Tuesday, February 14, 2012

black tuesday: Io, Anna-Howard-Shaw-lia!

Happy frickin Valentine's Day, programs!

Ok, I guess that doesn’t have to be weird.

Are you in need of a clue on this day of romantifying? If the answer is aye, please avail yourself of the latest in magical clue-doling technology: the Magic <3-Ball!

Yeah, I'm not gonna tell you how to pronounsticate that, but I will tell you that it just barely won out over "Magic H8-Ball" - heh.

H8 is such a weak word, after all.

You know the drill:

  1. Think of your partner, lover, inspiration, cellmate, barrista, sister-wife, or plaintiff. Hold the vision of her/him/them in your mind.

  2. Click on the magic less-than-three ball.

  3. Your clue will be dispensed.

Clue to what, exactly, I cannot say. That's up to you. Good luck, primitive screwheads!

Keep on keepin on~

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