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LOST: Lies are bad.

Part 2 of my minute-by-minute-ish experience of the LOST season 5 premiere...

On board the Searcher, Penny Widmore's ship, sometime after the Oceanic 6 were picked up and before they were "discovered." The six are having a discussion and vote about whether they should lie about what happened to them. This is a really good conversation to let us in on, cuz it shows that they're not all so willing to join in the Big Lie, particularly Hurley. Lapidus says he'll go along with whatever they decide. Good ol' Lapidus.

Hurley wants to tell the truth. A couple of the others insist that they will lie, and his truth will sound crazy. Hurley looks to Sayid to back him up, but Sayid tells him he'll tell the lie with the others. Then Hurley says the most un-Hurley thing I've ever heard from him...

"Someday you're gonna need my help, and I'm telling you right now, you're not getting it."

It sounds ominous, but he can't possibly mean it, can he?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Hurley is wanted for three murders that the tranqilized Sayid is actually responsible for. He's driving around w the unconscious Sayid beside him and he gets pulled over by a cop. This seems like a moment for a visit from a dead friend, donchathink?

Anna Lucia! =)

She's giving him the benefit of her know-how...

"What if I were real?"

Ha! Awesome!

Sad, but here, in this episode, she looks better undead than she did alive.

This might be Hurley's "power." Access, uncontrolled, but timely, to the experience, direction, and advice of his dead Island friends. Maybe his pre-Island imaginary friend Dave is more than an imaginary friend? I usedta think that Dave might have been Libby's husband, but I haven't seen anything since the Dave episode to support that. Maybe Dave was Libby's imaginary husband...? Nah.

"Oh yeah, Libby says 'hi.'"


Whilemean, back on the Island, Faraday rejoins the time-skipping Losties on the beach.

Sawyer: Welcome back, Doctor Wizard.
Miles: I think it's *Mister* Wizard.
Sawyer: Shut up.

Sawyer continues to rock.

Miles takes off, telling everyone that he's going to find them something to eat. Dead people will tell him where to find food? Could dead people tell him when he is?

Back to Hurley, in WEEKEND AT SAYID'S. (I actually thought we'd be seeing something more like WEEKEND AT LOCKE'S. =) He's taking Anna Lucia's advice and stopping for supplies. He's gotta dress up the still unconscious Sayid, tho. Ha! The sunglasses! =)

In the Kwik-E-Mart he picks out a T-shirt... "I [heart] my Shih-tzu" =)

Cut to Aaron and Kate.

Aaron: Mommy, I wanna go home.

I wonder where Aaron means when he says that.

Hrmm... Ben told Jack that he'd help him to convince the other Oceanic 6 to join them. Did Ben send those lawyers (or "lawyers") to spook Kate into running?

Who could be calling Kate? Someone visiting LA... We saw Sun being delayed by Widmore earlier... How about Sawyer's old girl? Clementine's mom? No, that was New Mexico, wasn't it?

Is Locke not really dead? Is he Medusa Spider bitten?

Ah... Papa Cheech! Sitting down to lunch in front of the TV. And hey, what's on the tube? EXPOSE! Barbie's (of Island Barbie and Ken, aka whatzherhead and Paolo, the buried alive LOST Rosencrantz and Gildenstern) TV show, in which she guested opposite Lando Calrissian! =)

Hurley tries to explain the situation to his pop and Cheech tells him they've gotta take Sayid to the hospital. Hurley *knows* they can't do that...

Hurley: Like in THE GODFATHER. The hospital. It's the last place you go, and everybody knows it.

He's right, of course.

Back to Aaron and Kate, going to meet Kate's friend.

Aaron: Can I press the button?

A reference to the saving-the-world hatch? Just for the heckuvit?

Hey, look everybody, it's Sun! Yay!

Meanwhile, Ben's looking for a place to keep Locke's body. It's gotta make the trip back to the Island with the six and can't be left sitting out, donchaknow. So, where do you take a body to be preserved, off the radar? Why, you take it to your friendly neighborhood Hostile butcher-agent! In her short conversation w Ben, the butcherette mentions other Others, but the only name I caught was Gabriel. Do we know Gabriel?

A thought about the six (and those left behind)... Maybe they have to be on the Island in the past, in the Island's history, to witness, or participate, in the creation of the Island, or some aspect of it. A little MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW, y'know? Regardless, the six hafta get back on the Island and it's popping in and out of existence in their present day flow of time. So, someone has to know or figure out when the Island will be accessible as part of present-day reality in the near future. Faraday? Locke? Maybe in a time skip forward on the Island, Locke witnesses the six (and his pseudo-dead body?) returning, and learns the date. Then he gets carried to other times, and eventually to a time when he can leave the Island and then go all Jeremy Bentham on the six in the real world.


Whilemean, back on the beach, frogurt's being a whiny frickin bitch. Man, they gotta Arzt frogurt boy...


Wow. So many arrowed! =)

Back to Kate and Sun.

Sun: They just want Aaron.

A guess? No... Sun knows something about Aaron, or his significance to the Island and/or the likes of Widmore. Interrresting... Did we see Sun LEAVE that room Widmore met her in? Or did we just see the start of a conversation that might have included info about Aaron...?

Sun: We probably all would have died... instead of *just* my husband...

Yowch. Sun's gone dark. Or at least she's playing it that way, and very well. This was something I was afraid of. That she would team up w Widmore to go after people who were directly responsible for getting Jin onto the Widmore freighter and then leaving him on it while the helicopter took off. I vaguely thought it was Desmond who left Jin last, but it turns out it was Kate, but that Kate left him because Jack convinced her to, which, if to dark Sun, would mark Jack as a target of her wrath.

Sun: I don't blame you. So... How's Jack?

But, Sun told Widmore they have common interests. Is Jack really a common interest/target of Charles Widmore? Maybe due to cabal/cartel business? I feel like there's definitely some generational stuff going on here. Potential passing-of-the-torch and/or sins-of-the-father kinda action. With the first generation including the likes of Widmore, Paik, and Shepard, and the second generation counting Penny (and Desmond), Sun, Jack, and Claire. And even further, a third generation of Ji-Yeon and Aaron.

Hopefully, Sun's playing at this to get in w Widmore. Friends close, enemies closer, donchaknow. Or maybe it's fer real, and ghost Jin on the Island will turn her around? Or maybe Ji-Yeon?

Hey, what about Walt? And Mr. Oceanic X?

When Mama Reyes shows up, Hurley finally gives in and the truth comes tumbling out. A pretty good recap, in Hurleyspeak, y'know?

Hurley: We did crash, but it was on this crazy island... I was never really clear on that... The Others didn't have anything to do with the hatch, it was the Dharmans...
Moms Reyes: I believe you. I don't understand you, but I believe you.

Whilemean, back on the Island, Sawyer and Juliet run into some new meanies. The arrows came when there was no camp on the beach, so, it's before the 815 crash.

Soldierguy: What are you doing on our island?

Some kind of accent. British? World War 2? Pacific theater? Hanzo? Hanzo apparently made his money as an arms developer, right? He'd have ties to the military. The Allies, and maybe the Axis, too, could've accidentally discovered a way onto and off the Island and passed the info on and up to Hanzo, who would eventually fund Dharma to research/exploit the Island's resources.

But, WTF? What kind of Allied soldiers START with hand-chopping? Maybe they've been on the Island for a while already and have had to begin using savage measures to fight off the Hostiles? Altho, that kid's uniform looks pretty frickin clean for having been in the jungle for more than a day, no? The guns seem old, but guns' designs are pretty timeless, right? Hrmmm...

Back to Hurley.

Ben: Hello, Hugo.

Hugo chucks his Hot Pocket at him! Awesome. =)

Awww... Hugo takes Sayid's advice, to always do the opposite of what Ben wants, and he's real pleased with himself for getting himself arrested. Pretty cagey strategery, if misguided. : (

Still, that's Hugo Hurley defeating Ben Linus right there, that is! =)

Check out the old lady working at the chalkboard and w the computer and the crazy pendulum. Guess we know who might know where and when the Island will resync with reality. Faraday's mom at Oxford?

Whoa. But now she's in chapel-like space lighting candles w Ben? So... Not Oxford, but LA? But... there's no telling when Desmond set course for Oxford. That could've been years earlier, which would allow him to have met Mama Faraday, Mama Faraday to get in touch w Ben (or vice versa), and them to set up shop in LA. So, yeah, I think it's Mama Faraday.

And looky who she is! Future-telling pawn shop lady! The one Desmond meets in London (so we know she's been/based in England, right?) and explains cosmic course correcting!

Damnit, this show makes me giggle. =)

Keep on keepin on~

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