Tuesday, September 10, 2013


In the ridiculous parlance of Hollywood blockbuster promotion: if you only see one movie (in theaters) this year…


If you see only two, see THE WORLD'S END twice!

If you see only umm… *counting* six, see TWE, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, IRON MAN 3, PACIFIC RIM, ELYSIUM, and then TWE again.

Why am I pushing THE WORLD'S END? Cuz I love it. Cuz it's still in theaters now. Cuz it's the latest and I'm-not-sure-I-can-yet-say-greatest-but-I-think-it's-frickin-wonderful in a remarkable body of work by some brilliant, creative, thoughtful, and talented nerds. Cuz it is just plain wildly entertaining. And cuz I want the filmmakers who brought this to screen life to make MORE, and voting with your (wholly satisfying) ticket purchase is gonna help!

(I don't typically follow box office, but it was difficult not to hear about the likes of ELYSIUM and PACIFIC RIM doing less than blockbuster in the states. How does that happen?!)

THE WORLD'S END is the latest from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, the creative team supreme that brought you SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ. The premise: Gary King, leader of the pack back in high school, rounds up his faithful now 40-something friends to take care of some unfinished business. On their last day of school, the boys embarked upon the Golden Mile, a twelve pub crawl thru their home town of Newton Haven. Alas, being only 17-yo humans at the time, they were unable to complete the 12-pint crawl, but did share what Gary considered to be the greatest night of their lives. Now, 20-some years later, he wants to recreate that evening, recapture that feeling, and finally complete the Golden Mile and down that final round of pints at The World's End pub with his friends. Five friends. Twelve pubs. Sixty pints. What could possibly go wrong? (Please answer in 400-500 words. You must refer to SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ in your response.)

If you can, DO see SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ before you screen THE WORLD'S END. If SHAUN and FUZZ are not available, try out a few episodes of SPACED (available on Netflix streaming), a wonderful and amazing series by the same creators.


And if you haven't seen any promotion/ads/trailers for THE WORLD'S END, please don't go looking for any. If you really feel you need a taste, I'll point you to this teaser trailer and tell you that it's been described as a "sci-fi comedy…"

(Y'ask me, the more recent trailers spoil things better left unknown when you sit down to watch for the first time.)

I dare you to see it armed only with what I've just told you. =) Well, that and the company of your oldest, bestest friends. Even/especially that jerk who did that thing that time and everyone knows but no one talks about it and in spite of that you're still basically brothers…

The bastard.


As in their other films, there's a lovely bloody heart pumping at the center of all the wonderful mischief, drama, music, drinking, and action in this.

If after all my non-spoilery gushing you still feel the need for references, well, maybe it would help if you knew that…

Edgar Wright directed SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, and is set to direct Marvel's ANT-MAN. =)

You might know Simon Pegg as the new/rebooted Scotty in the STAR TREK films, as well as Benji in the recent MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE flicks.

Nick Frost co-wrote and co-starred with Simon in the very-funny-but-I-think-really-shoulda-been-funnier-I-mean-all-that-potential-and-material! close encounter of the nerd kind alien buddy comedy PAUL.

And, THE WORLD'S END also stars some small-time but rather promising thespians, including Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, Rosamund Pike, and a James Bond. =)

Allright! You know what to do… Drink up! Let's Boo-boo!

Keep on keepin on~

P.S. Schedule allowing, I'd be very happy to join you for another round of THE WORLD'S END (currently playing in the main room at the beers-serving Somerville Theatre) as well as just about anything at the Brattle. Ever, basically. =)

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