was cracked apart, they let me scrub off some of the primordial ooze that had developed on my arm, but i couldn't do too much right then, as i had to go get my appendage x-rayed.  once i was done in radiology, i went back to the doc's office and a very excellent assistant sat me down at a computer monitor to show me the x-rays, and... she didn't seem all that excited.  i'd seen her on my earlier visits and she's been a great and sympathetic booster/cheerleader and friendly advisor, so, i had a hint this wasn't going to go as well as i'd hoped...

sure enough, when the doc came in to review the x-rays with me, he explained that there's not as much of a callus/new bone growth as he'd like in order to feel safe about having my arm unprotected and unrestricted.  and so, the forearm would have to be en-casted once more.  frickin frackin boo, dammit!

i kinda knew i was pushing my luck, hoping that i'd be healed up after six weeks in casts.  no mutant healing factor for me.  bleah.  the doc prescribed another short cast for another three weeks, til the end of september... frack.  that's just about the last nail in the coffin of summer, argh!

i told him i'd been suckin down calcium and vitamin d supplements in an effort to help healing, and asked if there was anything else i could do.  he explained that it sounds unfair and ironic, but if i'd had a more severe fracture, one that displaced the broken bone, the healing process would likely be faster than it currently is.  greater trauma and shock send the body's regenerative and healing capabilities into overdrive.

apparently, the body doesn't seem to recognize the mental anguish due to lack of volleyball as trauma.  stupid body.

well, the doc let me have another 10 minutes or so of freedom to give my withered limb a decent scrubbing before encasing it for another three weeks.  i managed to dislodge all of the visible colonies of whatnot (i think one had reached its industrial revolution, while the others were still mostly agrarian societies), and soap-and-watered off all the scales, until i was pretty much down to all new chicken skin, exposed to daylight for fleeting minutes before being sentenced once again to darkness.

i'm definitely gonna need some kind of rehab once i'm finally well-healed (not well-heeled, still waitin on my lottery numbers for that).  my arm in general is weak from almost two months of slackin, and my wrist and hand are way resistant to motion.  with the cast off, i could make a clenched fist again and it was neither easy nor comfortable.  and bending my wrist more than 15-20 degrees in any direction took a lot of effort, effort rewarded with pain.

i see a renaissance of bump setting in my future.

i didn't get a choice of color for the cast this time around, so i'm sporting the standard off-white fiberglass model.  y'know, i'd just about gotten used to the level of itching with the previous spinachy short cast (for those who hadn't seen it, it was green... i mean, the color of the actual fiberglass was green, not that the cast turned green : P).  or maybe it was that i was getting "short" that made it more acceptable over the last week or so.  now, tho, with a newly wrapped cast covering my fresh new epidermis, well, i'm not looking forward to going thru the itch cycle again.  it's made me surly.  or rather, surlier.  frickin frackin sazzafrazzzin...

it's only been a few days, but so far it hasn't been too bad.  perhaps i *am* used to it and able to ignore it or distract myself more easily, and maybe it won't get as ugly with the lowering temps of september.  sweat is definitely not a helper.

the extended sentence does suck, tho.  i was quietly hoping that this visit would be the end of the cast.  i had plans... big plans... i mean, i was gonna cut my hair (i've been buzzing my own cuts since january, and after two months without a shear, it's so very unruly)... i was gonna fold my laundry... i was gonna fry something, probably bacon, safely, with both hands free... i was gonna drive... i was gonna start putting things in my right pockets again...

i was gonna vacuum!

what?  just you try it on wood floors with carpets, rugs, and furniture using your opposite hand!  just you try...

*sigh* big plans...

but, y'know, basically, really i'm fine.  the cast is irritating, physically and metaphysically, but my arm's definitely feeling better now than six weeks ago.  lucky for me, my sister and rowan are around and patient enough to help when needed.  i like pizza.  i'm back at work at the office, altho still not exactly at top-speed.  coming back to vball is gonna be rough and not pretty, but i'm looking forward to it.  and without volleyball available to me, i'm able to indulge my other vice (which just happens to be a great air-conditioned distraction from itching), hittin the movies.  yeah, you probably didn't know that i like going to the movies, did you?  it's not like a secret or anything, i just don't talk about it very much.


keep on keepin on~

Monday, September 10, 2007

a rEVOLution?

i really like the "rEVOLution" type treatment/trick here...

this is the first bumper sticker, at least in recent memory, to motivate me to find out more about its message. note that i didn't actually spot it on a bumper, but saw it this morning stuck to a beam above the exit from the park street t stop downtown. a good/clever design goes a decent way to suckering me into anything. i think that the one i caught actually had "ron paul" in smaller type and "rEVOLution" blown up a bit, and no url. i'll try to get a photo tomorrow if i remember on my way out of the t.

* monday evening. got the shot. more LOVE, less paul, see? less paul, not les paul.

i'm mostly familiar with congressman ron paul and his campaign thru DAILY SHOW coverage and interviews (i don't recommend it as your exclusive news source, but... a spoonful of sugar, y'know). this "revolution" bit was something i hadn't seen or heard coined before. to my mind, it's too bad that such an appealing logo design is at work for a gop candidate. granted, the one who seems most liberal and sensible among the pack, but from what i've picked up of his platform, he's only gonna be a revolutionary choice for republicans. now, if only they would make that choice.

* Friday, September 14. Came across a WIRED write-up about how support for dr. paul is apparently big in tech industry, or as the article characterizes it, geeks...

hrmm... note to self: write up post about recent advertising encounters from my commute.

keep on keepin on~

Thursday, September 06, 2007

just call me "lefty"

it's a little amazing (and annoying) how much daily routine whatnot is governed by favored handedness. what follows is a list of challenges, difficulties, and anecdotes concerning life as a mostly-righty (i write and draw with my left, but do most everything else with my right) with a cast-encased broken right forearm... or... bitching, moaning, and/or whining. you decide.

pulling open doors, turning doorknobs, twisting door locks, inserting keys and twisting key locks, opening car doors, opening passenger side doors from the inside... i naturally do all these things with my right hand. i've had to reach and adjust to accomplish these little feats with my left. extra fun when i'm carrying something in one or both of my hands at the time!

eating with utensils. if asked about it before this injury, i would have said that i'm not really handed in my eating habits, but simply have a *preference* for using my right, thinking that it's a very basic move, involving simple motion and nothing all that precision, y'know? well, i would have been wrong. i'm definitely right handed when it comes to using a fork or spoon. i manage allright with my left, but not without working at it. spooning soup or something like fried rice can be tricky with the off hand. i have to watch my hand and the spoon in it to make sure i'm not gonna spill or lose any of what i've scooped before the plane makes a successful landing. with my right hand, i wouldn't eyeball it at all, much less think about it. gotta say, it definitely subtracts from the satisfaction of eating. because of this, i've had some pizza almost every day since i broke my arm. burgers, sandwiches, fries, all manner of breaded boneless chicken pieces and shapes, and popcorn are all enjoyable one-handed eating. fajitas, not so much.

brushing my teeth left-handed. gotta be careful and think about how i'm holding the toothbrush. took a while to calibrate so that i would accurately be brushing my teeth vs my gumline. when i went at it without caution early on i made a good go at lodging my toothbrush in my sinus.

q-tipping my right ear using my left hand. after several weeks, i still haven't really gotten the hang of this. absolutely have go slow. it's a very tricky maneuver and if you're even a little too enthusiastic, goodbye eardrum! however, once in there, with a slight manipulation into the grey matter, you can send yourself into a lively uncontrolled jig.

mousing with my left hand. not all that awful. i trained myself a few years back to mouse left-handed to better play some first person shooters. i'd begun my fps career as a strictly keyboard player, and some of my instinctive finger-on-keyboard habits couldn't be broken, keeping me from learning to play with the mouse as a righty. i discovered that i could break the left hand of the keyboard conventions without too much difficulty, tho, and began to mouse as a lefty when i gamed. it's been a couple years since i've regularly indulged in rocket launcher fun, but i think it took me maybe a week to get to a decently precise practice of lefty mousing for non-gaming. with the long cast, mouse and keyboard work was very taxing. i'd only be using my left hand, and to manage modified clicks, i'd hafta swing my encased right arm over the keyboard. very tiring stuff. with the short cast, it's much easier, but still requires some odd positioning of the shoulder, so still tiring, but not so quickly.

wardrobe adjustments. with the long cast on, i avoided pants and shirts with buttons/buttonholes and zippers. the long cast basically reduced the range of my right hand and fingers to a fixed distance describing circles with my shoulder as the center. you can imagine how few buttons on garments would naturally coincide with any of those circles. so it was tee shirts and gym shorts whenever possible. lucky for me, i was able to work from home for almost all the time i had the long cast on. once i got upgraded to the short cast, i could re-introduce claspy clothing, although small buttons are still a chore, as my hand and fingers are still not capable of their full range of motion, restricted by the spinach fiberglass.

reading books while reclined or lying down is a pain, cuz i can't easily hold up/back the right side of the open book, not for long at a comfortable reading distance.

folding laundry is a chore of a chore. my clothes for the past month and a half have been even more wrinked than usual.

carrying a large popcorn and soda from the concession stand to the theater was way tricky with the long cast. easier now with the short one. on my way into SUNSHINE at the kendall, i ended up having to yank the door to the room open using my foot. there was an usher within earshot, but as a not so hard and fast rule, i've tried to tackle everything in my day-to-day without asking for help unless absolutely necessary. for the most part, however, when help's been offered, i've taken it. one clumsy result of this useless stubborn attitude was the dumping of half a bucket of popcorn into my sister's bag during a movie. d'oh!

showering, and drying, with just my left arm. the plastic bagging and sealing of the cast before a shower was a very annoying chore. especially since it had to be done, of course, one-handed. in the shower, i'd hafta hold my right arm up, usually leaning thru the cast onto the tiled wall. early on, my hair was still very short, and i let myself get away with just using soap to wash my hair. this year, since jan 1, i've been cutting my own hair, and it works out that i need a new buzz every 4 weeks, 5 max. however, since the injury, i haven't been able to give myself a buzz w the clippers, and over the last couple weeks, it's been something of a mess. not awful, and not really long, but long enough of a grown out buzz cut, that it's just not sharp looking, y'know? it's supposed to be sluggo, not play-doh barbershop. anyhow, i've felt the need to go w shampoo since it's gotten all unruly, and getting shampoo out of a bottle into your hand and onto your head, without compromising the bottle, it's a task one-handed. also, my right arm may be turning psychadelic colors under the cotton and fiberglass in the weeks since the fracture, but my left arm, you'll realize, hasn't experienced the touch of scrubbing soap bubbles for just as long.

incidentally, since i've gotten the short cast, the skin on my right arm has been peeling away in small pieces and flakes. most noticeably, and alarmingly, from my hand, starting from within the cast, and traveling out towards my fingertips. you can see a craggy line between the darker skin of my fingers and the pinker or whiter skin close to the edges of the cast. bleah. it looks like ghastly special effects work.

i tell myself that once i've got the cast removed, i'll make an effort to keep in the habit of switching things up in a regular way, handedness-wise. brush with my right every other day and my left on the days between, y'know? it sounds good in theory, and off-handedness should stimulate typically unexercised parts of the brain matter, or so my barely remembered high school health class teachings tell me... or was it a nova on pbs? or perhaps second or third-hand info from a random discussion...? whether i'll stick with it. well, given my history, i'd say it's unlikely, honestly. hohum. we shall see.

keep on keepin on~

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

IFC free film fest is on in boston

what that means for boston locals: the coen brothers' RAISING ARIZONA plays tonight, THE PRINCESS BRIDE plays tomorrow, and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE on thursday evening, all under the stars at the trinity church in the copley area downtown, across from the boston public library. musical entertainment is scheduled as part of the pre-show activities. check out the film fest site for details as well as other screening dates in other cities.

keep on keepin on~