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12 MONKEYS: How does Titan get built?

This is a follow-up to some earlier Titan talk, offering a different path to the creation of Titan town. I don’t think I’ll be drawing from anything after 02x09 “Hyena” but FYI, I’m writing this after seeing 02x11 “Resurrection.”



At the end of episode 9, "Hyena," Elliot Jones meets with the Tall Man at stately Witness Manor. The Tall Man wants Elliot to helm Project Titan, an endeavor that Elliot characterizes as "massive." Tall Man implies that the purpose of the project is "resurrection" and explains that he needs it as "insurance" against "the future."

Ominous, no?

This is Elliot Jones, the Godfather of Time Travel, and he finds Project Titan daunting, requiring technology that would take decades to develop. But Even as he considers the impossibility of the task, he seems to be on the verge of a Eureka! solution. Remember, Titan itself isn't about Time Travel, but "resurrection." However, I think that Jones's problem-solving would naturally lead down a time-traveling path, and perhaps Tall Man (and the Witness) already know it. Elliot's work at Raritan Valley turns out to be a twofer! Laying the groundwork for Katarina to build on in the 2040s and also being the key to enabling the timely construction of Titan.

Elliot knows that his device (Project Splinter 2015) is capable of sending matter to the future, and before he was shut down, he was very keen on testing with primates and then humans. I had the feeling he was itching to travel to the future himself.

So, how would you use a device that can send you (and/or matter or information) into the future to build a machine, a complex, that would require decades of development, in the present? If you were a maverick of a scientific genius, you might start by doing a bit of research… Look for reports of any kind—news, science, criminal, intelligence, rumor, tabloid, folklore, anything—that might be connected to visitors from the future and/or their activities.

Perhaps your benefactor, Tall Man, Inc., would offer up its resources to help? Note: It seems that while Ethan Seki was playing front man for the Army's investments, the policy was to give no indication that they have any familiarity with successful time travel or knowledge of future events.
Maybe you even search for the project itself "Titan."

Sort of like "Remember a garbage can…Remember a garbage can…Remember a garbage can…," but in reverse. Kinda?

With the proper access/clearance, maybe in 2016 you uncover the same C.I.A. report that the Keeper prints out for Cass and Ramse in 2044. Perhaps you discover Agent Robert Gale's F.B.I. S-Files ("S" for Splinter =). In any case you collect enough intel to convince yourself that the past and present have been visited by chrononauts from the future, meaning that your device—or something like it—will be completed and perfected. So, if you can get a decent idea of when these time travelers came from (I'm fairly certain Cassie's statements to police must include that, right? And if not, then Gale's files certainly do), if you launch yourself to the proper era in the future—or BEYOND—you will be able to secure a ride back, and return with the knowledge of technology needed to realize Titan in the present, and if that's not enough, the ability to "make" all the time needed, between trips forward and back, to do so.

This time-hopping process of developing and building Titan does not require that Elliot Jones BE the Witness, although that's certainly possible (I've been thinking/hoping it could be him since we first met him). What it does require are friendlies on the other end of his trips to the future. Hrm…To ensure that, it seems like he *would* need the resources of the Tall Man and the Army. Given their purpose, they are built to plan, staff, and supply for the long term (i.e. the Messengers). Or perhaps the staff/crew of Titan itself (assuming it's populated—his older self? Hrm… a Witness-y possibility =) are his collaborators on the other end.

So, maybe it's as simple as Elliot Jones Splintering forward in time to when and where Titan is supposed to be built, finding it built, and then returning to the present—using the Witness's chronotech or Project Splinter's—with the technology required to build it. Other, less exciting possibilities include sending an agent, a message, or a device with a message in his place.


Of course, the most interesting time for him to Splinter forward to would be September 2044, when Jennifer and Ramse arrive at Titan town to kill the big W. Would be great to see Elliot give Ethan a piece of his mind concerning his career, right? And maybe/more importantly Jennifer and Ramse and company could influence (or kill) Elliot to change history so that Titan is never completed, or at least, easily destroyed/disabled, preventing the return of the Witness to the corporeal plane (that's what I believe "resurrection" involves).

Fun times ahead (and behind =) !

Unmake history!

Keep on keepin’ on~

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