Friday, May 04, 2012

pre-AVENGERS crazy talk

I've done a pretty solid job of avoiding spoilers, news, trailers, and interviews for the movie. I kind of hate that there was a pre-premiere already - that there are people walking around with AVENGERS in their head already - when/who/how does that happen? Is that typical for a summer blockbuster film? Grah!

Well, I'm gonna see it today and just wanna get down some of my crazy thoughts to look back on once the afterglow fades...

Sometime in 2014, I guess? =)

Okay. We know it's Loki behind whatever's going on. Or at least, he's the manipulator, the mischief maker. Whether he's actually in control in the end/throughout, I kind of hope not. I want the Cosmic Cube and the Red Skull's soul or whatever passes for it, trapped within or imprinted upon the Cube, to step up and smite Loki about a bit. I don't know who's got the brawn to actually stand up to the Avengers in combat, but I think we'll get some pretty great legally required crossover smackdowns between the Avengers themselves, mettle and metal testing and all, right? Loki can easily recruit or manipulate an army of Asgardian types - giants, trolls, beasties. And whoever holds the Cube can easily create or time-jump whole armies and technologies. So, there'll be fodder for melees, beatdowns, go-on-without-mes, and general chaos.

The Cube can be a huge temptation. Thor, banished from Asgard (he is, still, right? I've forgotten details *). Cap, a man out of time. Tony, a futurist who (believes he) sees how to bring about a technological utopia. Hawkeye, a guy with good aim in a team of gods and supermen. Bruce, a Jekyll. Hulk, a Hyde. Nick Fury, entrusted with the security of the free world. Black Widow, heh. She'll probably be the only one who's not gonna be overwhelmed by it. She'll wish for unlimited bullets and never having to shave her legs again and be done with it. Whaddyathink, Joss?

* 120506. Joe reminded me that Bifrost was destroyed at the end of THOR, preventing Asgardians from traveling to Midgard without, apparently (as Loki expositionally taunts Thor in AVENGERS), massive "dark energy" effort on Odin's part.

I wonder how much time the movie could spend on visiting these fantasy worlds - presented as temptations by Loki, or maybe as actual waves of rewritten reality, as the Cube is handled by the Avengers. Probably not enough time/reason to explore, but if they were "Monkey's Paw" wishes, with downsides, it would be great to see how those ripple. Or maybe one of them, or a subconscious one of them, actually sticks...

What if Cap wishes that Bucky survived? Maybe that rewrites reality so that Bucky survives his fall into the abyss (which I already think he did =) and sentencing him to his non-life as "Winter Soldier."

Blerg. It's too easy for me to stroll down too many comic book conventional paths. *sigh*

I'd still love for there to have been a Cap-Thor encounter back in the 40s. An untold tale, y'know?

And I would LOVE to see hints of other heroes/franchises. Maybe Fury's got a file on Peter Parker? Or we hear that Loki is running into some trouble with Latveria. Or -and this would be pretty sweet- we get a glimpse of an Ultron that Stark is working on or just completed. I know it's Pym who creates him, but I saw that in AVENGERS NEXT, the animated flick, they retconned things so that Stark is his "father." Would be a nice thing to continue into a next IRON MAN flick, and then into a next AVENGERS with the creation of Vision...

But... I've already heard that there are some big-name humans in line for the next IRON MAN. If one of them was Nick Cage, than I'd love to say that they'll try to create a Mandarin nemesis for him (remember him in GRINDHOUSE? =). But really, I never loved the idea of those frickin rings. Still... There *would* be a great basis for them now that Asgardian tech/magic is part of the Marvel movie universe... Hrmm...

Could they work in the notion that the super-soldier program was the start of mutation? Did the Invaders ever exist? Does Nick Fury have the Infinity Formula coursing thru his veins? Was he one of the prisoners that Cap freed from the Skull's prisons?

How/when will they bring aliens into the mixx? Wow. Could you imagine Hawkeye being killed in final battle - having apparently sacrificed himself, or maybe killed by the enemy when he inexplicably turns on the Avengers and makes a mad dash for the Cube- and then reverting to a Skrull?! =)

Enter: Captain Marvel! =)


Allright, enough rambling...

But not really, of course. Frack. I wish I had some comic book friends to bounce and ricochet all this crazy talk off of. *sigh*

Keep on keepin on~

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