Friday, February 15, 2008

black thursday: Refrigerator of Wuv...
(for IE + Windows)

Haven't found a full-on legitimate fix for the Refrigerator - IE incompatibility, but did manage to cobble together a workaround page which will allow IE users to properly view and interact with the Fridge.

You will be able to view the wisdom of the Refrigerator, create your own messages, and share and send them to friends, however, you will *NOT* be able to view messages that others have sent to you. Apologies for the technical difficulties.

Note: If you receive a Fridge message from a friend and you've only got IE to view it (get something else!), you CAN brute force things by right-clicking on the fridge and zooming in until you can read your friend's sentiments...

Douche bag.

Happy Black Thursday!~

Keep on keepin on~

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