Saturday, April 26, 2008

IFFB: see the films, directors, and stars!

This weekend the IFFB's got screenings at the Somerville, Brattle, and Coolidge Corner theaters with the films' talented directors and actresses attending and speaking. Check out the details at the IFFB blog.

*Dozens* of screenings of kickass narratives, documentaries, and shorts remain, running thru Tuesday night. See trailers on the IFFB home page and click to check out listings and buy tix online.

If a show is marked as sold out online, there may still be tix available at the box office, and a block of rush tickets are always held back for sale 10 minutes before showtime. MAN, I saw SECOND SKIN last night and it was moved last-minute from one of the four side theaters to the main auditorium, theater one, and unfortunately, ticketing couldn't make up the seating difference. Really too bad, cuz the film was a ton of fun—a very entertaining and even-handed (at least to me) series of profiles of MMORPGamers online and in the so-called real world. You might've heard an interview w the filmmakers on NPR this week. Good crack.

My "plan," in analog form...

Here it is in digital. =)

Really, do check out the listings. There are some movies here that you might not see otherwise, some fun and intriguing documentaries, including THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE (about the construction of the first "green" building in South Boston), WE ARE WIZARDS (about the phenomenon of Harry Potter fandom), DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH (a profile of outspoken and freakishly talented writer Harlan Ellison), NERDCORE RISING (a sampling of the nerdcore hip-hop movement), CRAWFORD (about what happens to this little Texas town when a certain part-time resident starts bringing his work home w him)... and *MORE*

(I only rattled off the ones from the top of my noggin—it really is all good)!

IFFB's "After Dark" selections (all of which I'm planning to hit =):

HK action and drama by three—count 'em, three—directors in one movie! TRIANGLE! Midnight tonight at Coolidge Corner.

The movie that dares to say, "YES! Blood for oil!" Cuz gas is expensive, but blood is cheap! BLOOD CAR! Blood, boobs, and bullets all feature prominently in this could've-been cautionary tale of the near future disguised as an uneven, but at times, rudely hilarious B-movie. =) Midnight tonight at the Brattle.

Bone-crunching mixed martial arts madness starring Donnie Yen—FLASH POINT! Caught this last night, and I thought it could've used some editing down, heavier on the skull-busting and lighter on the everything else, but the skull-busting is pretty frickin satisfying =) Midnight tonight at Somerville.

TIME CRIMES. A man accidentally travels into his recent past, setting off a series of encounters with f'd up ramifications. Plays Sunday at 10pm at Somerville.

Keep on keepin on~

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