Thursday, August 07, 2008

a recent post script...

The following can be found at the end of a recent email I sent out to friends. It's the closest thing to a blog post I've spontaneously produced in weeks, so I now, slackerly, present it here. Blërg.

DONATE to or JOIN the Brattle Theater and help support my moviegoing illness! =)

This weekend at the Brattle, it's Charlie Chaplin's MONSIEUR VERDOUX and Dr. Who's DOCTOR WHO! I hafta admit, nerdboy wannabe that I am, I'm just a little more excited about the DOCTOR WHO offerings. =)

Don't get me wrong. I will see both programs if I can. VERDOUX looks wonderfully dark. =) Let me know if you're interested and looking for a spotter.

I was a fan of chunks of the Tom Baker years (thank you WWOR channel 9 out of NYC), even picked up some runs of the comic books, but I hafta say, since the show's returned, I've been watching faithfully (a little behind the curve, on SciFi Fridays), and digging it more and more. The Brattle's "Hooked on Who!" program features two full storylines from the Baker years, one scripted by Douglas Adams, and one episode each of the two most recent incarnations, Christopher Eccleston (HEROES invisible dude) and David Tennant (a real life elf, I'm pretty sure).

Hey, Fake Thomas Jefferson! I was a bit off on my assumption that Dove single-handedly brought Dr. Horrible back online. Apparently, DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG is in the Hulu pipeline and a host of their advertisers are sponsoring its continued online Goodness. Conjured by BUFFY / ANGEL / FIREFLY creator Joss Whedon and starring Doogie Howser, MD and Captain Malcolm Reynolds! CHECK IT OUT!

Holy fr2ck! The motion picture sequel to TRON looks to be frickin amazing! =)
Keep on keepin on~

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