Thursday, March 24, 2016

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: pre-screening crazy talk…

Some rambling ideas/predictions before the BATMAN <3 SUPERMAN wave function collapses tonight…

Some clues/assets in MAN OF STEEL

1. Kryptonian armor/exo-suit/encounter suit. Salvaged by Lexcorp and Waynetech. I'm guessing some of this will give Batman the tech to go toe-to-toe w/Supes. Also that Lexcorp might reverse engineer some nano-stone-tech for some mass-produced device or devices.

2. A vial of Superman's blood, extracted by the Kryptonians in the Kryptonian environment of their spacecraft. Ideal source material for the creation of Doomsday, who—I'd love to see this craziness—gracefully degrades into Bizarro after some pummeling? =)

I feel like putting this in the hands of the military/government (Project Cadmus) might be the smart storytelling card. Lex could be the mastermind behind manipulating Batman v. Superman, branding them both menaces, but when he plays whatever Lexcorp/Kryptonian tech ace he has, the government fears the worst and drops their Doomsday bomb in the middle of the fracas.

Could also be used as the source of enhanced human agents or soldiers.

3. A missing/left behind Kryptonian ship. Maybe Supes went back for it, but maybe someone or organization beat him to it while he was distracted or not knowing. Zod flies one of his ships to pick up the original 20,000 year old scout ship, and leaves it behind. Supes doesn't know that in the Metropolis battle of MAN OF STEEL, so if someone was tracking Zod's movements (military, Luthor), they might've disappeared it away before Clark could know.

The trick—where would anyone hide something like that from Supes? Maybe movie Supes has some kind of blind spot, or the "noise" of some already existing environment could shield something. Superman's senses are treated in a Matt Murdock way, where he has to focus to shut things out, so something like that is certainly possible.

Predictions… Well, not all that much, I guess. Broad strokes… Bats sees Supes as a potential threat, and confronts him in civvies to take his measure. Maybe he's convinced that he's a Good Guy. Then Lex engineers some event or disaster that paints Supes as a Baddie, and Bats has to step in/step up physically. Lex seizes the moment to take them both off the board, but using something that escalates the collateral damage potential to something unacceptable, requiring the government to release Doomsday, and basically write off Metropolis. This is when the future JLA cameo/make themselves known, they dispatch the monster and save as much of the city as they can, maybe w/Lex joining in (cuz he loves Metropolis, it's *his* city), in the end pinning the worst of it all on a rogue Project Cadmus.

Huh. Would be great if Supes fakes his death at Doomsday's hands (and of course, only Batman figures it out). I mean, everyone knows, Doomsday kills Superman, right? Supes could become "the blur." =)

Maybe Cadmus can be protected w/a cover story about Doomsday being extraterrestrial, maybe Kryptonian, in origin. One of the last things we'll see is Batman in the cave in front of the computer cataloging vulnerabilities and take-downs for the metahumans he's just encountered. Perhaps exposing some Doomsday samples to a funky green glowing mineral?

But, of course, it could go SO many ways, and I feel I've done a pretty good job of avoiding any and all news/leaks/spoilers, so I'm ready to be surprised. =)

Keep on keepin' on~

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