Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 documentaries to check out in the Boston area tonight...

I am burdened with volleyball this evening, so I won't be able to attend any of these (again) myself, but wanted to alert you all to the options. Go on your own and share with friends, pass the info on if you can't make it, or round up a posse, grab some food and drink after, and discuss. =)

Tonight (Thursday) is the LAST opportunity to see THREE intriguing and entertaining documentaries playing in the Boston area...

TROUBLE THE WATER—which covers the tragedy and aftermath of hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans, featuring survivor home video shot in N.O. from the day before the storm to months after—screening at Kendall Square...

SECRECY—which shines a light on the dark and shadowy history of government secrecy, from Pearl Harbor to Gitmo—screening at the Brattle and...

on the lighter side, ENLIGHTEN UP!—a skeptic's journey into the world of yoga—also at Kendall Square...

Trailer | Kendall Square Cinema
This film documents the impact of hurricane Katrina on the lives of a handful of citizens of New Orleans. It begins with handicam footage of the initial devastation wrought by Katrina and follows a couple of survivors in the aftermath, returning to N.O., attempting to start over in the wake of the storm, despite the repeated failures of their government. Aggravating, eye-opening, and inspiring, the film is more personal than I expected, focusing on the experiences of this young couple, their neighbors, and fellow survivors. Their personalities and spirit keep the tenor of things light and hopeful even in the worst of situations. It's not as big-picture political as I thought it would be, but in friendly encounters w relief workers and soldiers at the street level, intercut with national news from the day, definitely hits on the screw-ups and disconnects between the government, military, and their leadership with the lives of the people they serve. Definitely recommend it as a reminder (not that most should need it) of how big our country is and how its government seems to have been so out of touch with the lives and needs of its people for the past few years.

Trailer | Brattle listing
Directors will be present for Q&A at 8pm show.
(copy/paste of the Brattle blurb follows)
Harvard professors Moss and Galison deliver this thoroughly engaging documentary about the history of government secrecy in the United States. Using a combination of interviews, archival and artistic footage and interweaving multiple storylines, SECRECY paints an at-times disturbing picture that still manages to touch compellingly on all sides of the issue. Though an emphasis is put on the damage done by and consequences of keeping secrets, there is considerable attention given to the benefit of the various 'Alphabet Agencies' and the sensible use of the Top Secret stamp. Touching on events from the military incidents that helped to create many of the laws governing state secrets to Pearl Harbor to 9/11, Guantanamo, Iraq and beyond, SECRECY's strength lies in its ability to combine facts and figures with dramatic stories and characters - notably military lawyer Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift who successfully defended Gitmo prisoner Salim Hamdan.

Trailer | Kendall Square Cinema
Director will probably be present for Q&A after 7.15pm show.
For an intriguing and eye-opening whirlwind tour of the many flavors of yoga in the world today, join journalist and skeptic Nick on his quest for transformation, which takes him from the spas and studios of New York City, USA, to the schools, institutes, and gurus of Mysore, India. It's a helluva survey of the modern yoga landscape and a pretty entertaining over-the-shoulder look at an individual (or individuals) on a journey of self/knowledge. The director's been appearing at the 7.15 shows for Q&A as well as yoga lifestyle product gift bag giveaways. If you do see her, ask her for me...

...Has she had a "breakthrough moment" of her own?

...What would she and/or Nick would say about what appears to be a breakthrough moment of his own in the film? Is this moment/realization a result of his practice, his environment, some combination of both, or something else entirely?

Also... can he now put into words his thoughts on the boat on the river?

And now, a bonus headzup to all y'all, my kindly marks—Whoops, marks? Friends! I mean all my friends, all my dynamic, attractive, charming, and so very generous friends—I'll be "running" again soon in the Brattle Theater Movie Watch-A-Thon, and would be very appreciative of your (tax-deductible! ) support for me and my favorite little drug dealer of a theater. A more detailed and rambling solicitation will follow in the next few days. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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