Saturday, May 20, 2017

12 MONKEYS: 3x02: Guardians: Catching up w/Jennifer Goines…

A transcript—so, y’know, *SPOILERS*—of the opening to season 3 episode 2 of 12 MONKEYS. Our hero, Jennifer Goines, finds herself in 1920s Paris, having survived being dropped into the trenches of WWI four or five years earlier…

Where am I right now? Somewhere warm? Safe? With people who care about me? Nope. Not me! Some of us got left behind. So, what do you do when you're stranded in the wrong place…? The wrong time…?
JENNIFER: Just take these and mail them to America in 95 years.
PRIEST: We'll all be dead in 95 years.
JENNIFER: Then get God to do it.
PRIEST: You're insane.
What do you do when not even God will help? You accept that the only one you can rely on is yourself.

How do you send a message to the future? How does ET phone home?

You need a venue. You gotta make a splash big enough to hit ‘em a hundered years from now.

Make ‘em laugh!

Make ‘em cry!
[ E.T. ]

Give ‘em what they want!
[ ALIEN (a masterful production =) ]

Just when you've got ‘em right in the palm of your hand…
[ JAWS ]

…you hit ‘em w/the goods!

Your message—your piece de resistance! The story you were born to tell!
GODDESS: People of Earth…I am the Goddess of Time. I have traveled many centuries to vanquish my enemy…the Witness.
WITNESS: Never! Despite your mesmerizing beauty and your luxurious hair, my army will destroy all of time!
GODDESS: No, you won't! [Thrusts sword.]
WITNESS: [Gags.] Blood! Blood! Blood! [Croaks.]
GODDESS: The Army of the 12 Monkeys is no more! Now, I must travel back to my own time!
Je Splinter! (I splinter!) The end.
[ Francois tears up the poster for L’ARMEE DE 12 SINGES. ]
JENNIFER: But Francois, give it a chance! If you don’t advertise, how will I build an audience?
FRANCOIS: No one understands “time travel”!
JENNIFER: Uh, the smart ones do.
FRANCOIS: Do the space one! Or something with magic. People love magic.
JENNIFER: But I need this to be a hit! For the history books! So I can be discovered!

I do believe that Sean and/or Terry have just revealed their true purpose behind 12 MONKEYS (and perhaps a version of the show’s behind-the-scenes struggles?). They've created the show—and its audience—as a message in a bottle, tossed into the timestream, to be recovered by *their* Lasky, Adler, and Jones. I do hope that their Team Splinter finds this post and comes back for them!

But, y’know, maybe not til they fix the mess that we call reality—*cough*2016election!

And/or finish up season 4. =)

Unmake history!

Keep on keepin’ on~

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