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12 MONKEYS: What might we get from “Lullaby?”

I'm not much for looking ahead/around at promo materials for a show, but this fun tease from Syfy for next week came up in my neighborhood of St. Tweetersberg…

This is the wonderfully-ghastly-logical follow-thru on Jones’s ominous last words in “Meltdown…”
CASSANDRA: All this, it's my fault…Cole…Eckland…Sam.
JONES: No, it's mine. And for this, there is a solution.
What do we get out of a visit to Spearhead in 2020…?
  • Jennifer Goines and her fight taken to the street…
  • Hopefully, Katarina w/Hannah…
  • And even better-more…Cassie w/Hannah
  • MAYbe—a longshot, but I'd love it—Elliot w/both of them?
  • Possibly younger Eckland!


Thing is, if Cassie's sent to 2020, well, it’s not gonna be easy for her to be anonymous. She's the face of the CDC during the outbreak, right? And in the latest version of reality, deceased by 2018(?). Does she have a "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" cover story for 2020?

Also, is Cole gonna sit by and let this happen? He's got to follow, or maybe… Maybe he’s already there for a later mission? No no no. Wait—An EARLIER mission! To retrieve Foster’s photos!
JONES: The man I sent back into time…he retrieved them for me.
I explained that line away in my head with the idea that Cole may have been sent back on supply runs to collect certain items between Mission-critical Splinters, and he collected those pics on one of those. Team Splinter knows the layout and protocol of Spearhead, should be easy enough to give Cole appropriate cover story and credentials to safely spend a day or two to grab a few things, right? At the time, it didn’t seem like all that loose an end to tie up, but now?


So, before confronting Foster in 2043, Jones sends Cole to Spearhead in the past… And now, in 2044, she’s sending Cassie then and there, too! Why would she send them anywhere near each other, spatio-temporally? How about because when Cole returns from the Spearhead photos run, he tells Jones that he meets a future Cassie and helps her complete *her* mission, without giving her any gory details. Maybe 2044 Cassie and 2043 Cole work out what he has to tell her when he returns so that she tells Cassie just the right things when she is sent. In any case, Katarina has known that she would be sending Cassie on a Splinter to Spearhead 2020, but didn’t know when or why. Now, when confronted w/the ruins of “Meltdown” that knowledge clicks into place.

Katarina would have had to have kept schtum about all of this, having lived thru it as her 2020 self. Fun!

And Cole would have had to have kept mum around everyone about his Cass team-up interaction because it's yet to happen for Cass. Fun!

And then there’s Jennifer’s 2020 activities, too, right? Fun!

Maybe we get Cole holding wee Hannah… = )

MAYbe we get Cole and Cassie and Elliot Jones helping to work out a plan to SAVE wee Hannah, via time travel. Wee Hannah, who grows up in the past to become Olivia (one of my pet theories). This/these Splinters could definitely fill in some blanks I’ve got in the math. =)

Wow, this is gonna be SO MUCH FUN! =)

Unmake history!

Keep on keepin’ on~

P.S. If Cassie (and helper Cole) are successful with their assassination attempt, what should the result be? 2044 Katarina’s intention is to prevent successful time travel to the past by removing herself and her knowledge from the Splinter team. Will that be enough? Will there be no one else to step in and revive Project Splinter? And just how strong is Katarina’s quantum serum now? Can Cole, Cassie, Jones, and Ramse survive with their current memories and histories intact? Can Jones survive in a reality in which she’s already dead? Cole couldn’t, back when he landed in Pirate Ramse world.

Assuming it IS enough, that dead Jones = no time travel to the past ever, then unless red leaves occur naturally in nature, the Witness never exists, the time-traveling component of the virus never happens, all of the Army’s interference w/history and society never happens. Maybe we get very alternate versions of all our heroes, somehow. And it ends weirdly like BIG, with an adult Cassandra arm in arm w/fiancé Aaron walking on a boardwalk, when a young boy named James Cole bumps into them, running from his friend Jose Ramse, the two of them engaged in a Nerf gun fight. Cole falls down and Aaron helps him back up. Cole mutters some apology-sounding words and then locks eyes with Cassandra and they have a weird moment. Then James and Jose’s adopted mom, Jennifer Goines, catches up the boys and mock scolds them, exchanges pleasantries w/Cass and Aaron, notices the engagement ring, asks about the big day and plans, and Cass mentions the Keys, and as the couple walks off, Cass turns to look back at Jennifer and the boys, Jennifer says, “Cassandra doesn’t like to travel.”

Or something…

And once Cassie is on the ground in 2020, can she (and Cole, and maybe Elliot?) come up with an alternative solution? Try it Cole’s way (well, Cole’s way 1 out of 4 times), by saving someone instead of killing someone? By saving Hannah and removing the most immediate motivation for Katarina to revive Splinter? Yeah, not really a guarantee, but if Hannah survives to a later mutation of the virus, then Spearhead’s computer-predicted vaccines would keep her (and everyone who’s survived) alive. Wow. If the show had to end here (w/a happy-ish ending) it could happen and be pretty satisfying. Katarina never had to kill Foster. 2020 Cole survives w/Ramse. Ramse meets Elena and Sam is born. Maybe they’re all reunited in the 2040s. And our 2044 Cole and Cassie can settle down in 2020, or maybe join Jennifer and her daughters to fight the 12 Monkeys in whatever form they’ve taken.

Huh. Maybe that’s how Katarina is left alone in that future we see via webisode? The serum has preserved her but the difference between her personal history and the new reality is so drastic that she’s out of phase with most everyone else in reality, living alone and out of sync. Until someone comes for her…

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