Sunday, January 30, 2011

ColberTron: Legacy!

My latest response to Stephen Colbert's THE COLBERT REPORT "Art Me Up Challenge"...

Greetings, Programs!

Because I couldn't wait another 30 years, and neither could no one else... Here's my not-at-all anticipated, more expensive, slightly better sequel to COLBERTRON...

I give you...


Or should that be... COLBERTRON: LEGGY? Games grid? More like GAMS grid! Wah wah wah!~

Colbert, or Quolbert...?

Note the WristsTRONg bracelet, for added defense against wristal deresolution. (Quorra should've been wearing hers!)

And yes, on the mantel you see his digital brass icosahedrons, otherwise known as ColberTron's bits, heh.

End of line.

Keep on beepin on~

p.s. If you missed the original, the Reverend Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, critiqued it on THE COLBERT REPORT. It's also posted online at THE REPORT's fb page, Comedy Central, and over here at wuzzon...

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