Friday, May 16, 2008

I made a funny!

On my walk to the T this morning, I came up with a dumb joke.

What do you call a guy with flat feet?

Give up?


Whaddyathink, huh? Pretty hilarious, right?

I sorta mixed up two classic comic bits to make the magic happen. You know how people get nicknamed with an ironic descriptor? Like how the big pilot guy of the Phoenix on BATTLE OF THE PLANETS (aka GATCHAMAN) is called Tiny? Or how I get called jerko all the time? Or the thug who lost his left hand some violent way gets called Lefty? Or wait, does he get called Lefty because he lost his RIGHT hand and now only has his left hand?

Nuts. I'm not sure.

In any case, ironic and funny stuff!

And then there's those jokes where you ask "What do you call a guy/girl...?" And the name basically says what the guy or girl is, like...

What do you call a girl with one leg?


Get it? "I lean!" Cuz she's only got one leg, so she's always gonna be leaning! Unless she's sitting, I guess. Or lying down. But y'know, for the sake of the laugh, we're gonna assume that despite her physical challenge, she would prefer to stand.


What do you call a guy who's dead?

Corpsey! See? He's dead, so he's a corpse!

The joke came together kinda backwards. I passed by this "Missing" poster for a lost orange tabby cat named Archie, and I got to thinking about whether that would be a good name for a kid, and then wondered like Homer about all the ways other kids could make fun of him based on his name (remember, he thought Bart would be perfect cuz no one could think of ANYthing to tease about with that name =), and I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head, but wondered about the name on its own and just how could it be used without any changes in a mean way, and I came up with the flat feet thing.

Hrmm... Now that I think about it, these two comic elements, the "what do you call?" set-up with this descriptive jokey expectation, and the ironic nickname answer delivering the opposite of that funny expectation, they kind of cancel each other out, eh? I guess it should really be...

What do you call a guy with feet that aren't flat?


Ha, take that, people with arches! Oh yeah, that's the stuff! Yeah, I'm a frickin comic genius!

Or something.

Just thought I'd share.

Keep on keepin on~

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zorknapp said...

I just have to share that I actually did snort at the "Archy" joke.

That is all.