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LOST: A wise man once said that war was coming to this island, I think it just got here.

6.10: "The Package"

(Read on for some scattin' and bee-boppin' on events and revelations inside the snowglobe, aka in LOST1/the original timeline on the Island. Our visit with the not-Kwons outside the snowglobe, in LOST2/the alternate timeline just didn't do much for me. Foo.)


So, what exactly is up with Esau's trade-and-collect mentality regarding our Losties?
ESAU: I know you and I haven't had time to talk, but I was wondering if James had filled you in on what I showed him at the cliffs?
JIN: You mean the cave? The one with the names on the wall?
ESAU: Most of the names have been crossed off now. There are just a few left. Kwon is one of them.
JIN: Does that mean me or Sun?
ESAU: Well Jin, I'm not sure. But what it does mean is that the only way we can leave the island is if all the names that haven't been crossed off go together.
CLAIRE: So... was my name on the wall?
CLAIRE: Then it doesn't matter if I get on that plane then. I mean you don't... You don't need me—
ESAU: No. That's not true, Claire. I need you. And there's plenty of room on that plane for all of us.
CLAIRE: Now when we go home, Aaron's not going to know me. Stranger to my own son. He thinks Kate's his mother. Was her name on the wall?
ESAU: No, Claire, it isn't. Not anymore. But I need Kate.
ESAU: Because I'm three people shy of getting off this island, and Kate can help me get these people on that plane. But... once she does... then, whatever happens, happens.
Esau does not call them Candidates, even tho he called them that when he spoke to Sawyer in the cave. Here, he refers to names on the wall that have not been crossed out, which means the Numbers, minus 4 - Locke. If it IS the Candidates that he's after, that works for me, because in order to "win," since he can't kill them, he'd need to them to leave the Island before or with him, and, in accordance with the apparent Rules, voluntarily.

Or, could he be referring to a different collection of Losties? Is his escape plan based on another voodoo/proxy situation, like mapping the Ajira 316 flight to Oceanic 815? Does Esau need to recreate the scenario of the helicopter leaving the Island three years ago? Who was in the chopper? Let's see...

Compare the Oceanic 6 and friends on the chopper...
  • 8 - Reyes
  • 16 - Jarrah
  • 23 - Shephard
  • 42 - Kwon
  • 51 - Austen
  • 131 - Littleton (meaning Aaron)
  • (Lapidus)
  • (Hume)
... to the Numbers...
  • 4 - Locke
  • 8 - Reyes
  • 15 - Ford
  • 16 - Jarrah
  • 23 - Shephard
  • 42 - Kwon
Esau says that he's three people short. Is that with or without Jin? Currently in his camp are...
  • Ford - Candidate, not crossed out on the wall
  • Jin Kwon - might-as-well-be Candidate, not crossed out on the wall
  • Austen - Candidate?, name not seen on the wall, not crossed out on the Lighthouse dial
  • Littleton - Infected, crossed out on the wall
  • Jarrah - Infected, but not crossed out on the wall, still technically a Candidate by the Rules?
... and absent are...
  • Reyes - Candidate, not crossed out on the wall
  • Shephard - Candidate, not crossed out on the wall
  • Sun Kwon - might-as-well-be Candidate, not crossed out on the wall
Interesting... Collecting these absent three would complete both the Numbers set AND the chopper set.

Maybe Jacob's set Esau up to fail, trap, or destroy himself by keeping certain names off his list. If Esau attempts to leave before or without all of the Candidates, the Rules might deliver a harsh penalty, eh?

My money's on pilot Frank Lapidus. =)
MILES: Play your card, captain.

Infection manifests itself differently in different individuals.
SAYID: I don't feel anything.
ESAU: Excuse me?
SAYID: Anger. Happiness. Pain. I don't feel it anymore.
ESAU: Maybe that's best, Sayid. It'll help you get through what's coming.
Claire certainly feels things, tho, eh? I think Infection interacts uniquely with each host's personality, morality, and if there is an actual pathology to it, brain chemistry. In broad strokes, it has turned Sayid, a passionate and robust man of action, into an emotionless and insensate one, and Claire, a modest, unassuming young woman, into a fiery, aggressive, and antagonistic scrapper.


Tina Fey—Holy crap I just realized that she's that annoying LA LAWyer that I might've crushed on just a bit way back when—right? Wack!—wants Jin's help with an old DI map of EM pockets on the Island. Apparently she needs Jin to get some details that the maps themselves don't readily provide. The revelation of the location of a potential weapon against or weakness of Esau? Part of a reality-bending or snowglobe-shattering strategy?

Apparently Tina jumped the gun on grabbing Jin. Widmore refers to a timetable that didn't have Jin joining them for days. So, we know things are not quite going as planned, that Widmore's designs and forces may be rushed into a final conflict, cuz, how much fun would it be if it all went by the *ahem* numbers, right?

Nice of Charles to give Jin Sun's digital camera w the pics of Ji Yeon. Would love for one of the photos to unwittingly hold a secret or revelation, but I won't hold my breath.

Kind of kooky to realize that Sun's gone toe-to-toe with Widmore off-Island, while Jin was living on the Island as part of the DI while Charles was Leader of the Others. Wheee!~

The last we see of Charles and Jin, Widmore is going to take him to see the package, our man Desmond.

This seems Important. But why?

I mean, what do you get when you do the math: Jin + Desmond?


Their team-up interaction so far has been very limited. Granted, they'd make a formidable team-up, but why are Widmore, Tina, and the nerd commandos so keen to grab Jin, specifically (they scheduled his abduction), and introduce him to the Package, brother Dez?

The most time Jin and Dez spent together, the most significant LOST time, was on Widmore's freighter. Together with Michael, they figured out how to slow down the detonation of the C4. Desmond and Jin attempted to disarm the bomb while Michael supercooled the battery. But... so what?

Desmond + Jin. They are new fathers, of Charlie and Ji Yeon. They are unwanted but suffered suitors of the daughters of powerful men. Desmond is a spacetime x-factor. Jin... He is half of the Kwons... Remember his vows...?
JIN: I wrote mine down. We will never be apart, because being apart would be like the sky being apart from the earth. With this ring, I make my promises.
A stretch, but does their union keep some cosmic force in harmony? Was their separation a "cause" of the time skipping phenomenon? I *love* that his vows so poetically describe what eventually happened.

Tina produces maps from the DI with Jin's signature. That fits if it's a map of the grid search, but would a security officer need to sign off on surveys of exotic energy and weird phenomena? Or was the grid search done under the guise of the EM survey? Isn't THAT what they'd be interested in, if anything? Or maybe they're interested in what they DIDN'T find in their grid search? Rose and Bernard? I can imagine their bodies, living or dead, possessing spacetime anomalous abilities or energies, having been displaced for so long. That would be something, if people and items dropped into the timestream without returning became Special... Hrmm...

Jin was displaced for three years. Maybe he's collected some kind of exotic energetic residue. Maybe combined with Desmond's spacetime X-factor, they can read or influence time, use Jin's exposure to trigger or tune Desmond's ability...?


While Sun is in her garden, Esau approaches her to explain that he can take her to Jin. She runs from him and ends up knocking herself out, suffering a form of aphasia in the process. The condition mirrors her linguistic predicament from when they first arrived on the Island, understanding English, but unable (by her own decision), to speak anything but Korean.

It's interesting, and a kind of consistent, that Esau leaves her to recover and rejoin Ilana's group, when he could easily have carried her off and back to his camp.
ESAU: Those people were confused. They were lied to. I didn't want to hurt them. Any one of them could have chosen to come with me. And I'm giving you that choice, Sun... right now. I would never make you do anything against your will. I'm asking you. Please. Come with me. Jin is waiting.

With the Rules governing everything, intent and consent matter. So, his recruits must CHOOSE or CONSENT to join him or their help may be useless, ineffective, impotent.

SAWYER: What do you need a boat for? Can't you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?
ESAU: Do you think if I could do that I would still be on this island?
SAWYER: No, 'cause that would be ridiculous...
From this lovely exchange, it sounds like the Smoke Monster can't cross over water, a fun undead/ghost-like restriction of yore, eh? But I'm thinking that it may mean that Esau, according to the Rules, can't turn into the Monster when he's not on the main Island. What do you think? And what does that mean for his existence, post-escape? Or will the Rules break down completely once he breaks out of the snowglobe?

Does this mean that while Easu's on Hydra Island, in Locke's form, he can be hurt? Well, maybe not hurt, but, y'know, disabled? Like, drawn and quartered? Unable to jump into his Monster form, Esau would be physically helpless as long as he couldn't reunite his dismembered self, right?

Awesome. =)

WIDMORE: Obviously you're not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night.
ESAU: I think you know more than that judging by these pylons.
WIDMORE: Why did you come here?
ESAU: You took one of my people, Jin Kwon.
WIDMORE: I have no idea what you're talking about.
ESAU: A wise man once said that war was coming to this island, I think it just got here.
I love that Esau draws on Locke's memory to quote Widmore regarding the war. It's too bad he didn't follow up with some remark about the "wrong side" winning, tho.

So, if we're to take Charles at his word, it seems like many Others could live their whole Island life without encountering the Monster, or at least, KNOWING they've encountered the Monster (I can imagine the Monster appearing to Others in borrowed bodies to mess with them, perhaps before the Others had learned some or any of the Rules). Esau was like the Others' boogedy man. =)

How about that sonic fence, eh? Widmore's people replicating DI technology. Given his resources, not big whup. But I like to think that it's a sign that he played a part in the DI's presence on the Island in the first place, using his Other Leadership position and his developing off-Island network and cred to make it happen.

Pylons, heh. I still love that that word crossed over from LAND OF THE LOST so readily. =)


It's a little thing. But it's ANOTHER little thing...
SAWYER: Where'd you go?
KATE: What?
SAWYER: Looked like your brain took a little stroll.
Where DID she go? Into the tunnel with Choo-choo?

I haven't sussed enough out to even make a decent crazy talk theory, but Kate's in on Something. Off the top of my head, there's "Catch A Falling Star," "Choo-choo," and now this astral projection or whatever it is. Was she in contact with her half-brother Jack via the Force?

Does she have an Ability that she's successfully hidden from everyone? Or employs so instinctively that it doesn't register as an Ability to anyone else, or even herself? Is she... lucky? Maybe not necessarily Good lucky, but against-the-odds lucky, y'know, in a Scarlett Witch sort of way? That would be pretty interesting. I mean, an Ability like that would help her, instinctively, get out of all kinds of jams. But as soon as she was in a situation that was the least bit comfortable and stable, that same luck would also lead to upsetting it. Hrmm...

Maybe she's Infected. Maybe she has been for some time. I like it, but... I don't like it, cuz I really don't like the idea of an Infected individual walking around off-Island without leading to a seriously bad Big Bad... unless... Maybe you can be a non-contagious host to Infection? Unless you have some kind of psychic ability, you can be Infected but not spread Infection. Hrmm... OK. If we allow for that (which I guess I sorta did when I was theorizing about Aaron's Infection), then yeah, okay, I like it and I like it. Maybe Kate's Infected and has been for a long time.

Maybe she's playing host to someone else's psyche, riding shotgun with her since, oh... Locke's death?

JACK: That's one stubborn tomato. Guess no-one told it it was supposed to die.
A clunky unknowing allusion to Ji Yeon?


Again with the mirror, and the cuts. On the plane, while looking in the bathroom mirror, Jack tends to what seems to be a shaving nick. At home, he seems mystified by his appendectomy scar. In the LAPD locker room, Sawyer smashes a mirror in frustration. This time, in her hotel room, Sun seems caught by surprise by something in her reflection. It almost seems like a reaction to the cut she gives herself in LOST1, in the snowglobe, while pulling weeds from her garden.

The lighthouse mirrors. THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Through a glass, darkly...


I forget if I mentioned this, but I would love to see an EVIL DEAD 2 scene play out in the midst of the final conflict. In EVIL DEAD 2, Ash is taken by the evil dead for a while, but when he finds the weird monocle pendant he gave to his girlfriend, his love for her purges him of evil deadness. Now, substitute Infected Claire for possessed Ash and Charlie's DS ring for the girlfriend's pendant. Kind of a stretch, as Claire never found the ring that Charlie left for her and Aaron, but hey, what does love care about details and continuity, right?

What would happen if Esau, in Locke's form, turned the wheel? What would happen if any Candidate turned the wheel?

What if Desmond's LOST1 time jumps are actually time jump-overs into LOST2? I started trying to trace the possibility, but it kind of falls apart pretty fast. It's too bad, cuz that would help explain some of the inconsistencies, aka writers' conveniences, in the ripples that we would expect, but don't see, as a result of Desmond's droppings in the time stream. O well...

With Desmond back on the scene, I'm looking forward to more of him (SOMEhow) in the reality of LOST2, hopefully interacting with Libby, Jack, Kelvin, Penny, Widmore, and maybe Daniel and Eloise. What would he be in a better of all possible worlds? Supermodel-adventurer and self-help guru? =)

I like Jack's true believing 'do.

Keep on keepin on~

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