Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Colbert SuperPAC...

After watching coverage of the context clippage by the right (by talking heads and in campaign ads) of Obama's very reasonable, fundamental, and completely correct description of how any business gets started in America, I got in my head that Colbert's superPAC might float an enlightening demonstration of the ridiculousness of the tactic...
Dear Colbert SuperPAC---

In regards to the out-of-context-taking of "You didn't build that" by the Romney campaign (or supporting superPACs?), would the Colbert SuperPAC consider producing a response ad that stitches together word- and phrase-sized soundbites of Romney set to a beat to re-create "Call Me, Maybe?"

"Con-Text Me, Maybe?"

Or maybe it could be a sorta non-partisan issue ad that stitches together bites from both Romney and Obama to re-create... I dunno... "Summer Lovin'?" Something from ROCKY HORROR? Or the original/complete "This Land Is Your Land?"

Or... go non-musical and re-create Gekko's "Greed" speech or Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth" tirade, with an end-credit "We don't need no sticking badges"...? I'll take my answer off the air. Thanks for your continued awesomnitude!
THE DAILY SHOW - "Back In Black" - 7/24/2012.
THE DAILY SHOW - 7/25/2012.

Also, *love* the Daffy Duck cameo in the "Moment Of Zen" =)

Keep on keepin on~